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Chapter 1044 - Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit

Stealing Black Screen Corner's business and giving out plentiful rewards for the tasks were the main point. The rewards that Zhao Feng gave out would definitely be something that others couldn't, and that would make countless experts go after it.

Zhao Feng's figure disappeared after Supreme Emperor Dark Night and the black-armored Sacred Lord left.

Zhao Feng carefully approached the depths of the forest in the Ancient Dream Realm. The original see-through ability of his left eye was heavily restricted in the Ancient Dream Realm, but after his left eye turned gold and gained the Light of Dispersion, he could see into the depths of the forest.

A clear pond lay in the middle of the forest. The water was gathered from a mountain behind it. Several dozen Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers rested around the pond.

It was at this moment that Zhao Feng realized that the Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger he killed before was one of the weakest individuals. Zhao Feng could feel the terrifying fierce aura just by looking at two of the largest Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers.


One of the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers seemed to sense something and looked toward Zhao Feng's direction.

Zhao Feng immediately moved away his gaze and concealed his aura.

"The strength of this Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger is at least comparable to the late-stage Mystic Light Realm!" Zhao Feng murmured in his heart. However, in reality, the cultivation of these Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers was only at the early-stage Mystic Light Realm.

Zhao Feng circled the area where the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers were resting and inspected them for a short while before finally taking action.

Zhao Feng set his target on a Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger that had left the pack. At a certain moment, Zhao Feng released a wisp of his aura, and that Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger left the pack and headed toward Zhao Feng.

"This time, it'll be you!"

Zhao Feng immediately circulated the Sacred Lightning Body and perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline as he charged at this Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger.

With the experience from last time, Zhao Feng could deal with this Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger more easily. He knew the rhythm of battle and attacked the Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger's flaws.

The Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger sensed Zhao Feng's power and was about to run when it sensed the strong surge of eye-bloodline power coming from Zhao Feng's left eye.

"Wind Lightning Eye Flame!"

Purple-and-gold fire appeared in Zhao Feng's left eye. The dark symbols of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning also glittered within it.


A ball of transparent fire and purple-golden lightning with the Destructive aura of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning landed on the Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger's head. This was the moment when the Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger was weakest, and Zhao Feng immediately charged forward and unleashed a critical attack.


Zhao Feng returned to the Misty Spatial World with the dead Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat, who was sleeping, immediately woke up with s.h.i.+ning eyes and started to drool.

"No, this Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger has other uses!"

Zhao Feng immediately stopped what the little thieving cat was thinking about.

In the end, Zhao Feng made the little thieving cat cut the Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger into small pieces, and he gave one of the wings to the little thieving cat. Zhao Feng then left the Ocean Smoke Pavilion branch and went on his way.

He soon arrived at his destination with the help of the Misty Spatial World and the teleportation arrays within the cities.

Long Rainbow City, Saint Herb Pavilion:

"Welcome! Are there any herbs or pills you need?" An elegant female in green immediately came forward.

Zhao Feng then headed toward the eighth floor of the Saint Herb Pavilion, where several Emperors were picking herbs or pills.

"Zhou Su'er, I'm coming up!" Zhao Feng said before heading up the steps to the ninth floor.

"Who is this young person? He can go directly to the ninth floor!?"

"The owner here is an imperial!"

"Gold hair and a golden eye… could it be Zhao Feng!?"

The Emperors on the eighth floor were stunned. Now that the two lord dynasties were at war, all of the forces and experts paid attention to the front lines, and most had personally partic.i.p.ated in the war at some point.

Therefore, the fame that Zhao Feng obtained from defeating Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was even higher than the fame he had received in the Crown Prince trial.

Zhou Su'er's voice sounded the instant he arrived on the ninth floor.

"I thought that you would never come back here!"

Zhou Su'er's voice seemed to be blaming him.

"I've come for your help this time!" Zhao Feng said, and Zhou Su'er's eyebrows furrowed as she stared at Zhao Feng. It was obvious that Zhao Feng had hurt her feelings.

"What is it?" Zhou Su'er sighed.

She knew that Zhao Feng was the Grand Elder of a force and was extremely busy. He was also fighting at the front lines not long ago. Furthermore, there was still a feud between Zhao Feng and Nine Darkness Palace, so he didn't exactly have much free time.

"I have a type of beast flesh, and I want to refine it into a pill!" Zhao Feng said.

"Easy peasy!" Zhou Su'er replied.

The most precious parts of beasts were some special materials and the Crystal Core. However, the flesh of some beasts was also extremely unique and contained a pure energy within them. It was more suitable to craft them into pills for cultivators to use them.

"I need the pills to be of a certain grade."

Zhao Feng was planning to use the pills refined by the flesh of the Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger to be given out as rewards for

The would target a wide range of people, including Kings and even Sacred Lords. Therefore, it was best to split the pills into tiers.

"So troublesome! Give the body of the beast to me!"

Zhou Su'er was curious as to what kind of rare beast Zhao Feng obtained. After all, Zhao Feng was an expert that specialized in body-strengthening, and his state of existence had reached the level of a Mystic Light Realm. The flesh of normal beasts wasn't effective for him.

Zhao Feng handed over an interspatial ring. If he took out the Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger directly, other experts might sense the aura from it.

