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“In those four years, the statistics of the four countries showed that over the previous ten years, tens of thousands of strong people within their jurisdiction had disappeared, and almost all of these people turned out to be victims of the Forbidden Technique Research. Tens of thousands of people died innocently, so the people on the entire Radiance Continent hated the existence of the Warlocks. Because nearly two-thirds of the Warlocks on the entire continent had partic.i.p.ated in the research, the four countries decided to thoroughly eradicate the Warlocks’ existence; whether they were truly involved in the research or not, every Warlock was put to death regardless.” Yun Qi’s voice trembled. It seemed as if the scene of the Warlocks’ downfall from that day was replaying before him. He watched as the people of the same profession fell in a pool of blood under the butcher’s knife; countless ghosts were circling over the sky of the Radiance Continent, ghosts of those who had paid a life for the sins that they had never committed.

"This is too ruthless..." Shen Yanxiao couldn't figure out why the rulers of the four countries would make such a terrible decision, killing all Warlocks even if they were innocent.

"Ruthless? You haven't seen the scene of the Forbidden Technique Research, so you don't understand the horrors of it. However, the power-holders of the four countries at that time witnessed the process of the research. Therefore, they knew very well how terrible the research was. As long as there are Warlocks in this world, it is difficult to guarantee that the same thing will not happen in the future. So they decided to wipe out the Warlocks completely in order to not have such a tragedy again in the future." Yun Qi lowered his head. If he didn’t have the Moonlight Necklace at that time, he feared that he would not have lived to this day. Even so, he still paid a great price.

For so many years, he had the status of a Great Summoner, but he could no longer use the power of a Great Summoner.

Although he hated those black sheeps, he couldn't bear to look as the profession he loved perished.

Shen Yanxiao pursed her lips and felt that something was wrong. Although their reason could be understood, such drastic means did not seem to be out of anger, but rather from fear. The four countries feared the Warlocks.

Only in endless fear could people become really ruthless and do things that they themselves could not imagine.

A thought flashed through Shen Yanxiao’s mind. She looked up and asked Yun Qi, “Master, what about those people? What happened to those who had been captured by the Warlocks for the Forbidden Technique Research?”

Yun Qi silently looked at Shen Yanxiao and did not answer her question.

Ye Qing sighed softly on the side, he somewhat could not bear to say but still managed to, "They are all dead."



"How did they die?" Shen Yanxiao's hands trembled. Her heart was already clear with the answer, yet she still did not want to believe it.

Ye Qing turned his face aside and said in a low voice, "The army of the four countries secretly executed them." Shen Yanxiao gasped and suddenly stood up.

“Why? Why were they killed? They managed to escape from those evil’s hands, and could finally reunite with their families, so why did the four countries kill them?” After those people were tortured for several years, they thought they could finally go back to their countries, back to their hometown, and back to their loved ones. But what welcomed them were not warm arms, but cold blades.

At the peak of hope, they were given despair. Shen Yanxiao's heart throbbed in pain, for those poor people, for the ruling Holy Sage.

“The Radiance Continent were unable to accommodate them anymore. They were no longer humans. They could not control their own strength, and there was always the possibility of hurting people at any time.” Ye Qing whispered.

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