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The people in the venue were completely shaken by the pace of this match.

No one had ever thought that a Warlock was actually able to surpa.s.s the speed of an Archer!

Shen Yanxiao did not attack again and just blindly dodged Li Xiaowei's flying arrows.

People in the audience area were secretly pinching a cold sweat. From the beginning to the present, Li Xiaowei's arrows had already covered one-third of the ring, the area where Shen Yanxiao could move was becoming less and less.

It was hard to imagine that she could completely dodge all the attacks of Li Xiaowei. Under those intensive arrows, she was like a dancing b.u.t.terfly fluttering past countless flowers, such a beautiful scene made people unable to move their sight away.

"Why is she not attacking?" People began to expect Shen Yanxiao to show her ultimate speed once more. But Shen Yanxiao seemed to have no plan to attack anymore, she just kept on defending, not approaching Li Xiaowei even a single step.

At this point, Li Xiaowei had become a little anxious. The result of not being able to hit the target made him unable to believe. And what was more frightening was that the purple mist that wreathed in him seemed to carry some peculiar power, and over time he could clearly feel his strength and eyesight were being severely affected.

His shooting speed was no longer as fast as before.

He finally realized that Shen Yanxiao's move just now using such an ultimate speed was to cast a curse on him. He did not know what curse it was, but he could tell its effects based on the changes in his body.

He was afraid that this curse was gradually reducing his speed and vision. He estimated that he simply would not be able to continue fighting anymore, because a moment later, his eyes would become completely blurred.

The most important thing for Archers was the vision. Without it, every attack would become a floating cloud.

Li Xiaowei was endlessly anxious. But he was rendered helpless; he did not know how to remove the curse from his body.

This also proved how terrible Warlocks were. As long they close in on you, even if it was only for a second, it was already enough for a powerful Warlock to cast a curse technique. As long as the curse had been locked on you, then everything would be under the Warlock's control.

The people in the audience area finally discovered the situation. They watched as Li Xiaowei's attacks became slower and slower, his steps getting heavier and heavier.

They realized that in that short few seconds, Shen Yanxiao had laid the foundation for her victory.

After then, everything fell into Shen Yanxiao's hands. Once Li Xiaowei’s vision was lost, he could only become a lamb to be slaughtered. Shen Yanxiao won the victory of this match so easily!

Looking at Li Xiaowei who now had his both hands hanging on his sides, people felt the horror of the Warlock for the first time.

Other professions might need to attack many times to bring down an opponent of the same level.

But for the Warlock, as long as they made a small contact, they could let their opponents put away their helmets!

This was a desperate fact.

"I lost." Li Xiaowei's eyes were already blurry. He could not even tell Shen Yanxiao's position. The arrow dangling in his hand had not been released, his mouth held a trace of a wry smile, but there was nothing like an expression of unwillingness and anger on his face.

"You are very strong." Li Xiaowei admitted his defeat, representing Shen Yanxiao's victory. Shen Yanxiao stepped forward and removed the curse on Li Xiaowei's body.

Soon, Li Xiaowei's vision became clear, the weight on his body also disappeared. Li Xiaowei felt that this feeling was very wonderful.

"My skills are not good as yours. You are stronger than me." Without the slightest discrimination, Li Xiaowei resolutely acknowledged his failure and the power of Shen Yanxiao.

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