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Xie Yun cleared his throat before he spoke, "You don't say. The young overlord suddenly came back at the last minute of the tryouts and went up directly against Cao Xu who got beaten up so badly. The head of the Swordsman Branch had always had a desperate att.i.tude toward the young overlord's return. Although the people are very happy with his return, I heard that the young overlord came back completely for the fun, and is not trying to win the first place.”


Luo De nodded thoughtfully, probably able to understand the complex mood of the head of the Swordsman Branch.


Although the young overlord was more powerful than Cao Xu, there was no compet.i.tive heart. Partic.i.p.ating in this compet.i.tion with a strong existence but holding a playful nature, then chances were that he would also miss the champions.h.i.+p.


No wonder the mood of Swordsman Branch Head would be so complex.


"By the way, who's that young overlord of the Swordsman Branch? I haven't seen him on our way here." Luo De asked curiously.


Xie Yun gently looked at Luo De and hooked his fingers to let him get close, then he quietly whispered in his ear.


The expression on Luo De's face instantly changed from doubt to horror.


"How could it be him?!" This world was really full of mystery!


Xie Yun shrugged his shoulders.


"Anyway, he's not a student of us two, don't be so tangled."


After one round of gossiping, the two people each returned to their rooms.


When the night fell, the inside of Snow Blowing City was a lively picture.


A galloping carriage whizzed in front of the gate of Snow Blowing City. Four figures, one big and three small, alighted from the carriage.


"Master, is this the place?" Shen Yanxiao looked up to the three words "Snow Blowing City" printed on the Snow Blowing City gates, she heaved a big sigh of relief.


Fortunately, Snow Blowing City was not too far from Holy Roland School, otherwise, it would be too late for them.


"Hn." Yun Qi looked at the city gates of Snow Blowing City with a complex look in his eyes.


Not so long ago, Warlocks often appeared in the battle rings of this place, but now, the entire city could not be seen with any Warlock.


"Sister, there are a lot of people here." Standing behind Shen Yanxiao was Lan Fengli who was helplessly tugging on Shen Yanxiao's clothes and somewhat cautiously looking at the brightly lit streets. Those bustling crowd made his heart harbor some inexplicable resistance.


"Don't be afraid, it's all right." Shen Yanxiao comforted Lan Fengli while thinking of an odd problem.


Before, because of too many things, she had not thought about it too much. But back then in the small village, she clearly appeared before Lan Fengli in a young guy's appearance, so why would he call her "sister"? Even if she really was his relative, then at least, he had to cry out brother.


"Little Feng," Shen Yanxiao turned to see Lan Fengli, she frowned and asked, "Why do you call me sister?"


Lan Fengli ignorantly blinked his eyes and tilted his head completely puzzled.


"Sister is sister. I don't have any reason."


"..." Good, she just asked in vain.




At the beginning when Lan Fengli just woke up, he also said that there were two birds, the small Phoenix could clearly be counted as one, but Vermillion Bird was in his human form at that time. How could he tell that Vermillion Bird's real body was a that of a bird?


Unable to figure out this two doubtful points, Shen Yanxiao was somewhat baffled.


Could it be that this was a characteristic of the seven racial fusion? Capable of seeing the essence through appearance?


Everything was just a speculation, Shen Yanxiao could not be sure.


"Master, are we going to find the team of Holy Roland School now?" Ignoring it temporarily, Shen Yanxiao focused her attention on the school tournament.


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