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The sun was s.h.i.+ning. 

Jun Wu Yao awoke from his slumber, the weight at the crook of his arm and the warmth on his chest gave him a little shock, from the moment he opened his eyes and saw Jun Wu Xie's sleeping face. That fair little face, peaceful with sleep, the long lashes fanning out from her lids, casting a shadow under her eyes. 

Letting out a deep breath, Jun Wu Yao had never experienced this sort of contentment. The most precious person in the work was currently in his embrace; the feeling of happiness was as if he owned the whole world. 

Looking at a sleeping Jun Wu Xie's side profile, Jun Wu Yao could not resist kissing her earlobe and it caused Jun Wu Xie to stir in her sleep, her creamy, silky back s.h.i.+fted on his chest and evoked a wave of heat across his body. All the details from last night emerged in his mind at that moment and the calm impulse seemed to be provoked again. 

He hugged her lightly, but didn't intend to do more. 

With that pure sleeping face, no one wanted to disturb that contentment. 

His little fellow is now entirely his. 

This feeling is so great. 

"Uhh…" Jun Wu Xie stirred as she woke up drowsily. She slowly opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was the smiling handsome face of Jun Wu Yao. 

"Morning." Jun Wu Yao greeted Jun Wu Xie smilingly. 

Jun Wu Xie was shock still, her eyes grew big as she stared at Jun Wu Yao strangely. 

Jun Wu Yao grwe nervous. 

Did he demand for too much yesterday? 

His smiling face started to become a little frozen.

Jun Wu Xie blinked, and said, "I forget that we are already married."

Used to waking up alone, Jun Wu Xie was somewhat shocked and could not react to seeing Jun Wu Yao beside her in bed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Her words caused Jun Wu Yao to not know whether to laugh or cry, so he just kissed her brow affectionately. 

"You'll get used to it in the future."

Jun Wu Xie just laid silently within his embrace, the warm atmosphere surrounding the two became even hotter. 

"I want to take a bath." Jun Wu Xie said lowly. Her whole body was aching and it was making her very uncomfortable but she didn't know how to express it. 

"Alright." Jun Wu Yao as he transformed his Dark Spirit into an ink snake and sent it to inform someone to prepare warm water for Jun Wu Xie's bath. 

Ye Sha brought the hot water into the outer house, not disturbing the two people inside the room. After finis.h.i.+ng the bath preparations, he made it known to them and left. 

Jun Wu Xie sat up in bed, her bright body was aching and as her skin came into contact with the cold air, it caused her to tremble. Before she could even put on some clothes, a coat has been laid across her shoulders.

"I'll carry you to your bath." Ju Wu Yao's long arm casually pulled a coat over his body and he used Jun Wu Xie's clothes to wrap her up. 

Jun Wu Xie did not make a sound as she allowed him to do as he pleased. 

After he carried her to the side of the bathtub, Jun Wu Yao then very gently placed her into the warm water, and said softly, "Do you need my help?"

Jun Wu Xie's face flushed red immediately as she bent her head and shook it. 

Jun Wu Yao looked at her rare expression of shyness and embarra.s.sment, his mood flew out of the window as a smile appeared on his face. 

They were husband and wife and they would be spending long days together, he would not rush this moment. 

Back in the bedroom, Jun Wu Xie release a breath, the scent of **** last night seemingly pervaded the room, reminding him of what happened and teasing his mood. He sat beside the bed and tried his best to calm his inner turmoil. 

Laughing eyes swept past the messy bed. 

However, the smile broke from his face in an instant.

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