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Chapter 2538: Femme Fatal (2)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

The pitiful thing was that Lian Xin was yet to notice the impending danger. Seeing that there was still no response coming from Jun Wu Xie, she could only slowly move herself closer to Jun Wu Xie. With her pair of arms almost going to climb onto Jun Wu Xie's shoulders, she spoke plaintively, “Young Master, you're the only one left beside me in the… Arghhhhh!”

Before Lian Xin's hands could even touch Jun Wu Xie even an inch, Jun Wu Yao who was sitting at the side suddenly lifted his leg up and vigorously kicked Lian Xin away!


What a huge wave of jealousy!

Eyes widening, Qiao Chu and the others watched Lian Xin being kicked to a few metres away until she hit on the door and fell onto the floor. After falling onto the ground, she then spat out a mouthful of blood, lying limply on the floor without being able to get herself up. She kept on twitching, and it seemed like she wasn't going to make it.

Jun Wu Yao's kick was definitely not something that people with such strength like her could withstand!

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes listlessly and looked at Jun Wu Yao who had just done a “crime”.

“Such people have no right to touch you.” Not feeling that there was anything wrong with his action, Jun Wu Yao explained to Jun Wu Xie in a soft and gentle voice.

“…” So, you just simply kicked her to death? Jun Wu Xie was left speechless.

“Fine, drag her out.” Jun Wu Yao waved her hand. To her, Lian Xin was just a contemptible michiefdoer. She might be able to fool Yan Hai the idiot, but it was still too amateurish for her to deceive Jun Wu Xie.

“Little Xie, are you still going to let Yan Wan keep on fooling around?” Jun Wu Yao raised his hand and played with the strands of hair lying on Jun Wu Xie's shoulder. A trace of murderous intent began to brew in his eyes that were slightly looking down.

It was fine for Jun Wu Yao to not care about how Jun Wu Xie was going to take over the Sea Spirit City, but the incident that had been arranged by Yan Wan today had crossed his line. He would definitely not allow anyone else to try and lay a finger on Jun Wu Xie, even if the person gained no Jun Wu Xie's attention at all, it was still a nope for him.

Jun Wu Yao had no means to hide his anger, and for sure Jun Wu Xie would noticed it. She raised her hand and grabbed her hair back from Jun Wu Xie's hand. The main hall was still suffusing with the smell of blood.

“If you don't want to, just kill him.” It was such a casual speaking tone.

It was as if killing Yan Wan was something as simple as slaughtering a pig.

However, it was this light and mild sentence that had caused a trace of a smile to emerge from the bottom of Jun Wu Yao's eyes.

And there were Qiao Chu and the rest of them on the side, watching both the invincible married couple adjudging the death penalty of Yan Wan with the tone of discussing the weather. At that moment, all their hairs stood on end.

If Yan Wan knew that a person named Lian Xin had caused his death to come faster, was he still able to laugh out loud?

At the same moment, Yan Wan who was waiting for the good news of Lian Xin in the city palace suddenly received a message from his scout who was spying outside Yan Hai's mansion, that Lian Xin was thrown out of the mansion not long after she had entered the building, and when she was being thrown out of the door, she was already dead!

The moment Yan Wan heard the news, he was completely dumbfounded…

Lian Xin was dead?

How could it be!

Was Yan Hai being possessed by a demon? Had he killed Lian Xin simply just like that?

Without any reason, Yan Wan felt a chill arising from his sole. He immediately called Old He over for a discussion, but even Old He was highly astounded upon hearing the news.

They could never think that things would actually evolve into such an extent!

It was said that with the skills and techniques Lian Xin had, there weren't many men who were able to escape from her glamour. Furthermore, the woman was ruthless and callous. In order to tie in with the plan, she had actually asked Old He to kill her parents, but at the end…

She had just gotten everything to backfire on herself!

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