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Chapter 113- The Withered Path of A Warlock Part 3

Because Tang Nazhi had previously told her the position of every branch in the Holy Roland School, Shen Yanxiao practically didn't have to spend any strength to grasp the position of the warlock branch.

The warlock branch of the Holy Roland School was a very awkward existence, as the people of the Radiance Continent had never had a favourable impression regarding the warlock profession. This had caused the warlock branch to be unable to recruit any students for many years, compared to the other unusually lively branches of the school. Not only was the warlock branch's position remote, the building's interior also seemed to be somewhat shabby.

In the midst of the pitch-black warlock branch, there was a symbol of the warlock branch, which stood with the shape of a human figure, and towered aloft the absolutely empty plaza. Under the faint moonlight, Shen Yanxiao gazed up at the already somewhat dilapidated statue.

Because of the warlock branch was disliked by the people, and in turn was unable to find any students, it didn't have any way to receive funds from the Holy Roland School. Thus, the entire branch seemed to be entirely incompatible with the gorgeous school.

The facial features of the statue had already been worn away from the wind and frost. However, one could still vaguely see a bird-type magical beast standing on the shoulder of the statue.

The warlock profession, in and of itself, didn't have any errors at all. It was merely that the understanding of the public was too narrow, which then let to this formidable profession being strangled inside of its cradle. Shen Yanxiao sighed. However, after sighing, she was nevertheless clear as to what her purpose was. Following Tang Nazhi's description, Shen Yanxiao was finally able to find the Warlock Tower inside of the warlock branch. The very tall Warlock Tower calmly stood tall and upright under the moonlight. If one was to raise one's head to gaze at it, they would be able to see that the entire tower was at least thirty stories tall.

However, Shen Yanxiao could definitely say that, compared to the other branches' 100 story tall buildings that held books, the Warlock Tower was excessively wretched.

Perhaps because there weren't any students, the warlock branch's tower wasn't guarded rigorously like the other branches at all.

Through the wide-open entrance, one could clearly see that only a single light crystal was illuminating the first floor of the tower. Underneath the weak lighting, a hunchbacked white-bearded old man was earnestly restoring a few damaged books.

“Xiu, what level of strength does that old man have?” Shen Yanxiao couldn't help but prudently ask Xiu. After all, the number of experts in the Holy Roland School were like the number of clouds in the sky. Who could tell whether or not this old man, who was looking after the entrance, was a recluse expert?

'He's merely an ordinary human. I can't perceive even a smidgen of magic or Dou Qi in his body.'

Shen Yanxiao laid down her worry. It seemed that this old man was merely a manager in charge of taking care of the warlock tower. For them to merely dispatch an ordinary human like this to be in charge of overlooking the Warlock Tower was sufficient enough for one to see the Holy Roland School's neglect towards the warlock branch.

One had to know that, within the multiple-story building of every branch, there were a large quant.i.ty of skill books stockpiled. Even if it was the students from their respective branches, they could only enter the first few floors under the the circ.u.mstances where they'd obtained their teacher's' consent. As for after the tenth floor, and past that, they had to pa.s.s a certain test; only then could they obtain the authorisation required to pa.s.s.

With the entrance of the Warlock Tower open as widely as it was, it showcased how certain the academy was that there wasn't anyone left that would have any interest regarding this already withered profession.

Since there wasn't anything dangerous about the old man, Shen Yanxiao naturally wanted to feel her way into the Warlock Tower.

As a G.o.dly thief, for her to taciturnity sneak around inside whichever building's interior, that was indeed her special skill.

In the blink of an eye, Shen Yanxiao had already entered from the outside and slipped away towards the the stairs of the first floor. She turned around and saw that the old man was still engrossed in mending the books underneath the weak lighting. Relieved, she advanced towards the second floor.

Now that she was within the pitch-black darkness of the second floor, Shen Yanxiao took out the Light Congealing Crystal that she'd prepared previously, and illuminated the path before her.

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