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Qi Xia has always had a lazy appearance. Even in the previous collective cla.s.s test, he did not seem to be doing his best.

"Master, do you know what level does a Magician need to reach to cast  magic without chanting?" Shen Yanxiao remembered the strange action of Qi Xia in the collective test and couldn't help but feel somewhat curious.

Yun Qi frowned and said, "Without chanting? Magicians' skills need a period of time to chant. The powerful Magisters can shorten the chanting time, but to completely cast a magic without chanting, I'm afraid only Ouyang Huanyu, who’s such a Great Magister, can accomplish it."

Great Magister?

Qi Xia was a Great Magister?

Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes. She thought that this conclusion was really... hard to believe.

A sixteen-year-old Great Magister?

This was not something that could be described with just the words genius and aberrant anymore; this thing was called being a G.o.d!

Although Shen Yanxiao felt that Qi Xia's strength was tyrannical, it was still not at the level where he could match Ouyang Huanyu. So it was absolutely impossible for him to be a Great Magister.

Unable to get a clue about the chant, Shen Yanxiao simply did not think about it further.

The game also began at this moment.

The moment the compet.i.tion gong resounded, the entire venue with three hundred and sixty rings was instantly in full swing.

Dazzling magic lights flashed in succession in the Magician area, just like pieces of brilliant fireworks; it was incomparably gorgeous. The swordsmen on the battle rings were unleas.h.i.+ng sword energies like rainbows. Like roars of beasts that accompanied the smas.h.i.+ng of the gong, the clas.h.i.+ng sounds of metals reverberated the entire venue.

In the Archer area, countless arrows fell like rain. Agile figures turned into virtual shadows, attacking and counter-attacking in rapid movements.

The battles in the Magician, Swordsman, and Archer areas were all fierce as if bloodshed could occur at any time.

Compared to these three areas, the Knights, Priests, and Pharmaceutical areas were much more peaceful.

However, regardless of the intense fighting or the hidden murderous intentions of others, it did not affect a certain someone in the ring.

Qi Xia lazily stood inside the ring. In his hands was a beautiful ornate wand hanging beside his legs. He stood motionlessly, and it seemed that he did not intend to attack.

The Primary Magician standing opposite Qi Xia was from a secondary school. When he realized that the one he was about to face was actually the genius Magician Qi Xia, the young man wanted to shout at the sky, "G.o.d, why are you so teasing me!"

Qi Xia was not making a single move, and the young Magician did not also dare to move. He was the best in their school, but his school was only a secondary inst.i.tution. If he went to Holy Roland School Magician Branch, whether he could squeeze into the top ten was already a question.

Let alone confronting the Holy Roland School Magician Branch's Qi Xia.

A minute's time pa.s.sed by, and the people who were paying attention to Qi Xia's side had not seen the two of them make some action. One by one they felt somewhat impatient and could only look at the other rings, albeit reluctant.

Qi Xia stood in the ring without making a shot or saying anything just like a bystander.

And this made his opponent anxious in cold sweat. Facing such a prestigious opponent, the pressure on the young Magician was extremely overwhelming!

He had been ready to be beaten up by Qi Xia, but this animal was so slow to shoot, shrouding his opponent in fear and tension.

This psychological torment was more brutal than beating people directly!

The Primary Magician waited for a long time without seeing Qi Xia’s shot. His heart had long wanted to cry but tears wouldn't come out.

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