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"The world is just returning the treatment that you gave to them." Jun Wu Xie said matter of factly.

The G.o.d of Destruction sneered, "This world? I am the G.o.d of this world and it's mine to do with as I please! I created everything in it and if I want to kill, n.o.body can do anything about it! Hahaha!"

To him, it was ludicrous that the world he created was now abandoning him.

Jun Wu Xie was nonplussed at his obstinate expression, in that moment she only felt sadness for him.

"I am a G.o.d! I am a G.o.d!" He started hollering, as if that was the only way to preserve his last shred of dignity as a G.o.d.

However, his misguided pride only made Jun Wu Xie feel even more sad for him.

G.o.ds created everything but they could not control everything. All beings in the world were born with free will and from that moment on, with their feelings, hopes and desires, should never be used by G.o.ds as chess pieces.

The wings on Jun Wu Xie's back were flapping gently, suspending her in mid air.

The G.o.d of Destruction on the other hand, had lost the strength to fly and could only look at Jun Wu Xie with hatred.

"If a G.o.d is like you, it's better to have no G.o.d at all." Jun Wu Xie raised her sword of light high and concentrated all the power in her body into it.

She struck swiftly and suddenly.

Powered by all the faith and belief from the three realms, it struck straight through his chest like a bolt from heaven!


The G.o.d of Destruction had a look of unbearable pain on his face and his eyes were wide with disbelief but he had no strength to return to the skies.

Everything in front of him started to go blurry, including Jun Wu Xie, the person he hated most.

He collapsed suddenly, thousands of years of memories flas.h.i.+ng before his eyes.

In a time long ago, he was in charge of destruction and looked down at the Three Realms from the heavens, laughing at their stupidity and ignorance but was chided by the G.o.d of Light.

From their perch, they could see the temples that the people built for them.

They could see the people that they created, kneeling down inside those temples, offering up prayer and song in return for their kindness and benevolence. 

At the same time, the G.o.d of Destruction was struggling to remain conscious.

He saw that from the devotees in the temples, tiny dots of light emerged from their heads and flew up to paradise which served as nourishment for the G.o.ds.


That was it. 

A bitter smile formed on the G.o.d of Destruction's mouth.

He finally understood what he had been neglecting and also the reason for his defeat.

It was the power of faith.

G.o.ds created people but it was people through their faith and adoration, that elevated the G.o.ds who helped them. 

In the end, the G.o.d of Destruction was defeated.

He was not defeated at the hands of Jun Wu Xie alone, but by the hands of the souls that were abandoned by him.

The faith that he had dismissed earlier was the very thing that led to his downfall.

The G.o.d of Destruction gradually grew weaker. He finally closed his eyes and rays of light started to leak out from his body and finally, his body returned to the ground that he had created.

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