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As for Tang Nazhi who was in the Swordsman area...

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrow. Tang Nazhi seemed somewhat absentminded. He appeared to be thinking about and looking for something. Relying on his tall figure, he surveyed the audience seats around while he was in the queue.

"Fool," Shen Yanxiao chuckled. Although she spurned Tang Nazhi's concealment of his real ident.i.ty, seeing him now standing in his rightful place, she was also happy for him.

After getting their respective number plates, Yan Yu, Yang Xi, and Tang Nazhi left the ring as their matches would not be held in the morning.

The only one who had stayed in the compet.i.tion area was Qi Xia.

The tournament officially began, and each ring was aboard with two serious partic.i.p.ants. They stood opposite each other in silence, waiting for the sound of the compet.i.tion gong.

At the side of each ring, there stood a man in st.u.r.dy clothing; three medical teams were also stationed in each compet.i.tion area to prevent casualties in the tournament.

"Isn't that the young Master of Qilin Clan?" someone in the crowd recognized Qi Xia.

In the ring at the Magician area, Qi Xia leisurely stood in front of another young Magician. His handsome face held a trace of sleepiness, and his half-squinted eyes seemed to not be fully awake yet.

"Ha! This is worth it! I did not expect that such a heavyweight character would appear in the first match!"

"Really pitiful. I don't know what school that Magician is from, but he just have to confront Qi Xia already. It's really tragic!"

The match had not started yet, but most people's attention had already been attracted to Qi Xia.

Together with Qilin Clan's name and Qi Xia's fame as a genius Magician, the focus of everyone in the audience was soon drawn towards Qi Xia's body.

"Sister, is that brother powerful?" Lan Fengli stared at Qi Xia who was inside the ring and questioned with a doubtful look.

Shen Yanxiao touched her chin; that was truly difficult to answer.

However, a young girl sitting on the side quickly solved the curiosity of Lan Fengli.

"Of course, he's very powerful! I say, little brother, you actually haven't heard the name of Qi Xia? The Third Young Master of Qilin Clan with innate magic ability, he's so famous yet you don't know him?" That girl was very excited as she talked; it seemed that to her, Lan Fengli's ignorance was an inconceivable thing.

Lan Fengli looked at the excited girl. He had subconsciously shrunk to Shen Yanxiao's side before he whispered, "I really don't know."

"What a child, then let me tell you, in our Long Xuan Empire, the two most powerful professions are the Swordsman and Magician, and in the younger generation of Magicians, the most famous is the Third Young Master of Qilin Clan, Qi Xia. Not only does he have a first-cla.s.s mind when it comes to business, his talent in magic is also unparalleled. When he had reached the level of Intermediate Magician, he was still very young, and now, so many years have pa.s.sed, who knows what level he has attained. But I'm sure that he must have already broken through to the level of Senior Magician!"

He was only sixteen years old, yet he had already broken through to the level of Senior Magician, and it was most likely that he was not far from reaching the peak of the Senior Magician; this talent could be described as rare for a hundred of years.

Lan Fengli nodded his head although he only understood half of it. He looked at Shen Yanxiao, drooped his head, and muttered, "My older sister is also very powerful."

The young girl heard him boast of his own older sister and harrumphed in disagreement. But strange, she looked around but did not see a girl's figure. Why did he have such a short older sister?

"Be quiet and watch the play," Shen Yanxiao chuckled. She was very curious, and she was looking forward to how shocking the strength this fox Qi Xia could show.

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