After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home! Chapter 457: Teaching Singing

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Chapter 457: Teaching Singing

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The families quickly finished their breakfast and waited for the director to announce their new mission.

After all, as a reality show, the most important thing was interesting content. They could not let the guests stay in the house all day. The audience would not like to watch it.

“The children have obtained clues about the dragon b.a.l.l.s. Everyone can take a look at the content of the clues first,” the director said.

Everyone obediently looked at the clues the children had brought back, but they realized that the notes were only half-written. They did not know what it meant at all.

Sophie was confused. “What does that mean? Do we need to fill in the blanks?”

The director smiled proudly. “That’s right. If we want to find the treasure map, we need a complete clue. We’ll have to rely on the parents’ help.”

At this point, everyone knew that it must be related to the new mission. Everyone looked at the director.

Han Yu announced, “In order to complete the clues of the dragon ball, we need parents to help the children learn the mountain song. After hearing the mountain song, the dragon ball will s.h.i.+ne with a new light. The second half of the clue will automatically appear.”

After saying that, the staff handed the score of the mountain song to each family. Everyone present was a celebrity, had recorded songs and could read the score.

Li Sheng had never come into contact with this before. He frowned and said, “How do you sing this thing?”

Meng Nuan smiled and said, “Just leave it to me. I graduated from the music academy after all.”

As a singer-songwriter, Liu Yan easily understood the score and had already begun to hum along to the melody. Liu Yue was harmonizing with him.

Both father and daughter were extremely talented in music. Even if she hadn’t heard a song before, Liu Yue could still harmonize with it.

When Gao Tian was young, he always sang the theme song for television dramas. He had already begun to teach Gao Jing one line at a time.

Before Jiang An debuted, she had undergone devilish training. Her singing and dancing performances were all trained by professional teachers. Even after she debuted, she did not miss out on this homework, so it was not difficult for her. Zou Bai took the score from her hand and hummed according to the tune on it. Jiang An said in surprise, “You know how to read this too?”

In her impression, Zou Bai had always been very busy. He was always busy with the various matters of the corporation. There was even one time when she b.u.mped into him holding an international meeting. The entire meeting lasted for three hours.

He had a lot of things to deal with. It was already very rare for him to take time out to partic.i.p.ate in variety shows with her. Therefore, Jiang An fell into a misunderstanding. She felt that he would not learn something useless like vocal music to manage the company.

Zou Bai looked at her surprised expression and smiled. “I learned it a little when I was studying abroad.”

“Then you teach Little Feather. I’ll teach Little Wingsy,” Jiang An a.s.signed the tasks.

Zou Bai wanted to tease her. “Why should I be the one teaching Little Feather?”

Jiang An knew that he was up to no good. She quietly reached out and pinched his waist. “Whatever I say. Don’t refute me.”

Zou Bai smiled even more happily after being pinched. He nodded and said, “Yes, my queen.”

[Ahhh, Zou Bai calls An’an Queen.]

[Jiang An pinched Zou Bai. Did you guys see that?]

[I saw it. They are definitely a couple. My boyfriend and I are always like this.]

[I have a question. Zou Bai actually likes to smile so much?]

[Absolutely not. As an employee of the Zou Corporation, I can say responsibly that seeing the CEO smile is even rarer than Mars cras.h.i.+ng into Earth.]

[I think he’s smiling quite happily at Jiang An.]

At this moment, Tan Si walked over and said, “Brother-in-law, I can’t understand the score. Can you teach me?”

Tan Si originally did not want to advance rashly like this, but seeing how loving Zou Bai and Jiang An were, she could not hold it in anymore. She had to destroy this situation as soon as possible and make Jiang An sad about losing Zou Bai.

Zou Bai glanced at her coldly, then turned to teach Jiang Yu how to sing. He didn’t say a word, as if he didn’t see her.

Jiang An imitated Zou Bai and taught Jiang Yi how to sing. The two of them acted as if they didn’t hear anything.

This kind of disregard was even more infuriating than contempt. Tan Si clenched the score in her hand tightly and was about to explode from anger. However, she knew that she could not flare up. She held it in until her face turned red.

In the end, she could only say to herself, “Zou Bai definitely has to pretend in front of the camera. As long as we interact more in private, he will definitely like me.”

After comforting herself, she turned to Tan Nian and said, “Mommy will teach you how to sing, okay?”

Tan Nian agreed, of course, but his body couldn’t stop trembling. He could feel that his mother was very angry now..

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