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Chapter 2535: Reciprocity(3)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Early morning on the second day, three large wooden boxes with the words “To be opened by Old He only” were sent to the door of the city's palace. In a few moments, they were discovered by the guards who requested that Old He inspect it.


The moment when Old He opened the wooden chest, his face turned ashen immediately!

Within the three large wooden boxes, they were filled with corpses!

Those corpses were dressed in black, faces were deathly pale, no longer breathing, their four limbs were already in rigor mortis!

Old He's eyes were shocked wide as he looked at those familiar corpses, his face turned from a sickly green to white, as he viciously slammed the chests shut. Through his gritted teeth, he ordered, “Throw them into the sea!”

Done speaking, he left in great strides, although his heart was no longer calm.

When Old He requested an audience with Yan Wan, Yan Wan had thought that the mission yesterday was a success. But what he found out from Old He was that those men sent out last night were all ‘sent' back, his face became even more grave than Old He's had been.

“Old He, what exactly happened? Didn't you say that there will not be any mistakes when you handle this matter?” Yan Wan's countenance was ugly. Jun Wu Xie had sent those corpses back to the mansion and even left a note specifically for Old He; she evidently knew who was the mastermind behind this matter.

If Jun Wu Xie hadn't sent the bodies back, but instead went directly to report the crime to the Upper Realm army, Yan Wan wouldn't be able to escape unscathed!

The Upper Realm did not care about the struggles between individuals; it wasn't a great concern no matter who killed who, but if you were favoured by His Lord, and were appointed to be in the Upper Realm army, you can't be touched easily. If the parents intended to murder the child, then His Lord would surely find out who was responsible, especially if Yan Wan had killed Yan Hai. Not only that, his position of the Master of Sea Spirit City was coming to an end.

Thinking about this, Yan Wan was afraid. On one hand, he was furious at Jun Wu Xie's wild provocation as she sent the bodies, and on the other hand, he was secretly glad that Jun Wu Xie did not report upwards.

Old He pulled an extremely long face. He had a.s.sisted Yan Wan for many years, and used his power to get rid of many of Yan Wan's eye-sores and he never once failed. Old He had arranged with caution and prudence and he didn't have any worries.

Regardless of how excellent Yan Hai's innate abilities were, his age was his stumbling block. The dozen or so Gold Spirits Old He had sent, to kill one Yan Hai should be a relatively easy matter.

But who knew that they would encounter a problem!

“Please calm down My Lord. This is matter is not as simple as we think it is. You and I are both very clear on how strong Yan Hai is. Him alone definitely cannot slaughter all my men. I'm sure that someone is secretly helping him.” Old He said, brows pinched.

“Who is that person helping him? I have investigated all those who had previous contact with him. They are jacks of all trades, and are involved in different things everywhere, none of them are of any importance. They are not exponents too. Apart from those garbage, who else can he find?” Yan Wan was terribly frustrated.

Old He frowned, there was something fishy with this matter. Regardless of how smart Yan Hai was, he has lived his entire life in Sea Spirit City, and all the people whom he had contact with were controlled by Yan Wan. Yan Wan would not have let Yan Hai grow too close with any exponents. And they had not found any strange or suspicious people around Yan Hai.


What is going on with those corpses?

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