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Chapter 1006 - Powerful Strength

The elder in red-and-black robes and the golden-armored male both charged out from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. At the same time, several dozen other figures leapt out from other places in the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

"Zhao Feng!" Old Monster Xu's figure faintly trembled, and he immediately stood up.

"Grand Elder!" Zhan Jie'er's eyes were full of admiration.

The other members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion all looked into the air with excitement as well. To them, as long as their Grand Elder Zhao Feng returned, this nightmare would end.

"Master, save Old Monster Xu and Supreme Emperor Dark Night first!" Bi Qingyue communicated with Zhao Feng through the Dark Heart Seal.

They were both poisoned and needed to be treated as quickly as possible.

Zhao Feng glanced at the members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion trapped inside the array with an ugly expression.

He already knew part of the situation going on in here. The two forces that had captured the Ocean Smoke Pavilion were two three-star forces - the Eight Star Tower and the Ghost Fire Clan, the latter being a nearby force that cultivated the Dao of Ghosts.

These two forces had taken over the Ocean Smoke Pavilion and set an ambush after Zhao Feng and the upper echelons of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion left, catching Old Monster Xu, Bi Qingyue, and company off guard when they returned.

However, it was obvious that these two forces wanted to devour Zhao Feng's forces for themselves, so they didn't start a slaughter.

"You are Zhao Feng?" The golden-armored male's voice boomed across Heaven and Earth.

"Stop talking so much, just finish him off straight away," the red-and-black-robed elder said in a cold and impatient tone.

Their only target was Zhao Feng. As long as they finished off Zhao Feng, the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, an entire group, and all of Zhao Feng's treasures would be theirs.

"Can you not see the members of the Ji Family next to Zhao Feng?" the golden-armored male messaged in private.

From the intel they received, Zhao Feng should only be faintly connected to the Duanmu Family, but the Duanmu Family was ranked last among the Eight Big Families and was extremely far away from the oceans. Even if they took over Zhao Feng's force, the Duanmu Family wouldn't be able to do anything to them.

However, it was different with the Ji Family. The Ji Family wasn't too far away from the ocean, and they were ranked above average among the Eight Big Families.

"Are you dumb? Don't bother with those from the Ji Family, just finish off Zhao Feng," the red-and-black-robed elder said in disdain.

If Zhao Feng had come alone, then there might be something amiss. However, if Zhao Feng came with people from the Ji Family and thought that he could scare them off, then he was completely wrong.

"Speak - tell me who the mastermind is. Seeing as none of you killed members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, I can leave all of you a complete corpse," Zhao Feng suddenly said.

The Eight Star Tower and the Ghost Fire Clan were three-star forces near the ocean. They had no enmities or feuds with the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. Even if Zhao Feng had plundered resources from one of them in the Divine Illusion Dimension, that wouldn't result in them eyeing the entire Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

There was definitely something wrong with these two forces - one wicked and one righteous - teaming up with each other and attacking at the same time.

"Hahaha! You're about to die and yet you're still spewing nonsense," the red-and-black-robed elder said in disdain.

An Emperor dared to talk to two Sacred Lords like this? Although both of them were only at the beginning stages of the Mystic Light Realm, they were much stronger than Old Monster Xu, who only just became a Sacred Lord recently. Furthermore, they both had two Quasi-Sacred Lords from their respective forces as well.


The red-and-black-robed figure and the golden-armored male instantly charged out as the Quasi-Sacred Lords and Emperors followed from behind.

"Don't harm those from the Ji Family. Just kill Zhao Feng," the red-and-black-robed person's voice sounded in everyone's souls.

Those from the Ji Family instantly started to panic. If Sacred Lord Star Demon hadn't personally told them about this task, they would have run away long ago. The news of Zhao Feng instantly defeating Ji Chengming outside the Purple Star Tower had also spread a little bit, so a few members of the Ji Family recognized Zhao Feng strength.

"Don't panic. Listen to Zhao Feng's orders. The Eight Star Tower and the Ghost Fire Clan won't dare to do anything to the Ji Family," Ji Lan's voice sounded in the hearts of the Ji Family members.

Ji Lan believed that, with his own strength and the help of the Ji Family, Zhao Feng should be able to handle this situation.

Zhao Feng's expression remained the same as he looked at the two forces charging over.

A strong surge of Eye Intent shot out from his left eye.

"Forbidden Illusion Lost World."

Limitless soul power entered Zhao Feng's left eye through his Lightning Soul Body. Zhao Feng's left eye turned into a limitless purple-and-golden maze palace that was very alluring.


All the experts in front of Zhao Feng couldn't help but instinctively look at Zhao Feng's eye, and they were suddenly unable to control their consciousness and started to struggle. However, it was useless, and their eyes soon lost all light.


In just an instant, the golden-armored male, the red-and-black-robed elder, and the several dozen members behind them were dazed as if they had lost their souls, and they couldn't move at all.

The golden-armored male and the red-and-black-robed elder circulated the full power of their Soul Intent to block the terrifying eye-bloodline technique.

"This… what's going on?" The black-and-red-robed elder felt that something was wrong and his heart started to turn cold. His entire body started to tremble as he looked at the golden-eyed youth ahead of him.

"How is this possible? What powerful Soul Intent…!" Cold sweat poured from the golden-armored male's back.

