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However, Shen Feng and Shen Yanxiao had no idea how active the hearts of the Clan Heads of the four great clans became after they left.

Qi Xia returned home with Qi Cang. His parents had not yet recovered from their surprise due to their son’s sudden return when Qi Xia had already been ordered by Qi Cang to go to his study.

Qi Cang sat in his chair and narrowed his eyes at the grandson he was most proud of.

Whether it was talent in magic or in business, Qi Xia was the Qilin Clan’s genius that rarely appeared in a hundred years. He might have a lazy temperament and be black-bellied, but he also inherited the fine traditions of the Qilin family’s ancestors.

Qi Cang was very satisfied with this grandson, so he had long planned to hand over the Qilin Clan to Qi Xia. Even the other young people in his family were very convinced of Qi Xia’s abilities. There was no such person as Shen Duan in their family.

"Qi Xia, so you’ve been at The Rising Sun City this whole time?" Qi Cang asked thoughtfully.

"Yes." Qi Xia consciously found a chair to sit down in, and reckoned that his grandfather would not let him go so easily today.

"You have a good relations.h.i.+p with that little girl of the Vermillion Bird Clan?" Qi Cang asked.


Qi Cang stroked his chin. His family’s smelly boy, whether in was appearance or character, was among the best in the entire Long Xuan Empire. Although he was only sixteen years old, he was already famous as a lady-killer in the Imperial Capital. If it were not because he objected to look for a marriage, the women who wanted to marry this smelly boy would have long broken the threshold of their Qilin Clan Residence.

However, Qi Xia had always been clean. He was rarely too intimate with women. Even the servants around him were all male.

Of course, a large part of this was due to the poor mental quality of those little girls who were in the early stages of love. When Qi Xia was just 10 years old, Qi Cang had been secretly sending him a small number of servant girls. When he was 14 years old, he simply had a servant girl lay down on his bed naked with a pair of inviting appearance.

He could still remember that at that time, Qi Xia only threw a faint glance at the servant girl who was basically offering herself up before he turned around, walked out of the room, and calmly closed the door...

Because of such a vicious incident, Qi Cang also withdrew all the servant girls from Qi Xia’s side.

He felt like a fool at that time. How could his family’s grandson hook up with these vulgar and heavy powdered girls!

However, he saw that Qi Xia had already grown up, yet there was still not a group of young ladies by his side. Some of the Qilin Clan’s backbone had already reached their middle age, yet, not to mention a beautiful lady, Qi Xia was still not contaminated by any woman.

Qi Cang, who was originally proud of his grandson for being able to maintain his composure at all times, was gradually becoming less calm.

No matter how sensible Qi Xia was, he was at the age where men were full of vigor, where he supposedly couldn’t help himself crossing that line!

Qi Cang once suspected that his grandson did not like women, but liked men instead.

And this thought almost immediately made Qi Cang cough up blood.

"I say youngster Xia. What do you think about that little girl of the Vermillion Bird Clan?" Qi Cang asked a tentative question, seemingly harboring evil intentions.

Although Qi Cang already heard a few words about Shen Yanxiao from Qi Xia when he came back home last time, because Shen Yanxiao was known to everyone as the shame of the Vermillion Bird Clan before, Qi Cang had always wondered how his grandson could have a good relations.h.i.+p with a little idiot, and he was even full of praises of her.

Not until today did Qi Cang know that his grandson had not become stupid so suddenly, but he had been enlightened!

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