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Ye Qing also left a large number of master potions for Shen Yanxiao. Ye Qing made these potions during his days in The Rising Sun City.

The two old men had all done everything they could for their disciple.

Shen Yanxiao touched her nose and felt deeply moved.

"Little Xiao, I have something to say to you." Qi Xia’s eyes s.h.i.+fted to Shen Yanxiao. His face had a rare serious expression.

"What's the matter?"

"You should have already guessed the culprit who had tampered with our water this time, but I want to say, now is not a good time for revenge." He was able to determine which side was the cause of the incident, so Shen Yanxiao could probably guess it as well. He was very clear that with Shen Yanxiao’s vengeful temperament, after everything had been settled, the first thing she would do was certainly destroy the Magical Fantasy City. But now was not the right time for that.

“Oh? Why?” Shen Yanxiao crossed her legs and calmly looked at Qi Xia. She had to say that Qi Xia really knew her. She was actually preparing to take Vermillion Bird tonight and visit the Magical Fantasy City for a “Sightseeing Tour”.

"Being able to use a curse that even you can't determine, it means there's definitely a Second Stage Professional Summoner hidden in the Magical Fantasy City, and also a Master Pharmacist. That time, the Magical Fantasy City indeed behaved themselves, but not long after, they suddenly took action despite knowing that you hold eight Mythological Beasts in your hands. If they do not have a certain degree of certainty, they will never come to provoke you. But they dared to move. This shows that there are a number of forces giving them backing that we don’t know of.” The enemy was in the darkness, while they were in the spotlight. If they really move their hands, The Rising Sun City would definitely suffer.

Qi Xia believed that Geng Di could definitely realize that Shen Yanxiao would take her revenge. But he had no fear; he might be even waiting for Shen Yanxiao’s arrival. This situation was by no means normal.

He didn't know what kind of character hid in the Magical Fantasy City, and thought it was better not to act rashly before they found it out.

Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly. Others bullied her, but Qi Xia was saying that she should temporarily endure, which really did not conform to her temper.

As soon as they saw Shen Yanxiao frowning, all five animals knew that this little la.s.s’ justifying complex was about to burst out.

Yang Xi cleared his throat and said, "Don't make that bitter expression. If you really want to teach Geng Di a lesson, it’s not that there is no way."

Shen Yanxiao raised an eyebrow.

“Although the four countries have a covenant and balance in the Barren Land, there is an unwritten rule here. Every year, the successful City Lords who are able to build cities in the Barren Land will gather together, along with their elites, on the 7th day of the 7th month of the year to start a compet.i.tion. The winner can obtain resources in other areas as reward.” Yang Xi looked meaningfully at Shen Yanxiao.

There were policies and countermeasures, and the distribution of resources in the four regions of the Barren Land was very concentrated, but the materials produced were not the same. In order to obtain these resources, every side agreed to a harmonious and friendly compet.i.tion.

"Moreover, in that compet.i.tion, magical beasts can be summoned." Tang Nazhi winked at Shen Yanxiao with treacherous meaning.

Shen Yanxiao was practicing three professions, and all of them were at the Senior level. There was also a Vermillion Bird sitting by her side. If she one versus one’d the other City Lords, it absolutely would be a one-sided beating.

Moreover, the death and injuries in that compet.i.tion would not be subjected to any retaliation, which was definitely a good opportunity for revenge!


"I have already written all the auction items on the list. When the name and the time of the auction house are determined, we can then let people spread the news." When it came to business, if Qi Xia said he was number two, no one would dare to claim to be number one.

Therefore, Shen Yanxiao was very rea.s.sured as she handed these things over to him.

"Time, after half a month, as for the name of the auction house..." Shen Yanxiao stroked her chin, thoughtfully narrowing her eyes.

Tang Nazhi: How about just The Rising Sun City Auction House?

Qi Xia: Too long and that's too plain. It must be something that sound nice.

Li Xiaowei: Well How about Phoenix Auction House?

Qi Xia: You just want to do that post don't you?

Li Xiaowei: ...Yeah... So is that

Qi Xia: A big no.

Shen Yanxiao: Hmm.. how about Ph

Sky: Shhh...

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