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Chapter 1161 - Powerful Blow

Several dozen thousand experts in the Exchange Spiritual Hall looked at the battle on the arena quietly. The fight for the Exchange Spiritual Hall this time was different from the past; two geniuses of the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race had directly defeated all the other experts. The one that caught the most attention was obviously Gu Lan, the lone and proud expert of the Sword Dao!

"What a powerful Sword Intent!"

"Is this the strength of an expert that cultivates the Dao of the Sword? He's already become one with the sword!"

Countless experts watching were amazed by Gu Lan's performance. There were many experts that cultivated the Dao of the Sword as well, and they identified Gu Lan's current level.

"That person…? How is this possible!?" The patriarch of the Shark Tooth Race looked at the human in disbelief. They obviously knew a bit about Gu Lan and that he was brought from another dimension to the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds, but how could he be so strong? The geniuses that the Shark Tooth Race trained were nothing in front of him.

"He's too strong!" Those from the Emerald Green Feather Race admitted defeat.

It looked like the owner of this Exchange Spiritual Hall would be the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race again. As time progressed, the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf would only become stronger, and they would throw off the other four-star forces.

"This brat isn't bad!" True G.o.d Guili revealed a faint smile when he looked at Gu Lan.

It was obvious that everyone had forgotten about Zhao Feng. Gu Lan was just too strong and too eye-catching. Of all the geniuses present, only Xi Feng could suppress him.

Zhao Feng only had the cultivation of a peak-stage Mystic Light Realm, and he was only still on the arena because he didn't attack Gu Lan, or maybe Gu Lan was just too disdainful to attack Zhao Feng. The geniuses from all the other races couldn't even block one sword of his, so this weak human from the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race wasn't worthy of Gu Lan even raising his sword.

"Zhao Feng!" The expressions of those from the Blazing Sheep Golden Sheep Race tightened. They didn't expect the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race to have such a strong expert of the Dao of the Sword. They didn't know whether Zhao Feng could handle it or not.

"Looks like the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race wins again!" True G.o.d Guili on the eastern stone stand faintly nodded his head.

"Congratulations, patriarch of the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race!"

"I hope that the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race will be eternally prosperous!"

Although the other races didn't like the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race, they still had smiles on their faces.

"The compet.i.tion hasn't ended yet, right?" a voice suddenly sounded on the arena.

Zhao Feng was extremely unhappy. He hadn't lost yet and was still standing on the arena, but they had declared the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race the victor already.

Everyone started to laugh when they heard what Zhao Feng said.

"How can the human from the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race be so dumb? Does he think he's Gu Lan's match?"

"He probably wants to regain some face. After all, he hasn't done anything since this fight started!"

The nearby experts and spectators mocked.

"Zhao Feng, you're not Gu Lan's match. Furthermore, still there's two geniuses of my race on the arena!" The Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race patriarch laughed. Zhao Feng had killed clansmen from the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race, and now the patriarch was going to make Zhao Feng lose without even fighting, making a fool of him in front of several dozen thousand people.

However, Gu Lan's eyes had been locked onto Zhao Feng ever since the start, and the sword in his hand still radiated a cold light.

"Hahaha, it wouldn't matter even if every genius of the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race was here!" Zhao Feng looked at the patriarch of the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race with cold eyes and laughed.

Back when he came to sell his items in the auction hall, the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race had tried to kill him. Zhao Feng obviously hadn't forgotten about this. They were the auctioneers, but they had done something so shameless. If Zhao Feng wasn't strong enough, he would have been killed by Lu Wei's arrow already.

Besides, it was time for Zhao Feng to spread his name. Apart from the Sky Feather Island Lord, there was n.o.body he needed to be scared of.

"What did you say?" The patriarch of the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race immediately stood up and radiated a terrifyingly cold aura. Frost instantly appeared on the people not far from him, and they immediately retreated backward.

"This person is so All the geniuses of the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race aren't his match?"

"I think he's become an idiot after being scared by Gu Lan's strength and is just talking nonsense!"

Some people mocked.

No matter what was said, the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race was one of the five strongest races in Sky Feather Island, so Zhao Feng's words were rather

"Patriarch of the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race, there are still three people on the arena. Do you think you've won already? Are you ignoring the existence of the judge?" Zhao Feng wasn't scared by the enraged Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race patriarch at all, and he even used True G.o.d Guili, who stood on the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race's side.

Although True G.o.d Guili was biased toward the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race, the rules were still there, and they were set by the Sky Feather Island Lord. No matter what, he couldn't go against the rules or else he would be slapping the Sky Feather Island Lord's face.

"Sit down!" True G.o.d Guili's expression turned cold.

The patriarch of the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race was enraged, but he could only sit down and glare at Zhao Feng with cold eyes.

"Let the fight continue!" True G.o.d Guili said. He didn't say, "Begin the second stage," he just said, "Continue." His meaning was very clear - he was telling the geniuses of the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race to quickly finish off Zhao Feng. There was no need to enter the second stage.

After True G.o.d Guili said this, the entire Exchange Spiritual Hall became quiet. Everyone was waiting for Zhao Feng's expression when he was defeated. Even some people from the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race were mocked by the other races nearby.

"Go down!" Gu Lan told the other genius from the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race.

