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Chapter 1092 - Pursuit of a DemiG.o.d

"You must be Zhao Feng!"

The non-human DemiG.o.d looked at Zhao Feng with killing intent, but he didn't make any rash movements because there were many human experts present. He knew the Sacred Kings from the Grand Imperial Hall as well. If all these human experts teamed up, DemiG.o.d Ferocity wouldn't be able to do anything to Zhao Feng and Kun Yun, and he would have to leave.

After all, a DemiG.o.d was just an extrpowerful Sacred King. The only difference was that they had touched the domain of Divine Power or that their Intent had reached the level of a True G.o.d.

"Zhao Feng, you have a feud with DemiG.o.d Ferocity?" Kun Yun paused before looking at Zhao Feng.

"Kun Yun, don't even think about getting any rewards this time!" Zhao Feng said in a cold manner.

Kun Yun felt extremely helpless; he didn't know this would happen. Although Kun Yun had obtained a lot of fortune within the G.o.d corpse, none of it solved his problem of becoming a G.o.d, so Kun Yun badly needed the resources that Zhao Feng had.

The human Sacred Lords nearby felt that the situation was becoming bad and started to gather together. Only Sacred Kings would be able to fight back against this non-human DemiG.o.d, but luckily, there were several human Sacred Kings present, and three of them were from the Grand Imperial Hall. Therefore, almost all of the human Sacred Lords started to gather toward the Grand Imperial Hall's group in order to seek protection.

The three Sacred Kings and Sacred King Earth Ghost in front of Zhao Feng started to think. They could obviously tell that DemiG.o.d Ferocity had a feud with Zhao Feng, but since they were all humans, they should team up and fight against DemiG.o.d Ferocity together. However, if they did that, it would mean helping Zhao Feng. Furthermore, after helping Zhao Feng get rid of the danger, they wouldn't dare to take action against him.

"Retreat!" Sacred King Feather Spirit led the group and started to move away from Zhao Feng.

"The Grand Imperial Hall has a feud with Zhao Feng… they're planning to give him up!"

"So what? As long as we can survive, everything's okay. That's a non-human DemiG.o.d! We need to rely on the power of the Grand Imperial Hall!"

The nearby human Sacred Lords obviously knew what the Sacred Kings of the Grand Imperial Hall were thinking. Although they thought that humans should team up at this moment and fight against the non-humans, they didn't dare say that to the Sacred Kings of the Grand Imperial Hall.

"Hehe, the Grand Imperial Hall really knows what's good for them!" DemiG.o.d Ferocity laughed gruesomely. When he arrived, he could tell that there was a problem between Zhao Feng and the experts of the Grand Imperial Hall. However, from the looks of it, this problem was much bigger than he thought. At the critical moment, the Grand Imperial Hall actually gave up on Zhao Feng and company.

"You two of you can go die!" DemiG.o.d Ferocity suddenly stepped forward.


Heaven and Earth shook as limitless Intent started to circulate, and a terrifying wisp of Divine Power exploded in the air. DemiG.o.d Ferocity instantly arrived before Kun Yun and Zhao Feng and released a devastating pressure against them.


Golden light flashed around Kun Yun's body as mysterious golden talismans radiated a terrifying physical power that filled the sky.

Zhao Yufei and Nan Gongsheng weren't DemiG.o.d Ferocity's match. Although they bore less pressure and aura, they felt like they were in a swamp while being crushed by a mountain. It was extremely hard for them to even breathe.

"This is a DemiG.o.d expert!" Zhao Feng activated the Blood Devil Sun bloodline and the Sacred Lightning Body as he barely managed to speak. Although the trio had made improvements within the crystal dimension, that was only in terms of Intent. They still felt infinitely small against the pressure of a DemiG.o.d.

"Run!" Zhao Feng immediately said.


Two powers spread from Zhao Feng's back. One was black and chaotic while the other was purple and profound. Zhao Feng used the power of his two Little World projections in order to fight back against the pressure of this DemiG.o.d.

Zhao Yufei obviously knew that DemiG.o.d Ferocity was only targeting Kun Yun and Zhao Feng, but she wouldn't leave Zhao Feng.


Zhao Yufei's body started to burn, and she seemed to turn into a meteor that moved the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby.

"Dammit!" Nan Gongsheng felt helpless. Although DemiG.o.d Ferocity's targets were only Kun Yun and Zhao Feng, he couldn't separate from Zhao Feng or else he would have the face the experts from the Grand Imperial Hall alone.


A chaotic purple divine light also surged out from Nan Gongsheng's body.

The trio released a total of four Little World projections. The power was enough to make older Sacred King experts retreat.


Part of DemiG.o.d Ferocity's Intent was pushed aside by these four powerful Little Worlds, and Kun Yun instantly felt a lot better as he faced DemiG.o.d Ferocity at the front.

"Sky Sealing Palm!" Kun Yun activated his physical strength and slowly thrust out several dozen palms.

Hu! Hu!

The several dozen golden palms merged into Heaven and Earth and seemed to completely disappear, but in reality, the power of this palm technique hit DemiG.o.d Ferocity's invisible Intent and sealed part of its power. At the same time, it also cut off the connection between DemiG.o.d Ferocity and his Intent.

"Go!" Kun Yun followed Zhao Feng and company and tried to escape using this chance.

