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Chapter 105- Too Savage Part 2

Qi Xia had already taken the lead by making the the first move, and pulled her before the betting table beamingly, before pushed her towards a nearby seat.

Shen Yanxiao was depressed.

'These adolescents aren't simple.' Xiu's voice suddenly echoed.

Of course they weren't simple—how could the well-known figures of the 5 large clans of the Long Xuan Empire be simple?

“Since I'm the one who invited you over, then of course your capital shall be paid for by me. If you lose, then it's on me, and if you happen to win, then we'll divide the winnings in half.” Under everyone's astonished gaze, Qi Xia had already opened his storage ring. In the time it took to wink, a pile of gold coins had been placed before Shen Yanxiao.

This was truly a local tyrant!

Tang Nazhi hadn't said anything, he'd merely snorted in disdain.

Shen Yanxiao silently sat in her chair. The move that the Qilin Clan's young master had made was quite magnanimous, but even if he'd been more magnanimous, it still wouldn't be good for her to directly store this money into her own storage ring.

The members of the 5 large clans could now officially be considered to have all come together and made whole. The youngsters that were nearby were all rigidly staring at a once-in-century, rarely-seen gambling party.

Ordinarily, it'd already be considered a good thing if the 5 large clans gathered together and didn't create a fight. Yet, today, they were all unexpectedly able to sit together and gamble, which was something that one could definitely not miss.

The banker was extremely distressed, because the gazes from the young masters of the 5 big clans had yielded him tremendous pressure. He could only brace himself to deal the cards, and pray that these few young masters would hurriedly leave after they were finished playing.

Only after genuinely witnessing how Qi Xia and the others spent their money, did everyone know being truly wealthy was!

A thousand eight hundred gold coins clattered down. The starting bet was five thousand, and each raise was two thousand minimum. In an instant, the betting table had acc.u.mulated an impressive pile of gold. These young masters were extremely liberal with their money, and the amount of money that the banker followed up with wasn't small either. The banker secretly calculated that there was at least an entire month's worth of the casino's earnings on the betting table right now.

If he lost this, wouldn't he be skinned alive?

The banker secretly wiped away the cold sweat he felt. Gazing at these few adolescents, the restlessness he felt rose.

However, as long as this was a casino, bankers would always draw a good hand. After a few rounds, he began to understand that these young masters were newbies at gambling. Apart from being wealthy, they knew nothing about gambling techniques. Knowing that the fat sheep had been delivered to the edge of his mouth, not eating them would be idiotic. In any case, with the skill that he had, these few adolescents simply wouldn't be able to discover it.

Very quickly, all of Qi Xia and the likes' money, that had been on the table, ended up in the banker's pocket.

The young masters' complexions clearly became somewhat unsightly.

All along, Shen Yanxiao went along with the mentality of accompanying them in their play. However, she very clearly knew the reason that Qi Xia and the others were losing as miserably as they were. This was entirely because the casino's people had tampered with the cards. Having frequently come and gone to Las Vegas, although Shen Yanxiao didn't like to gamble, regarding cheating, she'd already become very clear about it a long time ago. Clearly, the banker was treating Qi Xia and the others like fat lambs to be slaughtered. Merely, these youngsters hadn't discovered it yet.

“Tang Nazhi, it seems like you don't have enough betting chips?” Lazily leaning on the back of his chair, Qi Xia gazed at the last two gold coins on Tang Nazhi's betting table.

Amongst them, Tang Nazhi had been the one to suffer the worst defeat, his single-track mind causing him to end up dead-last.

Tang Nazhi squinted his eyes. Gazing at Qi Xia, he immediately took out a flickering, l.u.s.trous red magic nucleus from his storage ring.

Immediately, there was an uproar within the casino.

“A rank 10 fire element magic nucleus! My goodness! This is nevertheless the first time that I've seen such a high ranked magic nucleus!”

“What does this Tang Nazhi want to do? Is he thinking of putting this magic nucleus down as collateral?!! Please don't joke around anymore! That magic nucleus is sufficient to buy down the entire casino, ah!”

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