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Chapter 62- The Signing Of The Contract Part 2


“It seems rather unsightly for you to make a move against a younger generation member of the Vermillion Bird Clan right after you've awaken, as you are the Vermillion Bird—the mythological beast that protects the Vermillion Bird Clan.” Just like before, a refres.h.i.+ng smile hung on the sage's face. This time, he'd personally lead this group of people here. If Shen Jiayi were to be killed by the Vermillion Bird now, he would find it hard to explain to Shen Feng.

Even if the sage wasn't fond of this Shen Jiayi who'd rambled viciously, he couldn't help but take into consideration the Vermillion Bird Clan's face.

If this matter were to spread out—that the younger generation of the Vermillion Bird Clan had been personally handled by the Vermillion Bird—it'd be rather unsightly.

The Vermillion Bird sneered. Its puerile voice was mixed with an absolutely high amount of haughtiness.

“Why would I care about humanity's evaluation? This woman was so rude to the person that I selected, and she didn't have any necessity to continue living.” She was nothing more than a very small human that he could instantly kill with a movement of his finger.

The sage smiled as he said, “I naturally know that you simply don't care about humanity's way of looking at things, but after all, there's still the Vermillion Bird Clan's blood relation left in this child's body. I believe that even with that tempers of yours, it ought to be unlikely of you to be willing to be that decisive, just like this, towards the later generations of your previous master.”

Sure enough, there was no one from the G.o.d's Domain that was any good, for they'd unexpectedly dared to bring out this set of general truths. The Vermillion Bird coldly snorted, but he knew that this move from the sage was already him showing it that he clearly wanted to protect Shen Jiayi. Although he wasn't afraid of the sage, for the time being, he simply didn't want to make an enemy out of the G.o.d's Domain.

Although he loathed the people from the G.o.d's Domain, they'd nevertheless concealed an exceedingly large amount of power.

“This child is still young, and isn't sensible. You don't have to take what she's said seriously. After all, it wouldn't be too fitting for you, who's been lying dormant for century, to see blood right after you've been awaken with great difficulty. As for this child's rudeness, someday, I'll naturally tell the current head of the Vermillion Bird Clan, and leave it for him to take care off. So, please feel rea.s.sured.” The sage clearly knew when dealing with the Vermillion Bird, a mythological animal with this kind of strength, that he couldn't be too unyielding, and could only go with the flow.

The Vermillion Bird was taciturn for a moment, and considering it to be him selling his face to the G.o.d's Domain—he no longer insisted in taking Shen Jiayi's life. However, in order to prevent those people who couldn't distinguish right and wrong from once more coming and bullying his future master, there was a need for him to warn them.

“If, someday in the future, I hear someone speak words that they shouldn't be speaking, then I certainly won't be as nice like this, speaking to you and all. As that person was unable to control their own mouth, I won't mind having that person and their mouth disappear from this world altogether.”

The Vermillion Bird's fierce move just now had long ago had everyone from the Vermillion Bird Clan frightened to the point of having their souls fly away and scatter. As of now , how could they still dare to say even half a sentence of fault about Shen Yanxiao.

It wasn't like that they were tired of living and wanted to court death!

People such as Shen Yifeng had obediently covered their own mouths tightly, to prevent troubling thoughts being issued out of their mouths, and from offending this extremely conceited mythological animal.

They weren't idiots and they didn't harbour the slightest bit of suspicions regarding the reliability of the Vermillion Bird's words.

Ah, what unwillingness!

With regards to the current state of affairs, the two people whom were laying on the ground practically couldn't bear to look straight, because they, whom were fully-packed with confidence, had unexpectedly been crushed by the idiot—the one that they most despised. If this was to be known to their fathers, it was very likely that it could have their fathers angered till they spit blood.

However, no matter how much more unwillingness they had, they too were unable to influence the Vermillion Bird's decision.

With both of his arms folded at his chest, the Vermillion Bird looked at the 'pa.s.sionate' expression in Shen Yanxiao's eyes, as he arrogantly drew closer.

“Place a drop of your blood in between my eyebrows, and I'll be your mythological beast for the entirety of your lifetime.” He disliked signing contracts with the human race, but he had to carry out his own promise of that time. Fortunately, the lifespan of a human simply wasn't long at all. At most, after a century, he could return to his own cave and go back into a dormant state.

The next time, he'd certainly find a place that was even more concealed, for he didn't want to be awoken again by those group of scoundrels from the G.o.d's Domain even the tiniest bit.

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