He never expected the battle to end before it even started. Zhao Feng only used one glance to defeat everyone else apart from him and the black-and-red-robed elder.

How was this possible? Wasn't he just an Emperor? How could the eye-bloodline technique of an Emperor be effective against Sacred Lords?

The disciples of the Ji Family behind Zhao Feng were stunned. They didn't even need to do anything.

"This…!" Ji Lan was speechless.

Although she expected Zhao Feng's full strength to be extremely high, it wasn't supposed to be like this. The several dozen Emperors and Quasi-Sacred Lords couldn't fight back at all against Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline technique.

Zhao Feng looked at the battlefield. "The power of dispersion is useless against Sacred Lords."

Of course, Zhao Feng's skill was used for its ability to trap enemies and reduce some of their battle-power. Its offensive capabilities weren't very strong.

"Quickly charge! This brat's soul is too strong." The golden-armored male's expression remained the same as he messaged the elder in black-and-red robes.

The elder in red-and-black robes specialized in the soul, so he could fight back against Zhao Feng's Soul eye-bloodline skill.

"Since this brat's soul is so strong, you just need to block his soul attack, and then I can critically damage him with a physical attack," the golden-armored male continued.

"Okay." The elder in black-and-red robes gritted his teeth and turned into a streak of black-and-red fire that shot toward Zhao Feng.

They were two Sacred lords; where would their face go if their entire forces were defeated by Zhao Feng alone?

At the same time, the black-and-red-robed elder's angry voice sounded in the golden-armored male's soul, "Is Sacred Lord Dark Shadow playing with us?"

The golden-armored male's expression became ugly, but there was no way they could retreat at this point.

"You're courting death," Zhao Feng's gaze was cold as he said in a light tone. A surge of fire with purple-and-golden light and G.o.d Tribulation Lightning symbols appeared from his left eye.


A transparent purple-and-golden lightning-fire with a Destructive aura landed on the ball of black-and-red ghost flames.


"Argh…!" The red-and-black-robed elder instantly started to scream. Lightning and fire burned across both his soul and body.

After the Purple Star Tower, Zhao Feng's Soul Intent had become stronger, and his mastery of eye-bloodline techniques had also reached another level. Zhao Feng would be able to severely injure normal Sacred Lords with his Wind Lightning Eye Flame alone.

However, he suddenly charged out.


Zhao Feng circulated the power of his Sacred Lightning Body and made the red-and-black-robed elder cough out blood with just one punch.

A normal Quasi-Sacred Lord would have been killed by Zhao Feng already, but the Sacred Body of a Sacred Lord was different. Their defense against anyone with lower cultivation was extremely strong, and it had very fast recovery speed.

"Ha!" Zhao Feng threw out another punch containing the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning toward the elder's dantian, where his Sacred Power was stored.

When an Emperor became a Sacred Lord, the Crystal Core dimension would turn into a whirlpool of Sacred Power.

Bam! Boom!

The red-and-black-robed elder's figure disappeared from Heaven and Earth. His soul was completely crushed by Zhao Feng's Soul Intent, leaving behind only an interspatial bracelet, which Zhao Feng took into the Misty Spatial World.

Although this elder was a beginning-stage Sacred Lord, his strength was much weaker than Sacred Lord Hundred Refined and company from the Imperial Tombs. This was why Zhao Feng was able to kill a Sacred Lord with his own strength.

The Grand Elder of the Ghost Fire Clan died here, and everyone from the Ji Family shook, including Ji Lan.

A Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord that could call the wind and move clouds in the continent zone had been killed so easily. All of this felt surreal.

Only now did the disciples of the Ji Family understand that they were actually extremely lucky to be able to obtain such plentiful rewards just by coming out for a stroll.

"Grand Elder!" The hearts of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion members started to boil. This was their Grand Elder who crushed enemies with terrifying and overwhelming power.

The golden-armored male was slightly slower in his charge, and he instantly stopped. His hair stood up on end, and there was a surge of Death Intent around him.

How is he so strong!? How is this possible!? How can an Emperor kill a Sacred Lord so easily!? the golden-armored male roared in his heart. Dammit, we were tricked by Sacred Lord Dark Shadow.

The golden-armored male gritted his teeth and spoke after a while, "Zhao Feng, let go of the Eight Star Tower. We are willing to pay the Ocean Smoke Pavilion for its losses and tell you the mastermind's ident.i.ty."

He didn't dare to fight back against Zhao Feng's power anymore.

"There's no need," Zhao Feng said.

The expression of a half-transparent black figure in a hidden place several thousand miles away changed; "Bunch of useless tras.h.!.+ I've been found!"

Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's soul shook as he turned into a dark streak of light and flashed away.

"I'll take care of the Eight Star Tower after I return." Zhao Feng harrumphed coldly as his Wind Lightning True Yuan started to surge, and a pair of Scarlet Wings of Lightning formed.


The pair of wings behind Zhao Feng's back released a surge of scarlet-golden light as he turned into a bolt of lightning and instantly disappeared.

"What speed!" The golden-armored male was completely dazed. He had thought about running away, but all the elders and elites of the Eight Star Demon were present too.

"I actually listened to the Nine Darkness Palace and did such a stupid thing?" The golden-armored male mocked himself with a laugh.

Only at this moment did some of the Quasi-Sacred Lords start to wake up.

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