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Chapter 2880: Family (2)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

The sudden embrace of Jun Wu Xie and the warm words of affection spoken made Qiao Chu and others a little shocked. However, very quickly, their facial expressions changed from shock to smiles. At least, they had this group of friends. Even if it's the end of the world, they would not abandon one another.

“Seeing Little Wu Xie having her own friends, Her father and I are really happy for her.” Han Zi Fei got up with Jun Gu and walked to Jun Wu Xie. In Qiao Chu's view, Han Zi Fei and Jun Gu was the treasure that Jun Wu Xie had recovered back. But how could it be different for them as husband and wife?

Han Zi Fei had been most grateful for her husband's for her resurrection, her daughter's growth, and their reunion.

“Little Xie can have such good parents like you, as well as relatives like Grandpa Jun and Uncle Jun. We are happy for her.” Qiao Chu sniffled and felt a little embarra.s.sed. He wanted to tease Jun Wu Xie, but did not expect that this would be the case.

“Your parents …” Han Zi Fei looked at Qiao Chu. She seemed to have found something.

Qiao Chu touched his nose. Hua Yao and others glanced at each other and said sullenly, “Everyone is gone. Our family, all our loved ones, had been killed by treacherous people, right in front of us … But … we have avenged for them! Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, we have sent them off to h.e.l.l! ”

Qiao Chu seemed to be cheering for himself, stretching out his fist and pretending to be confident and proud.

However, Han Zi Fei looked very distressed. As early as when she was on the island, she had noticed that the relations.h.i.+p between Jun Wu Xie and her friends were very close. Although Jun Wu Xie's temperament was cold and bad with words, they had a very strong bond that no one could ignore.

To think of it, with Jun Wu Xie's cold nature and her difficult experiences, if there were no friends to accompany her, she would be more lonely.

Han Zi Fei and Jun Gu looked at each other. The couple seemed to have reached a consensus. Jun Gu stepped forward and said, “Zi Fei and I only have Jun Wu Xie. If you have no objection, we will also … Treat you like our children. ”

Jun Gu's words made Hua Yao and others completely shocked. No matter how they grew up, the lack of love and the desire for family love in their hearts would never disappear. The way that Jun Gu and Han Zi Fei treated Jun Wu Xie, made them envious, and made them longed for it.

The expressions of her friends became a little subtle. They looked at one another. Obviously, these things came too sudden and difficult to accept. But in their eyes, they faintly revealed their thirst for wanting a family.

They looked over to Jun Wu Xie at the same time and saw Jun Wu Xie nodding at them with a smile.

Fei Yan swallowed her saliva and turned to Jun Gu and Han Zi Fei nervously, and said with a trembling voice: “Father Jun … Mother Jun …”

“Good.” Han Zi Fei and Jun Gu said together.

Fei Yan's face turned red.

The subtle joy made her feel as shy as an unintelligible child for a while.

Now that Fei Yan had started to greet, Qiao Chu and the rest also took turns to call out with courage. For some time, the warm atmosphere in the courtyard made everyone forget the coldness brought by the snow.

Jun Wu Yao was soaked with family warmth. He looked across to everyone and finally had eye contact with Jun Wu Xie. Both their eyes were filled with happiness.

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