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"Grandpa, I told you not to joke with me." Propose a marriage to that little bully?

Tang Nazhi suddenly pictured himself being packed up and kicked out of the Vermillion Bird Clan.

Shen Yanxiao definitely would not show mercy, she would slap him on both cheeks certainly.

"Who has time to joke with you! If you don't want to, then Xiaowei will go. Anyway, Xiaowei is also your older brother, being married ahead of you is also normal." Tang Ao said.

Li Xiaowei, who was watching the show on the sidelines, heard the subject being pulled over to him. His body shuddered at once.

“I say Grandpa, you cannot harm my brother! You don’t know how scary the Vermillion Bird of Little Xiao is. I’m very sure that if we dare run to Little Xiao and mention about marriage, Vermillion Bird will roast us in minutes.” Tang Nazhi was simply speechless. What his grandfather wanted to do was putting them in danger. Why did he suddenly want to be a matchmaker? Was pulling red strings a good hobby?

Not to mention that Vermillion Bird would roast them, there was also that Shen Yanxiao’s small tail, Lan Fengli, who was always following her around. That kid’s ferociousness was off the charts, he could tear off people with bare hands!

If that kid knew that he took his sister away, it was estimated that Lan Fengli would directly throw him on the ground and pull apart all his bones.

"Vermillion Bird? Do you not have Black Tortoise? Do you fear he isn’t a match for him?" Tang Ao continued to persuade.

"Anyway, I think that little la.s.s is really good. Any of you two will do. Be sure to bring her back to me as a granddaughter. Otherwise, don't blame me for hanging you up."

Tang Nazhi and Li Xiaowei, this pair of brothers could only suffer in silence. They exchanged a glance and looked like they wanted to die.

Who was his real grandchild in the end?!

Was there a grandfather who would hang his own two grandsons for a young girl of other household?


"Shut up for me! If that’s really not good, then the problem will be solved when the uncooked rice is cooked." Tang Ao laughed treacherously.



Meanwhile, at Azure Dragon Clan Residence, Yang Xi was almost choked to death by a mouthful of water.

Looking at the special smile of Yang Qiong, Yang Xi thought that his grandfather was possessed.

"Uncooked rice... eh, Grandpa, have you been looking at those dirty books again recently?" The handsome face of Yang Xi was so red. He really didn’t think that such big words like “Cook the uncooked rice” would come out from the mouth of a serious man like his grandfather.

And the more important thing was the ones involved were him and Shen Yanxiao...

“Who looks at that kind of book! I am teaching you here! You’re tensed all day long like a wooden post, you don’t know how to please girls!” Yang Qiong glanced at his own grandson. Thinking back on the old days, he was also an outstanding and elegant man. There were a lot of flowers who wanted to make contact with his graceful and beautiful body but was never able to. He had many close female friends, if not one hundred then at least eighty female friends. But his own grandson was so disappointing in this aspect.

He was actually handsome and talented, but his temperament...

Well, let’s not mention it!

"Grandpa, don't think too much. Little Xiao and I have pure men and women relations.h.i.+p." Yang Xi wiped the water stains on his mouth and looked dumbfoundedly at his grandfather.

"A man and woman have a relations.h.i.+p and yet still pure? Who believes you." Yang Qiong was an experienced person, his expression showing that he was very clear with that kind of thing.

"..." Yang Xi was utterly speechless. He suddenly thought that it would have been better if he let Yang Qiong beat him up in the Vermillion Bird Clan Residence, and then he just stayed there. It was better than listening to Yang Qiong unbelievable words.

To experience this kind of horror, wasn’t it truly frightening?



"How about you just beat me for a while."


"I’m serious."

"Regardless of what you say, I will go to the Vermillion Bird Clan tomorrow and look for Shen Feng!"

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