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After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home! summary:

After Tan Ming got pregnant, her husband handed her divorce papers. Twenty-three years ago, Tan Ming was still an orphan n.o.body wanted. Her adoptive parents adopted her from an orphanage because they struggled to have their own children.
However, Tan Ming’s unfortunate fate did not change because of this. Within a month, her adoptive mother became pregnant. After her younger sister, Tan Si, was born, Tan Ming became the most disliked person in the family. Ever since she was a child, she had to give way to Tan Si in everything. Her parents only liked Tan Si because Tan Ming was not their biological child.
Three years ago, the Tan family forced her to marry a comatose man for the sake of their business. For two entire years, Tan Ming lived as a widow. Until a year ago, when her comatose husband woke up unexpectedly, Tan Si fell in love with him at first sight. This time, Tan Ming decided not to give in anymore. She decisively tried to severe ties with the Tan family. However, she didn’t expect to be served divorce papers in the end.
For the sake of the children in her womb, Tan Ming was forced by her husband to sign the papers. When the children were born, their biological father was accompanying another woman for her pregnancy test.
Just when Tan Ming’s world was at its darkest, her real relatives showed up. They were such a wealthy family that even the Tan family looked up to them, and they welcomed her home! After returning home, she was no longer an unwanted child. Not only did she have parents who doted on her, but she also had three brothers who pampered her dearly! Later, her ex-husband regretted his decision and came to apologize in person.
“Stay out of my life,” Tan Ming uttered.

After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home! Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 732: Award Jun-30-24
Chapter 728: Agree Jun-28-24
Chapter 706: Shot Jun-17-24
Chapter 698: Lost Jun-15-24
Chapter 693: Misty Jun-11-24
Chapter 685: Havoc Jun-07-24
Chapter 669: Money Jun-01-24
Chapter 633: Chip May-12-24
Chapter 618: Cry May-06-24
Chapter 593: Speak Apr-23-24
Chapter 578: Slap Apr-15-24
Chapter 564: Enemy Apr-07-24
Chapter 559: Ring Apr-06-24
Chapter 553: Shy Apr-03-24
Chapter 544: News Mar-30-24
Chapter 539: Toxin Mar-26-24
Chapter 534: Past Mar-23-24
Chapter 512: Late Mar-09-24
Chapter 510: Fight Mar-09-24
Chapter 498: Daddy Mar-03-24
Chapter 491: Scare Feb-29-24
Chapter 483: Chaos Feb-26-24
Chapter 426: Late Jan-29-24
Chapter 419: Usury Jan-29-24
Chapter 398: Envy Jan-16-24
Chapter 392: Want Jan-11-24
Chapter 385: Crazy Jan-07-24
Chapter 362: Kneel Dec-23-23
Chapter 325: Fan Dec-07-23
Chapter 304: Tina Dec-04-23
Chapter 287: Noisy Dec-03-23
Chapter 271: Star Dec-03-23
Chapter 259: Gift Dec-03-23
Chapter 255: Date Dec-03-23
Chapter 240: Tool Dec-03-23
Chapter 198: Idiot Dec-03-23
Chapter 191: Dad Dec-03-23
Chapter 169: Chaos Dec-03-23
Chapter 155: Talk Dec-03-23
Chapter 150: Gift Dec-03-23
Chapter 134: Fight Dec-03-23
Chapter 129: Gift Dec-03-23
Chapter 122: Luck Dec-03-23
Chapter 105: Aunt Dec-03-23
Chapter 104: Chat Dec-03-23
Chapter 98: Visit Dec-03-23
Chapter 92: Gossip Dec-03-23
Chapter 90: Change Dec-03-23
Chapter 78: Shield Dec-03-23
Chapter 68: Nosy Dec-03-23
Chapter 66: Secret Dec-03-23
Chapter 7: Petty Dec-03-23
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