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"It is not a simple matter to fuse the blood of other races into the human body. Without a test, it can lead to the death of a subject. Although the inhabitants of this village survived the test of rejection, they also did not preserve a lot of characteristics of other races. Although Old Ba had been fused with the Dragon Race, he only has the Dragon Race's strength and tough body, he cannot release the Dragon's might. Although Little Ke had the Elves' speed and precision, he cannot have the connection that the Elves have to plants, so they are not perfect."


Uncle Jiu's eyes drooped, his mouth with a trace of bitterness.


"Those people would definitely destroy these failures, but because I did not have the heart to watch them die or continue to help those people with their research, I asked them for myself to come to this village and take the lucky ones who had survived with me, guarding the entrance to the Sun Graveyard."


Speaking until here, Uncle Jiu looked up at Shen Yanxiao and Vermillion Bird.


"You certainly feel strange why the villagers here behave completely different day and night, isn't that right?"


Shen Yanxiao nodded.


"Because although they allow me to bring out these failures, they put a curse on these people. During the day they are no different from ordinary people, but in the evening, they will be looking for the smell of strangers around. Once they found any, they will be the same as beasts and will wipe the strangers out with all their strength. These are beyond my control. That group of mercenaries was actually lucky, most of them have escaped, and the rest of them, some have too heavy injuries that couldn't be treated, and those four mercenaries were not badly injured so I brought them back, to get them treated then let them go afterward."


"The reason I let you stay in my room was that only my house was a safe area throughout the entire village, and even at night they will not make any inconvenience to strangers in my house."


Shen Yanxiao listened to Uncle Jiu words, but her heart was secretly pinching cold sweat. Fortunately, before they left Uncle Jiu's house, she thought one step further ahead and wore the Moonlight necklace around her neck, hiding her own breath. And Vermillion Bird and the small Phoenix were magical beasts, that night the villagers seemed not to attack the magical beasts.


If not because of the Moonlight necklace protecting her, she feared that just as they stepped out of Uncle Jiu's door, they would have been surrounded by a group of villagers who were under a curse at once.


"Since you, Uncle Jiu, is one of those people, why does this kid come running to kill the people in this village?" Shen Yanxiao looked a little puzzled at Uncle Jiu. This handsome youth was hard to deal with, if not for her and Vermillion Bird arriving in time, perhaps Uncle Jiu had already become a cold body.


Uncle Jiu lowered his head and helplessly said,"At that time when I left those people, I had promised not to let anyone into the Sun Graveyard, but once someone entered, they will regard it as the village's fault, then they will send people to slaughter all the failed products here."


"That’s just simply too ruthless!" Shen Yanxiao knitted her brows. Nevermind her and Vermillion Bird who had used a special method to slip in, but what if a truly powerful person came whom these villagers cannot confront and successfully broke into the Sun Graveyard, that was also considered as Uncle Jiu's and the village's fault?


That was clearly the way of a tyrant!


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