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In The Rising Sun City, people continued to be busy.

Seeing that the construction of the city had come to an end, everyone's heart was full of joy and a great sense of accomplishment.

At this time, Shen Yanxiao was sitting along with the five animals in the City Lord's residence and planning the future development of The Rising Sun City.

"After the city is built, the first task is to attract businessmen to enter the city. However, if the caravan wants to pa.s.s safely through the Barren Land, Little Xiao will need to deal with the security along the road." Qi Xia, as The Rising Sun's number one economic official, was most concerned about the prosperity of The Rising Sun City.

Only when the roads connecting to the Long Xuan Empire were truly opened up could the resources of the Barren Land be turned into wealth. Otherwise, if they ended up just being h.o.a.rded in their hands, it would all just become a pile of a sc.r.a.p metal.

"There is no need to worry about security issues. Recently, many demons had started to throw themselves into The Rising Sun City. Before opening up the trade routes, I will bring Jia Lan and several of the higher demons to go gather the other higher demons in this region. I will let them manage other demons; there definitely won't be any demon-related accident in the eastern region." The demons, who were the most daunting to people, had become Shen Yanxiao's best solution to the problem of security. The three plants in the underground underwent rapid growth with the help of the magic array and the dark elements they produce multiplied a lot. It could now definitely supply all the demons in the eastern region.

“The problem with the demons is solved, but how can we make those profit-seeking businessmen enter the Barren Land? As far as I know, the businessmen of Long Xuan Empire are very afraid of the Barren Land and would rather not come here. This is a problem. I say, Qi Xia, your family has a lot of shops, can't you just grab a few to come over?" Tang Nazhi was proud of his clever idea.

Qi Xia shrugged his shoulders and said a bit lazily:

"I don't mind, but if we rely on the Qilin Clan's business, I'll have to monopolize the resources; however, The Rising Sun is Little Xiao's territory, I'm afraid someone will beat me up then."

Shen Yanxiao sidelong glanced at Qi Xia. She knew that he was just joking. Although the economic power of the Qilin Clan was great, what she had to open up was business for the entire Long Xuan Empire. It was not enough to depend on the Qilin Clan.

"Actually, Nazhi has already said that in his ideas. Businessmen have always been profit-seeking, as long as you put huge benefits before their eyes, even if they know that there is a danger, they will not be able to help themselves but get involved." As one of the profiteers, Qi Xia was the most understanding of this fact.

“As long as we can produce enough good things, we don't need to be afraid of no one coming. The ore resources of the Barren Land are definitely a huge temptation, but to let them have a thorough understanding of the resources here, first of all, let them come in first. I do have an idea for this point. We can set up an auction house in The Rising Sun City and present rare treasures in the world. It will naturally attract a large number of people to come and there will be free publicity.” Worthy of being called a business genius, Qi Xia soon thought of a good idea.

“This is easy to handle. This time, my family’s 100-Year Divine Weapon will be completely forged. I can consult with my family’s old man and put the 100-Year Divine Weapon into the auction house of The Rising Sun City. My old man is fond of amusing things. Opening up an auction house in the demon's territory, he absolutely will love it. Enough to stimulate him!” Yang Xi was not a bit guilty about planning to cheat his own father of the thing he had dedicated 2000% of his energy for 30 years.


Tang Nazhi was depressed once again. It was time for the several young masters to fight together. However, even though he had a domineering father, his family's things couldn't really be sold ah!!!

"Maybe... we can go catch a few advanced magical beasts?" Seeing his depressed younger brother, Li Xiaowei suggested in an attempt to appease his mood.

Tang Nazhi's spirit instantly revived and in the next few seconds, his eyes were locked on the small Phoenix who was sound asleep on Vermillion Bird's head.

Little Phoenix: Chirp~?

Tang Nazhi: Hehehe ψ(`∇´)ψ

Little Phoenix: Chirp~?! Σ(゚д゚;)

Qi Xia: Are you seriously thinking of selling it?

Qi Xia: Forget about selling it, are you sure you can still be alive after you grab it? Don't forget not only is it under Vermillion Bird's protection, it's parents are still alive and well! And I'm not even mentioning if Shen Yanxiao will agree to it!

Little Phoenix: :P Chirp~ ⸜₍๑•⌔•๑ ₎⸝

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