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"Meng Meng, don’t make it hard for me. There are lot of things you don’t know. His Royal Highness doesn’t want you to choose the Warlock path not because he discriminates against it, but because the Warlock path is very complicated. Not any average person can walk this path.” The middle-age man helplessly said as he watched the young lady.

“Lies, Shen Yanxiao is three years younger than me but she is a Warlock. Why can she be one while I can’t?!”

The middle-aged man frowned slightly, he lowered his voice so that only the two of them could hear, “Don’t mention her, His Royal Highness already planned to go to the Barren Land and meet her. Do you really think that Warlocks are good? You, a young child doesn’t understand how fierce things are behind the surface. If you don’t know what’s going on, you will not know how you died after you became a Warlock.”

The young lady lowered her head after hearing the middle-age man’s words. She was surprised and said, "You mean... His Royal Highness is about to go to the Barren Land to see Shen Yanxiao? His Royal Highness, he...he shouldn't..."

"Don't think about it anymore. His Royal Highness will not hurt her." The middle-aged man said.

The young lady was relieved, she had never saw Shen Yanxiao in person but she was her idol! For her to dare appear in the world as a Warlock in the school tournament and defeat all the opponents and win the champions.h.i.+p, such a brilliant achievement made her want to bow down and wors.h.i.+p her.

"Uncle, can you persuade His Royal Highness to let me come along…” The young lady’s eye sparkled. She had long wanted to see her idol in fles.h.!.+  

"You want to go?”

The girl nodded eagerly, as if the words, “I want to go” was engraved in her forehead.

"Well, His Royal Highness will be leaving five days from now. If you rush back now, you might have enough time to discuss it with him... " The middle-age man hadn’t even finished saying everything he wanted to say when the figure of the young lady was already one hundred steps away from him.

"I'll go back first, my uncle! Remember to pack my luggage for me. Goodbye!!!" The young lady ran away and didn't even turn her head back.

The middle-aged man who was left alone felt like he was standing in the cold wind.

This child, she was extremely excited going here, yet in the end she was the one to leave first!


Shen Yanxiao arrived at the Warlock Branch gate, with her ability, she managed to go behind the walls without anyone noticing her movements even if it was still daytime.

In the entire Holy Roland School, only Ouyang Huanyu could threaten her.

However, Ouyang Huanyu had left to go to The Rising Sun City, and with his speed, at most he had still not left the Barren Land, let alone returned back to the Holy Roland School.

Returning back to the Warlock Branch, as she watched the gra.s.s and trees there, Shen Yanxiao felt a lot of emotion. In the entire Holy Roland School, the one that had left her a lot of memories was none other than this run-down Warlock Branch.

Shen Yanxiao went towards the door to the Warlock Tower. Although the sky was bright, the Warlock Tower was still somewhat dark inside. She stood at the entrance and watched the familiar figure quietly sitting in front of a table, buried in a pile of books; this triggered some of her memories, and her eyes couldn’t help but soften a bit.

With lighter footsteps, Shen Yanxiao walked into the Warlock Tower. Yun Qi who was reading a book, felt something before he hesitantly looked up. He then saw a pet.i.te figure standing in the door.

There was a hint of surprise in his caring face; Yun Qi looked at that strange face before calling out a familiar name,

“Little Xiao?”

Shen Yanxiao removed the mask on her face and revealed a delicate face that showed a sweet smile.

"Master, I'm back."

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