"Hmph, none of you should even dare to think about running away this time!" DemiG.o.d Ferocity was slightly surprised. The combined forces of these four actually blocked his Intent. However, he was still happy because the other humans hadn't helped Kun Yun or Zhao Feng. This meant that he could kill Kun Yun and Zhao Feng while rescuing Sacred Lord Myriad Forms at the same time.

The other Sacred Lords were still dazed after Kun Yun, Zhao Feng, and DemiG.o.d Ferocity left.

"They can actually fight back against a DemiG.o.d!?" someone exclaimed in shock. Indeed, Kun Yun and the three Sacred Lords just managed to escape from a DemiG.o.d.

"It's just because of Kun Yun. Kun Yun used to be a DemiG.o.d himself!" An early-stage Sacred Lord didn't seem to find it very surprising. Kun Yun played a very important role in their escape. Kun Yun's Intent was very strong, but it was still a bit off compared to a DemiG.o.d. However, although the power of Zhao Feng and company was weak, it allowed Kun Yun to let out a breath and unleash the Sky Sealing Palm.

"Hmph, I don't believe they can survive the pursuit of a DemiG.o.d!" Sacred King Feather Spirit harrumphed. He only felt unwilling that Zhao Feng wasn't going to die by his own hands.

"I'll be leaving now!" Sacred King Earth Ghost felt slightly uneasy and parted with the Sacred Kings of the Grand Imperial Hall. He originally thought that, after teaming up with the Grand Imperial Hall, he would definitely be able to kill Zhao Feng, but such a strange accident happened.

Although he also thought that Zhao Feng would definitely be killed by the DemiG.o.d, Sacred King Earth Ghost felt uneasy that he wouldn't be able to personally confirm Zhao Feng's death.

Zhao Feng, Kun Yun, and company sped through the pathways of the crystal maze.

"Kun Yun, you take the back!" Zhao Feng said directly. Kun Yun really wanted to curse at Zhao Feng, but he could only do as asked. Of the four present, he was the only one that could block the attacks from the DemiG.o.d behind them.

Kun Yun also found that Zhao Feng and company were becoming stronger very quickly. If the four of them teamed up, they might be able to block DemiG.o.d Ferocity, but if any one of the other three died, the situation would turn nasty. Therefore, Kun Yun had to take the back in order for this to not happen.

"Sky Ferocity Blast!" Mystic Light Sacred Power that contained a wisp of Divine Power surged from DemiG.o.d Ferocity's body.


The image of a dark brown elephant appeared around him. The giant elephant roared and unleashed a blast that pa.s.sed through the mental and physical dimensions.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The terrifying blast left behind a line of cracks on the cramped crystal paths.

"Sky Sealing Eighteen Palms!" Kun Yun roared as he completely unleashed his bloodline power.

Hu! Hu!

Golden light flashed around his body. His soul and DemiG.o.d Intent merged together as he unleashed eighteen golden palms that thrust toward the wave of destruction.

"f.u.c.king Kun Yun!" DemiG.o.d Ferocity couldn't help but curse as he felt the power of his attack start to weaken. Kun Yun would use this profound technique every time to weaken the attack before using his powerful body, Intent, and defensive secret techniques to block the attack head-on. If that wasn't the case, Kun Yun would have been killed long ago.


Kun Yun managed to take DemiG.o.d Ferocity's attack head-on after it was weakened by his Sky Sealing Palm and the Little Worlds of Zhao Feng and company.

"Little thieving cat!" Zhao Feng started to communicate with the little thieving cat that was hidden in the Misty Spatial World. Zhao Feng had seen how strong the short black blade was; it could easily slice through the crystals that even DemiG.o.ds couldn't destroy. Thus, it definitely had the power to kill a DemiG.o.d.

The little thieving cat immediately waved its paws and shook its head. The little thieving cat signaled that it had used up too much energy and couldn't use the power of the short black blade. At the same time, it also rejected handing over the short black blade.

Zhao Feng felt helpless, but according to his inspections, the little thieving cat was indeed feeling weak. It didn't seem as if it was lying to him.

Weng~~ Boom! Boom!

While the attacks from DemiG.o.d Ferocity were blocked, DemiG.o.d Ferocity soon managed to catch up since he was much faster than them.

"Let's attack together and force him back!" Zhao Feng immediately said.

Attack a DemiG.o.d!?

The hearts of Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei slightly shook, and they felt excited.

"Sky Trembling Fist!" Kun Yun laughed as he activated his physical strength bloodline. He condensed limitless power into his fists and punched out. A ball of blazing golden light that radiated a heaven-shaking force shot toward DemiG.o.d Ferocity.

"Evil Demon Chaotic Sky!"

"Spiritual Glory Purple Light!"

Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei also used their most powerful skills.

"Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm!" Zhao Feng merged the power of his Little World of Wind Lightning and his Physical Force Lightning Domain into his palms and unleashed a bolt of materialized scarlet-golden lightning.

Zhao Feng condensed this attack to the maximum so that it wouldn't hit the walls.

"You dare to fight back?" DemiG.o.d Ferocity's expression froze.


A giant tattered dark red axe appeared in DemiG.o.d Ferocity's hand. Although tattered, it gave off a fierce aura.

"Sky Ferocity Slas.h.!.+"

DemiG.o.d Ferocity was slightly angry as he slashed out with the weapon in his hand. Arcs of red light instantly crushed the attacks coming at him.

He originally thought that he could easily kill Zhao Feng, who was only at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm, but Zhao Feng had two peers with him, and the strength of the trio had exceeded his expectations. Adding on Kun Yun, they were indeed slightly troublesome.

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