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Long Xueyao smiled as she answered, "It seems that since my grandfather built the city, it has always been like this. Do not be afraid. They will not do anything to the people in the city. They mainly defend against the demons and the beast tide."

The city had already used such intensive precautions ever since her grandfather built it?

Shen Yanxiao was silent and helpless. It meant that when the Blizzard City first encountered a beast tide, the defenses here were already at their peak.

But even so, the Blizzard’s first generation city had still been turned into a pile of ruins under the attack of the demon beasts!

If The Rising Sun City were attacked by the beast tide now, then how would it end up?

People who gave no thought to the problems of the future would soon suffer. 

Looking at the military power of Blizzard City, Shen Yanxiao could not help but be covered in cold sweat for The Rising Sun City.

"Is the beast tide that terrible?" Shen Yanxiao remembered the words of that fake Holy Sage.

In just over a year, the beast tide would once again appear in the Barren Land; she didn’t have much time.

The smile on Long Xueyao's face slowly faded, and her eyebrows slightly wrinkled.

"I didn’t experience it when it happened in the past, but my father said that after my grandfather built the city, he had suffered a lot from the beast tide’s attack. That year, a total of 50,000 elite mercenaries of Blizzard Mercenary Corps were stationed inside and outside of Blizzard City; furthermore, there were at least ten thousand elites from each of the other four mercenary corps. So in total, there were 90,000 elite mercenaries at that time, but after the beast tide that lasted for five days ended, none of them were alive; even the people in the city had been wiped out. The only one who escaped was my grandfather. He had been desperately protected by his contractual beast. But after escorting my grandfather, the Mythological Beast was seriously wounded and fell into a deep slumber for almost a hundred years before it regained consciousness. But now, its strength is worse than before. Its status as a Mythological Beast degraded to that of a rank eight high-level magical beast."

The beast tide had been a nightmare for the Blizzard Mercenary Corps.

In just five days, hundreds of thousands of people were drowned in pools of blood. The first generation Blizzard City, which took more than a decade to build, had also been destroyed.

After Shen Yanxiao heard that, her heart felt fear and trepidation.

The tens of thousands of mercenaries and even more civilians stationed inside the city walls had only lasted five days?

And even a Mythological magical beast was heavily wounded?

How horrifying was the fighting power of the demon beasts in the end?

Shen Yanxiao finally understood why even the Holy Sage, who would rarely appear in front of people, would have asked questions about the beast tide. No one could contend with such a terrible, destructive force.

What was more, the group of demon beasts that attacked the Blizzard City that year was not the main force, but just a branch; still, that had been enough to destroy everything in Blizzard City, to ruin the lives of more than 100,000 people, and to heavily injure a Mythological Beast...

If it were the main force of the demon beasts that had attacked that time, would it not have been...

Shen Yanxiao did not dare to imagine. Originally, she was positive that with the invincible city walls of The Rising Sun City and the eight Mythological Beasts in her hands, she could still stand against one or two attacks of the beast tide; but now, it seemed that she was still too naive!

Fortunately, she decided to ask a question about it, otherwise, she would probably still be ignorant of such a crisis.

“The beast tide is a nightmare for everyone in the Barren Land. Fortunately, the beast tide has not appeared for a long time.” Long Xueyao breathed a sigh of relief. As the daughter of Long Fei, she had heard a lot of myths about the beast tide from her father since childhood. 

Shen Yanxiao did not speak because she knew that it was only a year or so before the next beast tide would occur.

One hundred years ago, there was only one city in the Barren Land that belonged to humanity: Blizzard City. Today, however, there were six cities. The four countries in the Radiance Continent each had their own city in the Barren Land.

She wondered which one of the cities would suffer when the beast tide attacked this time around.

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