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 "Hurry and leave from here! The Vermillion Bird Clan is completely done for. Go as far as you can, and don't ever come back!" Shen Ling almost exhausted all his strength to shout.

But Shen Yanxiao said, "I will not leave Fifth Uncle, I will rescue you out."

Shen Ling smiled wryly.

"Little Xiao, just knowing you want to save us already make your grandfather and I very happy. But the current situation is no longer something you can intervene. While you’re still not discovered by them, leave from here quickly."

Shen Yanxiao didn't say anything and just walked straight towards the iron bars of the bas.e.m.e.nt’s prison, her fingers dexterously fiddled with the door lock.

The door lock of the bas.e.m.e.nt’s prison snapped open.

Shen Yanxiao went inside.

"Fifth Uncle, I won’t go. Rather than wasting your breath to persuade me to leave, it's better to tell me what happened." Shen Yanxiao walked to Shen Ling's side and squatted down. She watched the unconscious Shen Feng on the floor. She raised her hand and poured dou qi into Shen Feng's chest in place of Shen Ling.

"You girl..." Shen Ling looked at the stubborn Shen Yanxiao dumbfoundedly, and slightly sighed in his heart. The little girl who had been stifled by the whole family would risk to be in such a big danger and come back to save them. On the other hand, those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that had been pampered by the Vermillion Bird Clan actually did such an unforgivable, horrendous thing.

Indeed, the things of the word was difficult to antic.i.p.ate ah.

On one side, Shen Yanxiao continued to pour dou qi into Shen Feng while on the other, she monitored Shen Feng’s physical condition.

As Shen Yifeng said, Shen Feng's internal organs had been greatly traumatized, and the dou qi in his body was in disorder and was weakening. If Shen Ling hadn’t been using his own dou qi to fuse into him, Shen Feng had probably long unable to support himself.

Now that she was clearer about the current situation of Shen Feng, Shen Yanxiao’s urge to kill arose even more.

Shen Duan and Shen Yue really did not care about Shen Feng's life and death. He was hurt so heavily yet they incredibly did not ask for treatment.

“Fifth Uncle, what happened in the end, how did you become like this?” Shen Yanxiao looked at the few unarmed guards sitting in the corner. Those people were the henchmen of Shen Feng and Shen Ling. Their current spirit was very sluggish and their body was wounded.

Seeing Shen Yanxiao, the guards' faces showed a hint of surprise and helplessness.

Shen Ling smiled and said, "This is all those two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds Shen Duan and Shen Yue’s work! Shen Duan has always been consciously trying to place his son into the Clan Head position. Among the young generation of Vermillion Bird Clan, Shen Yifeng's talent is the highest. Initially, your Grandfather also intended to give the Vermillion Bird Clan to him, but half way, you little girl came out; not only you restored your mental state, but also signed a contract with Vermillion Bird. Shen Duan was greedy, how could he allow others to seize the Clan Head position which originally belonged to his son?”

“But your grandfather’s decision was set and n.o.body can change it anymore. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually felt cornered and unexpectedly joined the Broken Star Palace. They then launched a raid on your grandfather. Although your grandfather’s and my henchmen were desperately resisting, they were unable to turn the situation around. After the Vermillion Bird Clan became under Shen Duan’s control, they locked up us here.” Shen Ling was sorrowful. He didn’t thought that his own brothers could do such heartless things just to seize the Clan Head position.

Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth. There were at least hundreds of people under Shen Feng and Shen Ling. But the only ones who survived were these few people in the bas.e.m.e.nt. She could imagine how the Vermillion Bird Clan was on the day of the incident. A picture of blood flowing like a river.

"Fifth Uncle, what exactly is that Broken Star Palace?" Shen Yanxiao asked.

Shen Ling looked at Shen Yanxiao with a certain hesitation. Eventually, he sighed and said:

“The Broken Star Palace is similar to the G.o.d’s Domain. The difference is that the existence of the G.o.d’s Domain is known to everyone, but the existence of the Broken Star Palace is only known to a few people.”

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