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Chapter 1033 - Victory

At the edges of the metallic storm of metal, only a small half of a metallic non-human could be seen.


The power of metal faded away and revealed Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' face.

"I think that wasn't a real G.o.d Slaying Arrow or else I would be dead by now!"

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' eyes were dim, and his aura was extremely weak.

"I will definitely take revenge!"

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms gritted his teeth. This was the heaviest injury he had sustained ever since he started cultivating, and it was done by a human Quasi-Sacred Lord.

Furthermore, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms had only broken through to the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm not long ago and hadn't consolidated his foundation yet. He believed that Zhao Feng didn't have any more such treasures, so he would return once he healed.

Hu~~ Weng!

Wind Lightning surrounded Sacred Lord Myriad Forms as he sped off into the sky.

Zhao Feng's left eye obviously saw Sacred Lord Myriad Forms run away, but at this instant, he was also heavily injured and had used up too much of his True Yuan. He might not be able to catch up to Sacred Lord Myriad Forms even if he wanted to keep fighting.

"The power of this substandard G.o.d Slaying Arrow isn't bad."

Zhao Feng nodded his head. Although he hadn't killed Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, who was only at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm, the chance of normal late-stage Mystic Light Realms surviving against this arrow didn't exceed 10%.

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms had only lived because of the Eyes of Myriad Forms and how it could control all physical attacks, attacking and defending at the same time. The sea of flames that the Myriad Forms Dimension had transformed into had weakened the power of the substandard G.o.d Slaying Arrow dramatically. The laws of Yin and Yang at the end were probably the strongest Myriad Forms Power that Sacred Lord Myriad Forms could use.

Zhao Feng immediately drank some Hundred Origin Fruit Juice and some other healing products. At the same time, he circulated his Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and the Soul Recovery Divine Technique to increase the rate of his soul's recovery.

Although the Eyes of Myriad Forms was based on physical attacks, attacks from Sacred Lords could pa.s.s through the physical dimension and reach the soul. This meant that, every time Zhao Feng sustained damage from Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, his soul would also be partially damaged.

The non-humans and humans fighting outside Meng City all paused and looked at the storm of destruction in shock. They were completely stunned and unable to calm down. At that instant, the power made the battlefield turn dark, and many of those with lower cultivation immediately spat out blood and fainted.

"What is happening over there?" Old Ying looked into the distance with a dazed look.

"Brother Zhao, please be okay!" the Ninth Prince prayed in his heart. Although the explosion was extremely terrifying, he still had a tinge of hope.

"Zhao Feng, you can't die!" Tie Hongling was extremely worried. At this point, she had stopped using her bloodline, and her battle-power was decreasing. However, Sacred Lord Anyou had also been injured to a certain degree facing the triple-team attacks.

"Senior Zhao!" The eyes of the three Ji Family disciples couldn't help but become blurry. Zhao Feng had given them many pointers on the way to the battlefield and had taken care of them after arriving. They were extremely grateful.

"Sacred Lord Myriad Forms is using such power? That brat is definitely dead!" The injured Sacred Lord Anyou revealed a look of joy and shock. As soon as Sacred Lord Myriad Forms returned, then everything would come to an end.

"Hmph, your strongest expert has died. You've lost!" The Fifth Serpent Son had a cold expression.

Now that the explosion calmed down, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was about to arrive, and the battle had come to an end. In the Fifth Serpent Son's heart, it was impossible for Sacred Lord Myriad Forms to lose.

On the other hand, the humans were silent. In their heart, the best Zhao Feng could do was stall Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. How could he possibly defeat Sacred Lord Myriad Forms?

"Hahaha, are you talking about me?"

A laugh sounded in the distance in response to the Fifth Serpent Son.

The entire battlefield was stunned as dozens of thousands of gazes looked toward the distance. Fear and panic filled the faces of the non-humans. They had pale-white faces and were stunned.

"Why is it you? Where is Sacred Lord Myriad Forms?"

The Fifth Serpent Son shook as he looked at Zhao Feng in disbelief. Why was it Zhao Feng that returned to the battlefield? This was impossible!

"Even Sacred Lord Myriad Forms…!"

Sacred Lord Anyou spat out a mouthful of blood. Sacred Lord Myriad Forms had reached the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm, but even he had lost.

Many non-humans looked into the distance and waited for Sacred Lord Myriad Forms to appear as well.


Zhao Feng's beast horde started to howl when they saw Zhao Feng return.


The humans all started to cheer as well.

"Zhao Feng returned alive!"

"No, Zhao Feng defeated Sacred Lord Myriad Forms!"

"Captain Zhao Feng!"

Even though these human soldiers saw Zhao Feng return in person, they couldn't believe it was real.

"Senior Zhao!" Ji Tianming and company from the Ji Family instantly called out. Words couldn't explain the excitement in their heart.

"Hehehe, immeasurable!" This was the only evaluation Old Ying could give. Ever since he first met Zhao Feng, he could never see through him.

"Defeat the non-humans!"

Zhao Feng looked at the non-humans on the battlefield with a cold expression. Although Zhao Feng looked very weak right now, he was someone that had defeated Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. Even if he was in a weak state, no one dared to fight against him.

The non-humans were relying on Sacred Lord Myriad Forms too much, so when they lost their pillar of support, their minds crumbled.

"A human needs to have the battle-power of a late-stage Mystic Light Realm at the least to be able to defeat Sacred Lord Myriad Forms!" Sacred Lord Anyou murmured.

