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Chapter 71- I Hate Car Sickness Or Whatever The Most Part 1

It was very evident that Shen Jiawei had suffered a defeat as well!

Shen Yifeng had been beaten, and both Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei  had suffered crus.h.i.+ng defeats as well, yet the sage nevertheless confirmed that the Vermillion Bird had already been roused.

The Vermillion Bird that had been roused would certainly have to have picked amongst the younger generation of the Vermillion Bird Clan that had been dispatched in order to be the target of its loyalty. If that was so…

Everyone’s gazes looked without any delusions at the second-to-last carriage, everyone was clearly aware of who was currently sitting inside of the carriage.

Could it be that…?!

Shen Yanxiao was dilly dallying inside of the carriage, and wasn’t in a rush to get off. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to perceive the feeling of having peace of mind from Mother Earth, but rather…

“Blegh!” The Vermillion Bird, even with its extreme arrogance, was deathly pale in the face, and was holding onto a cask as he incessantly vomited.

Who could’ve expected the grand mythological beast, the Vermillion Bird, to unexpectedly get ‘carsick’!

After hastening along in their journey for a few days, starting from the point where the Vermillion Bird had gotten onto the carriage, its complexion had immediately begun to pale and its palms had begun to sweat. Not long after that, it began to madly throw up. What made Shen Yanxiao even more speechless, was that this self-important little bird unexpectedly wasn’t willing to be withdrawn into her body. After a demonic beast had signed the contract with its master, it could have its body turn into spiritual power and stay within its owner’s body. Logically speaking, since the Vermillion Bird was currently unwell, with the b.u.mpiness of the carriage, it ought to obediently stay within her body.

However, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d was very stubborn. The reason for selecting Shen Yanxiao was because it’d had no choice but to choose someone, and Shen Yanxiao  simply hadn’t had the strength to make him submit cheerfully. Wanting him to stay inside that kind of body, of a puny human, even if he were to be beaten to death, he’d still be unwilling to.

Having no other alternative, the Vermillion Bird just vomited throughout the journey back to the Vermillion Bird Clan.

As of now, on that small, refined face, there wasn’t even half of it’s previous haughtiness. On that face that was completely lacking colour, that pair of scarlet-coloured pupils carried a layer of steam. Looking at that particularly miserable look, could cause the people who’d looked at before fall in love with it dearly.

If one were to use the words of the 24th century to describe it, then the Vermillion Bird, at this very moment, could be said to be…

So moe!

Shen Yanxiao naturally wouldn’t really have the Vermillion Bird treated like a cute pet to be locked away and kept, for she indeed clearly remembered the previous scene where the Vermillion Bird had nearly killed Shen Jiayi, and had done it without even blinking. The current him was adorable simply because of the reason that he’d been carsick.

If she could, Shen Yanxiao would’ve wanted to slyly look upwards and smile.

You too would have a day like this!

“Hey! Have you finis.h.i.+ng throwing up yet? We’ve arrived.” Shen Yanxiao supported her chin. She didn’t mind having the people who were outside wait for another while, but she nevertheless didn’t want stay within this carriage together with this pile of vomit!  

“You don’t say… so many…if you want to get off…then get off…After I sit for…will…will die, ah…” The Vermillion Bird was awfully inclined to valiantly have this new master of his kicked out of the carriage, but with the current circ.u.mstances he was in right now, he was disinclined to even make a slight movement with his finger.

That d.a.m.ned carriage, for the rest of its lifetime, he didn’t want to sit on it anymore! The next time, he’d absolutely fly himself over here!

Shen Yanxiao’s mouth twitched. After briefly saying a few words to the extremely deferential retinue who was to the side, she walked out of the carriage first.

When she extended her head outward from the carriage, a dozen or more pairs of extremely complicated looks had immediately, earth-shatteringly, smashed over.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows. Just why were all of these people’s appearance as if they’d met a ghost?

Shen Feng astonis.h.i.+ngly looked at that little face that he was familiar with, and yet that wasn’t familiar to him. Although Shen Yanxiao didn’t command much importance inside of the Vermillion Bird Clan, it too was unlikely of him to go as for as to even not remember what sort of appearance his granddaughter had grown to. That little face of hers still looked as mediocre as usual, but that ignorance of her former days, in her eyes at this moment, had nevertheless carried a trace of quick-wittiness. The corner of her rosy mouth was slightly raised. Although she couldn’t count as pretty, it also nevertheless had people thinking that there was a trace of adorableness.  

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