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Chapter 2879: Family (1)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

When Jun Wu Xie returned to her residence, she had no time to rest in his room. She had been blocked by Qiao Chu. Jun Wu Xie saw Han Zi Fei and Jun Gu sitting in the pavilion with Jun Wu Yao between them. She realised that Qiao Chu already knew what they had done at the banquet today.

“Little Xie, you are so unkind. You didn't inform us that you found your parents! Are we still brothers!” Qiao Chu stared at Jun Wu Xie, and hummed angrily.

Jun Wu Xie couldn't help smiling. These days, she was busy trying to find a way to deal with the things in front of her. She forgot to share her joy with her friends. Her eyes slowly turned to Jun Gu and Han Zi Fei. A warmth of happiness emerged.

Her parents …

That's nice.

“Ah, hey, my eyes are painful! Can you be more considerate? Previously I tried to ignore you when you showed off your affection to Jun Wu Yao. Now, looking at your parents' expressions, it really me off.” Qiao Chu wailed hard and complained. But revealed his blessings to Jun Wu Xie at the same time.

Rong Ruo and the others stood aside watching Qiao Chu's exaggerated acting. All of them couldn't help laughing at him.

They experienced the pain before. When they were young, the whole family was slaughtered, and all their parents and relatives died. They longed for family warmth. For Jun Wu Xie to find back her parents, it was really fortunate. They were really happy for her.

“Congratulations Little Xie, we really didn't expect that Senior Zi Fei is your mother. But after seeing her appearance, we could feel it.” Rong Ruo smiled.

At first glance, Han Zi Fei and Jun Wu Xie did not strike any resemblance. However, if you look closely at Jun Wu Xie, it was easy to spot some similarities between their eyebrows. Jun Wu Xie looked colder and Han Zi Fei was a free and easy heroine. Both their styles were equally beautiful.

“I didn't expect it.” Jun Wu Xie said with her soft voice. She expressed a joy she hadn't even noticed.

“Ah! I am jealous of you, what should I do?” Qiao Chu looked at Jun Wu Xie sadly.

Looking at Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao showing off their love these days, Qiao Chu could still cheer himself up. He hoped that he would have a companion soon. But his parents were the treasures that he couldn't find in this life.

Qiao Chu's words left Hua Yao standing on the side to fall into silence. They were happy for Jun Wu Xie and at the same time they had deep regrets since young. If they could grow up much earlier … Their loved ones might not have left them forever.

Jun Wu Xie watched her friends who went through thick and thin with her and revealed her loneliness this time. The black cat that had been hidden in her body rushed out at this moment and jumped to her shoulder. Its furry tail swept Jun Wu Xie's cheek and its eyes quietly looked at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed slightly. She stepped forward and gave each of her friends a big hug!

This was Jun Wu Xie. For the first time, she embraced Qiao Chu so proactively, a little shy, but with a strong warmth.

“I am your family.”

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