A heavily injured late-stage Mystic Light Realm-level fighter would have the battle-power of an initial-stage Mystic Light Realm at the least. Sacred Lord Anyou didn't dare to come to any rash conclusions about Zhao Feng's power.

"Full retreat!" Sacred Lord Anyou gave the order, and the non-humans instantly threw away their helmets and armor as they retreated with full speed.

"Your Highness, let's go!" Sacred Lord Anyou looked at the Fifth Serpent Son.


All of the non-humans instantly started to retreat.

"Captain Zhao Feng, how did you defeat Sacred Lord Myriad Forms?"

"Captain Zhao Feng, come down and heal yourself!"

Many captains looked at Zhao Feng with fiery gazes of admiration.

"Brother Zhao, are you okay!?"

The Ninth Prince came to Zhao Feng's side and didn't bother with the non-humans running away.

Even though Zhao Feng had defeated Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, he must have been heavily injured as well.

From the perspective of the humans, it was already a surprise that they could win at all. Therefore, they didn't really bother with the non-humans that were running away.

Zhao Feng had a deep expression, and a wisp of mental energy flashed through his left eye. The Mark of the G.o.d Eye was set on more than a dozen non-human Emperors.

In the next instant, a dark silver bow appeared in his hand.

Beng~~ Whoos.h.!.+

Zhao Feng suddenly pulled his bowstring, and a scarlet arrow of lightning shot through the air and pierced through the chest of a non-human Emperor.

"I was detained by Sacred Lord Myriad Forms and didn't manage to kill him. I need to obtain some war points!" Zhao Feng said in a low voice, and the captains that were greeting Zhao Feng instantly paused.

The originally thought that Zhao Feng was heavily injured and would only be able to use 20-30% of his full battle-power if he could fight at all. However, a casual blow from Zhao Feng could take away the life of a non-human Emperor.

"Captain Zhao Feng is indeed an unparalleled hero!" a captain said after a while.

"Hahaha, kill the non-humans!" The Ninth Prince roared with laughter.

With Zhao Feng's encouragement, all the humans charged after the non-humans.

"That brat still has the ability to fight?" Sacred Lord Anyou was filled with fear and shock. After Zhao Feng defeated Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, he was still coming out to fight and displayed strong battle-power. This left a solemn mark on the non-humans.

Beng~ Whoos.h.!.+

Zhao Feng pulled his bowstring once more and killed another Emperor.

Zhao Feng had indeed been heavily injured in the fight against Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, but it wasn't as serious as he first imagined. Furthermore, his recovery speed was very fast when relying on the 6th level of the Sacred Lightning Body, his undying body, the Wood of Wind Lightning, and the Water of Wind Lightning. In terms of the soul, he had also cultivated the Soul Recovery Divine Technique.

"Brother Zhao, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, he…?" the Ninth Prince messaged Zhao Feng.

"Ran away!" Zhao Feng replied simply.

The Ninth Prince nodded his head after hearing what Zhao Feng said. It would too incredulous if Zhao Feng managed to kill Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. Even if he reported that to the Lan Province War Hall, no one would believe him.

"Zhao Feng, your war points this time are going to be big!" the Ninth Prince said with a smile. The Ninth Prince had obviously heard Zhao Feng talk about obtaining war points.

"Firstly, your beast horde did a very good job helping the low and middle echelons."

The war points gained from the work of beast hordes was obviously added to Zhao Feng, who was their owner. Zhao Feng had forgotten about this.

"On top of that, although you didn't manage to kill Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, you forced him away and determined the final outcome. The war points from that won't be lower than killing a Sacred Lord!" the Ninth Prince continued.

After all, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms had broken through to the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm, and his battle-power was even stronger than his cultivation would suggest.

Zhao Feng paused for a moment after hearing what the Ninth Prince said. If it was calculated that way, it would be quite good.

There were many ways to obtain war points on the battlefield. Even though Zhao Feng didn't kill Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, he would still obtain war points on the level of killing a Sacred Lord.

The humans didn't chase for too long and soon returned to the city. After all, the Ninth Prince was still the one at the disadvantage, and they weren't at their peak state.

The Ninth Prince immediately reported their takeover of Meng City as well as this battle to the Lan Province War Hall after they returned to Meng City.

The reinforcements that the Ninth Prince had requested arrived at Meng City three days later.

"Your Highness Crown Prince, you managed to defeat the non-humans?"

The newcomer was a Sacred Lord from the Thirteenth Prince's city. Since the situation was urgent, no one knew what would happen. Therefore, the Ninth Prince could only ask for help from whoever was closest.

"Hehe, I was just lucky." The Ninth Prince gave a faint smile. He acted like he was extremely busy and that he didn't have time to interact with this Sacred Lord.

The Ninth Prince hadn't sent his request for reinforcements to the Thirteenth Prince, and no one from any other city had come. It was obvious that his request for reinforcements had been stopped by the Thirteenth Prince's forces, and the Thirteenth Prince would obviously not send reinforcements to the Ninth Prince quickly.

"As expected of Your Highness Crown Prince! Your destiny reaches the heavens!" the Sacred Lord said respectfully, but in reality, he was stunned.

According to the information that the Ninth Prince had sent, the person that came to attack was Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. How could the Ninth Prince have protected the city?

However, this Sacred Lord didn't ask too much. He just returned to the Thirteenth Prince's stronghold with the troops he brought along.

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