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Due to the weirdness of Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei’s bodies, Shen Yanxiao asked Uncle Jiu to come over and take a look. 

“Uncle Jiu, I have two people here. Can you see if they are the same as those people from the Sun Graveyard?” Shen Yanxiao could not determine whether Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei’s encounter and those of the villagers from the Sun Graveyard was caused by the same organization. She could only ask Uncle Jiu to come and check. 

"All right." Uncle Jiu nodded. 

The two people came to the courtyard where Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei lived. Shen Jiawei, who had been awake and freshly groomed, came out of the room wearing a single garment. Shen Jiayi, on the other other hand, was inside her room, behind a locked door. 


"City Lord, why did you come?" Shen Jiawei looked at Shen Yanxiao in surprise. 

"I brought someone to look at your injuries." Shen Yanxiao said with an expressionless face. 

"Uh... thank you." Shen Jiawei was surprised and bowed his head down for a moment. He spoke somewhat awkwardly. 

The same person they had been bullying was now bringing people to check their own injuries. Shen Jiawei felt very embarra.s.sed. 

"Where is Shen Jiayi?" Shen Yanxiao asked after not seeing Shen Jiayi's figure. 

Shen Jiawei lowered his head in silence, his hands secretly clenched into fists. 

“My elder sister is tired and still resting.” Shen Jiawei did not dare to let Shen Yanxiao meet Shen Jiayi. Shen Jiayi’s curse before was still fresh in his memory, he knew that his sister still hated Shen Yanxiao in her heart. 

If it was before, he would help Shen Jiayi deal with Shen Yanxiao. But now, he only hoped that he could persuade Shen Jiayi to repent, and stop trying to fight with Shen Yanxiao again. 

Shen Yanxiao raised an eyebrow. Tired? Tired of beating up her own brother? 

"Then, let Uncle Jiu first look at your injury." It seemed she would not get to see that brat. Anyway, Shen Jiawei could still be saved by some medicine. Shen Jiayi was the standard representative of an incurable person. 

Shen Jiawei’s face showed a hint of tension. He looked at the amiable face of Uncle Jiu and subconsciously covered the wounds on his arm.

"I...I will scare him." Shen Jiawei stammered. 

His current body was completely different that of an ordinary person. Such a condition was likely to scare others. 

"Long-winded, let him see already." Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly. 

Shen Jiawei immediately looked like a frightened quail. Uncle Jiu smiled and looked at Shen Jiawei, kindly patting his thin shoulders. 

"Young man, don't worry, I've seen someone like you before." Shen Yanxiao had probably talked to Uncle Jiu before coming. He already had some guesses in the bottom of his heart, but further observation was still needed to determine if this really were the result of the experiment of that same group of people.

"That... then I’ll trouble the senior." Shen Jiawei, like a good child, nodded honestly. 

“Uncle Jiu, I leave everything here to you. I still have some things to do. Let’s have a talk about your conclusions later.” Shen Yanxiao brought Uncle Jiu here for a couple of reasons: one was for him to see the changes in Shen Jiawei’s body, and the other was to treat Shen Jiawei’s injuries. If it he had truly been integrated with the characteristics of the Undead, then ordinary physicians were not allowed to handle it. So she brought Uncle Jiu who was a veteran on this thing instead.  

"Yes, you may go first." Uncle Jiu smiled, pulling the nervous Shen Jiawei into a room. 

Shen Yanxiao turned to look at the closed door of Shen Jiayi’s room. She could still feel her vicious eyes looking at her through that door. 

Shen Yanxiao sneered. Shen Jiayi really would not change, even when faced with death.


She would like to see what kind of storm Shen Jiayi could create during her stay here in The Rising Sun City!

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