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Jun Wu Xie's doubts didn't last for a long time. Next day morning, Duan Qi went over again.

"Can Aunt Duan still get used to it?" Jun Wu Xie sat on the main seat, feeling relaxed and easy.

Duan Qi didn't know if what she said yesterday had been heard by Jun Wu Xie. She sullenly said, "Everything is very good."

"That's good." Jun Wu Xie said calmly.

Duan Qi observed Jun Wu Xie. From the way Jun Wu Xie responded to the 72 cities, Duan Qi knew that this man was broad-minded and not narrow like the others. He was attacked by the 72 cities alliance yet there was no hatred at all. The indifference was not so much the tolerance of Jun Wu Xie. Or rather, from the beginning, he had not even taken the 72 cities as his opponents.

After all, with the strength of Jun Wu Xie, the 72 cities fight hard to battle. They still gained no benefit.

"I came to Sea Spirit City once, a thousand years ago. The Sea Spirit City then had blood everywhere and the entire city was filled with a disgusting stench. But after a thousand years later, it has changed completely. Soon after Lord Yan took over the Sea Spirit City, he's able to organize the entire city in such an orderly manner, which is rare." Duan Qi praised Jun Wu Xie while secretly watching Jun Wu Xie's reaction.

It's known that with Duan Qi's ident.i.ty and status, it's only normal for the others to wors.h.i.+p her rather than to please others. But her praise was insignificant that Jun Wu Xie remained calm. Duan Qi further admired Jun Wu Xie's calmness.

A true strong person should not only have powers but also a calm heart. According to Duan Qi's current observation, Jun Wu Xie did not humiliate her ability, and such a genius boy was what she needed.

"The 72 cities have now surrendered to Lord Yan. He has become the Lord of the 72 cities. For thousands of years, he is also the only one. It will not take long for the Lord to send an invitation to Lord Yan, and your future will be immense. I wonder what kind of person do you like? "Duan Qi asked tentatively.

If it was someone else, Duan Qi would remain proud and the other person would beg her just like how Bai Zhu tried means and ways to get into her good mood that time. Unfortunately the person wasn't Bai Zhu, it was the Dual Spirit Ring exponent after His Lord. Duan Qi had to be careful when sounding her intention.

"No." Jun Wu Xie said.

Duan Qi felt relieved and a smile finally appeared on her face.

"With Lord Yan's current status, there is no doubt that he can soon find a companion in future. A beautiful woman is easy to find. With Lord Yan's status, an ordinary woman is not good for you. Lord Yan needs to find someone who can help him to take it to the next level. "

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyebrows, knowing Duan Qi's intentions. But her expressions were not obvious at all. She said lightly: "If Aunt Duan has something to say, just say it."

"Great, then I will get straight to the point." Duan Qi laughed: "Although The Sacred Maiden Tribe is not the best, it has psychic force. The Sacred Maiden Tribe only consists of women. To conceive future generations, I can only entrust the virgins with the outstanding strong men. I wonder if Lord Yan is willing to marry one of my maidens? "

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