"Yes!" This genius jumped off. He only partic.i.p.ated in order to help Gu Lan obtain victory. Gu Lan could defeat Zhao Feng in one sword, so there was no point in him staying behind.

However, what Gu Lan said next surprised him and everyone else.

"You are very strong, so I left you till last. I shall be your opponent!" Gu Lan, who was usually cold and didn't speak much, spoke a lot this time.

This wasn't the key point though. The key point was what he meant. Gu Lan, who had defeated all the other DemiG.o.d geniuses, said that Zhao Feng was very strong. At the very least, the word "strong" meant that Zhao Feng was stronger than the geniuses that were defeated.

"I need to thank you for sending away those useless people!" Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

Gu Lan reminded him of Yu Tianhao, but Gu Lan liked to fight even more. Only the sword and fighting were in his eyes; he didn't think about anything else.

"What? Useless people?" The geniuses around the arena that had been defeated by Gu Lan instantly became red in the face. There was nothing they could say after being defeated by Gu Lan, but now, even a peak-stage Mystic Light Realm was mocking them?

"Take this sword!" Gu Lan waved the sword of ice in his hand and radiated a powerful cold battle-intent from his eyes.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Surges of invisible Sword Intent merged with the element of Ice around Gu Lan and formed a sword of ice that gave off an aura of destruction.

"So strong! Is this his true strength?"

"So, he was preserving his strength before!"

The geniuses that were crushed by Gu Lan were stunned and didn't know how they should feel. Facing such a strong Gu Lan, Zhao Feng would certainly be defeated, and his outcome would be even worse than theirs.

"Ice Heart Sword!" Gu Lan instantly controlled the sword of ice and merged the ice from Heaven and Earth into his sword.


Gu Lan was like a sword himself as he stabbed toward Zhao Feng. A cold Sword Intent that penetrated forward unstoppably shot toward Zhao Feng. Those standing behind Zhao Feng instantly felt their souls start to become injured, and they immediately fled.

"Good!" Praise appeared from Zhao Feng's eyes. In his eyes, DemiG.o.ds were too weak, so he didn't take this compet.i.tion to heart. He didn't expect to meet such a strong DemiG.o.d that cultivated the Dao of the Sword here.


Dark yellow symbols of lightning flashed around Zhao Feng's body, and the Metal of Wind Lightning appeared around his hand.

"Wind Lightning Raging Finger!" Zhao Feng circulated his Metal of Wind Lightning and pointed out.

The power of the Wind Lightning Raging Finger was several times stronger when used with the Metal of Wind Lightning. Furthermore, Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body contained some power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning that was also merged into the attack.


The invisible Intent of the ice sword in the air was instantly sliced apart by Zhao Feng's golden finger.

"Defeat!" Zhao Feng released the ancient bloodline Divine Power in his index finger.


An explosion of golden light erupted.


Gu Lan was thrown off the arena, and his sword of ice was cut in two.

Gu Lan was defeated in just one move!

The spectators were dead-silent as they looked at this scene with bulging eyes. None of them would have ever thought that the Zhao Feng they ignored would manage to defeat Gu Lan in just one move! They didn't even see how Zhao Feng defeated Gu Lan because his move was too incredible.

"This isn't possible!"

"How can Gu Lan lose to someone like him?"

The geniuses that were crushed by Gu Lan were stunned, and they looked at Zhao Feng in a daze. The genius from the Emerald Green Feather Race that was about to attack Zhao Feng at the very beginning felt his heart twitch. If it wasn't for Gu Lan attracting their attention, he would have been instantly defeated by Zhao Feng.

Below the arena, Gu Lan slowly got up and looked coldly at Zhao Feng. He had never been defeated so utterly. Furthermore, he had lost to someone that had lower cultivation than him. However, Gu Lan had to admit Zhao Feng was very strong.

The patriarch of the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race stood up after the shock pa.s.sed.

"This isn't possible! What kind of devious method did you use!?" The patriarch of the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race had a cold expression.

Gu Lan's strength was greater than normal Rank One True G.o.ds, but Zhao Feng managed to defeat him in just one move. Could Zhao Feng's strength have reached the level of a Rank Two True G.o.d? This was impossible. If this was true, he couldn't allow Zhao Feng to live.

Zhao Feng looked coldly at the patriarch of the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race. I must have used some sort of devious method to defeat Gu Lan?

Gu Lan also revealed a disdainful expression. He only just arrived in the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds and didn't know anything, so he agreed to join this compet.i.tion. He had no feelings for the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race.

True G.o.d Guili on the eastern stage also paused for a moment. He didn't expect this normal golden-haired youth to be the strongest.

The Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race was extremely excited. They didn't expect Zhao Feng to win so quickly and so simply. In just the short span of one year, Zhao Feng's strength had increased dramatically.

"This person…!" Hatred flashed through Xi Feng's eyes. The more excellent and stronger Zhao Feng was, the worse Xi Feng felt.

Right at this moment, the patriarch of the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race sent a message to True G.o.d Guili; "True G.o.d Guili, if you can help me obtain this Exchange Spiritual Hall, I'm willing to give you 60% of the profit generated over the next one thousand years."

True G.o.d Guili revealed a cold smile and sent Xi Feng a message.

"Okay, Martial Uncle, don't forget that!" Xi Feng revealed an excited look before fiercely glaring at Zhao Feng.

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