Zhou Su'er put her Divine Sense into the interspatial ring after looking at the mysterious and secretive Zhao Feng.

"This is…!"

Zhou Su'er was completely stunned. Being a doctor, she could feel the pure aura coming from the Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger. However, since this beast had been cut up already, she couldn't tell what it was.

"What a strong surge of ancient aura…." Zhou Su'er immediately said.

The ancient aura radiating from it was several times stronger than the aura from the Imperial Tombs.

"There's also an ancient bloodline aura from it. Did you kill an original beast with an ancient bloodline!?" Zhou Su'er exclaimed as she felt her bloodline tremble.

The Cloud Silkworm Saint b.u.t.terfly was an original beast with an ancient bloodline. They were extremely valuable; no one would kill them to refine them into pills.

"It's just a beast that has a bloodline ranked in the nine thousands of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races!" Zhao Feng explained.

Zhou Su'er started to calm down. A beast with such a low bloodline ranking was indeed not very useful, but the thick and pure ancient bloodline and energy from it still stunned her.

"Stay here for a while. I've never refined an original beast with a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races before. I need to ask my teacher…." Zhou Su'er explained to Zhao Feng before leaving the Saint Herb Pavilion.

Zhao Feng nodded his head. He had only taken a small portion of the Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger's bloodline himself. Most of the Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger's bloodline was still within its body in order to upgrade the pills' rank.

Zhao Feng stayed in the Saint Herb Pavilion after Zhou Su'er left.

"One Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger is nowhere near enough!"

The pills refined from one Golden Winged Scarlet Tiger might be able to attract the attention of, but it definitely wouldn't be able to keep them. Therefore, Zhao Feng would occasionally enter the Ancient Dream Realm and find chances to attract away another one or two Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers.

Half a month pa.s.sed, and Zhao Feng successfully managed to kill two more Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers.

However, at this point, the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers realized Zhao Feng's actions, and all of them gathered around the pond. If they went out, they went together, so it was much more difficult for Zhao Feng to kill them.

"I wonder what kind of uses that pond has?"

Zhao Feng looked at the clear pond from the forest with his transparency ability.

The pond definitely had something unique about it for several dozen Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers to rest there.

Zhao Feng suddenly sensed something and left the Ancient Dream Realm. Two figures soon entered the ninth floor of the Saint Herb Pavilion.

One of them was Zhou Su'er, while the other was an old granny with white hair and kind eyes.

"Zhao Feng, the pills are done!"

Two jade white bottles appeared in Zhou Su'er's hand.

Zhao Feng took the bottles and scanned over them with his left eye. The two bottles were indeed of different grades, but they were much better than what he expected.

"One of the bottles consists of Spiritual Blood Core Pills, which is made from the flesh. The other consists of Blood Essence Pills, which are made mainly from the bloodline with a small amount of flesh in it!" the granny with white hair explained to Zhao Feng.

"This is my master, Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit!" Zhou Su'er introduced.

"May I ask why Senior is here?"

Zhao Feng smiled faintly as he looked at the granny with white hair.

Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit was one of the continent's top doctors. While she focused on the Dao of Healing, she had also become a Sacred Lord. From this, one could see how talented she was.

A Sacred Doctor would definitely not come here in person if they didn't have a reason.

At the same time, Zhao Feng guessed that these pills might have been refined by Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit herself, or else the grade wouldn't be so high.

"Does Little Friend Zhao have more of these bloodlines? I'm willing to buy them for a high price!" Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit said.

One had to know that a favor from a Sacred Doctor in the continent zone was very valuable. Countless forces and experts stood behind a Sacred Doctor.

Zhou Su'er clicked her tongue. She knew that Zhao Feng didn't have any simple intentions by taking out that flesh.

"Original beasts of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races are too rare!" Zhao Feng replied, but he didn't decline.

"Does Little Friend Zhao have any other requests?" Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit continued to ask. When she had personally refined these pills, she could feel that some of the bloodline power within the flesh had been taken away by Zhao Feng.

Although she had refined some of the bloodline as well, she hadn't done much. After all, she was a Sacred Doctor famous across the continent. She wouldn't make it very obvious that she was stealing resources and using less effort.

However, Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit was stunned by what she managed to refine through this bloodline. The purity of this Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline was incredibly high. Even if it was an original beast from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races that had survived from ancient times, its bloodline shouldn't have been so pure.

"Yes, I want to invite Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit to refine pills for the Hall of G.o.ds for ten years!" Zhao Feng said with a faint smile.

Ten years of a Sacred Doctor's service was far more valuable than a hundred years of service from some other Sacred Lord expert.

Zhou Su'er shook her head after the surprise pa.s.sed. Her master, Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit, didn't belong to any force, and she had rejected offers even from the imperials.

"Hehe, may I know what Little Friend Zhao can give me?"

Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit gave a faint smile. She hadn't heard of the Hall of G.o.ds before, but that didn't matter.

Zhou Su'er paused for a moment. If a normal person said that to Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit, she would decline them right away and wouldn't refine pills for them in the future. However, this time, her master didn't decline and instead seemed to be interested.

Zhao Feng took out an interspatial ring and then spoke, "Senior should know what kind of beast this flesh comes from, right?"

Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit took the interspatial ring and scanned through it with her Divine Sense. She instantly became dazed. It was obvious that her entire focus was on the interspatial ring.

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