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In a blink of an eye, he disappeared without a trace.

It was as if he had never appeared.

If it were not for Ruan Yingzhe’s dead body lying in a pool of blood, then no one would have believed that such a man as powerful as a G.o.d existed.

Shen Duan felt that his blood turned to ice from all the chilliness he felt all over his body as he looked at Ruan Yingzhe who was no longer breathing.

He was vicious and ruthless, but he also feared those who were strong.  

He did not know where Shen Yanxiao had gotten such a strong man. The future plans that he had tirelessly built were all immediately destroyed.

Xiu had already left, yet this did not reduce the fear that was building inside Shen Duan and the rest.

Shen Yue had fallen on the ground with a pale face. He was extremely annoyed at this moment. Why had he sided with Shen Duan?

Great Swordmaster? Strong?

What a joke! The mysterious man that Shen Yanxiao brought, in the blink of an eye, throttled that Great Swordmaster in a clean and simple way.

If that man and Ruang Yingzhe exchanged a few strokes, they would not be as afraid as they were right now.

But the most frightening thing was that, that man did not even make any moves or attacks at all and just simply fluttered his hands and grasped the Great Swordmaster’s neck.

Even Ruan Yingzhe was vulnerable in his hands, he and Shen Duan were even more...

Shen Yue did not dare to think about it!

"For a Great Swordmaster to become like this..." Shen Yanxiao looked at Ruan Yingzhe's cold body. The corner of her mouth hooked up into a sneer. She looked at Shen Duan; her eyes that were filled with murderous aura were clear for everyone to see.

"Shen Duan, how does it feel to know that the backing you have been relying on was too vulnerable?”

Shen Duan had a hard time swallowing his saliva. He couldn’t think of anything. All the schemes and deceitful act he made all became a joke before the strength of that man.  


He didn't want to die!

"Shen Yanxiao, you must not be too arrogant. Your people have killed Ruan Yingzhe today, but the Broken Star Palace will certainly not let go of this matter! Do you think that mysterious man is enough to fight the Broken Star Palace? You are simply too naive! Even if he can protect you now, he wouldn’t be able to protect you for all your life! And even if he can protect you, that doesn't mean he can protect the entire Vermillion Bird Clan! I would like to see your miserable face when the Broken Star Palace comes here and kills you!”  Shen Duan’s eyes were filled with maliciousness as he looked at Shen Yanxiao. It should have been his son to inherit the Vermillion Bird Clan and become the next Clan Head, not her!

If it were not because of her, his plan would not have failed and none of this would have happened!

If it were not for her, the Vermillion Bird Clan would have been under his complete control!



Why did G.o.d want this idiot to return to normal, and why would he give her such a heavenly gift? Why did he send such a frightening and mysterious person to her side!

"You're just an idiot! Do you really think you can go against the heavens?! A waste like you can't be tolerated in this world!"

Shen Yanxiao smirked as she looked at the nearly insane Shen Duan, her hands clenching into fists.

"Are you done? Don't worry, I won't let him kill you. Your life belongs to me. I'll personally kill you so it won’t dirty anyone’s hand!”

"You will kill me?" Shen Duan laughed. Now that the mysterious man he feared had disappeared, his fear also vanished. Shen Yanxiao was really naive. Did she really think, now that Ruan Yingzhe was dead, he could do nothing? She actually made that mysterious person go away! Such an idiot!

"Shen Yanxiao, you will regret your stupidity today. It would have been okay if you had let that mysterious person kill me, but you actually want to do it yourself! Let’s see if you can kill me today!”

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