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Chapter 1170 - G.o.d Realm Sacred Land

Zhao Feng sat on the peak of a mountain within the Ancient Dream Realm. Lightning and golden light flashed around his body. Several precious resources and G.o.d Crystals were placed in front of him and were being absorbed into his Sacred Power Whirlpool.

The bright golden sun in the distance radiated fiery rays of light into Zhao Feng's body, which increased his cultivation speed.

At a certain moment, Zhao Feng's body released a bolt of golden lightning that left behind countless scorch marks around him.


The Metal of Wind Lightning around Zhao Feng's body became brighter and brighter until it released an eye-piercing golden light. At this moment, Zhao Feng was like a golden sun that clashed against the sun in the sky, but the light radiating from Zhao Feng started to slowly fade away and retreat into Zhao Feng's body.

"The Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique has broken through to the late stages of the Metal of Wind Lightning!" Zhao Feng's eyes lit up as he let out a breath.

"But this strength is still not enough!"

Although his Metal of Wind Lightning had progressed, Zhao Feng didn't reveal too much joy. Although he was cultivating in the Ancient Dream Realm without issue, he still knew of all the dangers in the outside world.

There was currently no one around the Sky Feather Island Lord's territory, but Zhao Feng knew these people were just hiding, including True G.o.d Guisha and the Sky Feather Island Lord himself.

It could be said that, at this point in time, Zhao Feng was surrounded by every expert in Sky Feather Island. Once he went out, he would be attacked by all these experts. Even a Rank Five True G.o.d would be killed.

However, there was still a chance of hope; Zhao Feng had thought of two options already.

The first was for Zhao Feng to break through to the Heavenly Divine Realm. He would be able to become a Rank Two True G.o.d at the least, and then Zhao w.a.n.g and Zhao Wan could break through to the Heavenly Divine Realm as well. Once they all broke through to the Heavenly Divine Realm and consolidated their cultivation, they might be able to charge out and escape.

The second option was to spend a lot of resources on the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon and help it recover its strength. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was comparable to an Ancient G.o.d at its peak, so it was obviously very strong. It didn't put a measly Sky Feather Island Lord in its eyes.

However, these two options both had great downsides. The first option meant that Zhao Feng and his two clones would lose a lot of their potential, meaning that their martial path in the future would be more difficult. The second option would bring danger to Zhao Feng; after all, it would be much easier for the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon to escape from his control the stronger it was.

"I'll just increase my strength first. There should still be other methods!" Zhao Feng stopped thinking about it for now. He thought of another option just now, but it had even worse side-effects, so Zhao Feng decided to think while cultivating. He would just have to choose the option with the weakest side-effects if he couldn't think of something better.


A pair of golden wings of lightning formed behind Zhao Feng's back.


Zhao Feng turned into a streak of golden light that disappeared into the sky.

There were many aspects that Zhao Feng could improve right now. Apart from the Metal of Wind Lightning that had just broken through, there was also his Sacred Lightning Body, his eye-bloodline techniques, his Metal Lightning Light Wings Technique, and the G.o.d blood in his index finger.

Zhao Feng spent every day in the Ancient Dream Realm cultivating and improving himself. In the blink of an eye, half a year pa.s.sed, but the True G.o.d experts of Sky Feather Island still guarded outside. Half a year was nothing for True G.o.d experts; of the True G.o.d experts present, most of them were over fifty thousand years old.

However, at this moment, no one from Sky Feather Island knew that the other areas of the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds were in utter shock. A storm was sweeping through everyone, from the bigger forces to the smaller forces.

In a dazzling golden blue palace in Blue Ocean Bay:


A s.h.i.+ning white pathway appeared on an old stone stand. It radiated an ancient aura that seemed to be even purer than the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds.

"The Wild Ancient secret dimension has successfully connected!" An old but bright voice resounded across Heaven and Earth, causing the nearby powerful figures to shake.

The voice just now was the Patriarch of the Golden Jade Race, Ancient G.o.d Light Jade.

At this moment, several old True G.o.d experts next to the stone stand came to the pathway and took out some items. These items flashed with different colors as they covered the pathway.

"Reporting to the Patriarch, the highest cultivation that this pathway can withstand is a Rank Five True G.o.d!" The elder's eyes sparkled.

The Wild Ancient secret dimension opened once every ten thousand years, and usually, the highest cultivation allowed to enter was only a Rank Three or Rank Four True G.o.d. For a place like Blue Ocean Bay, the limit for disciples that could enter was even lower.

Apparently, thirty million years ago, Rank Five True G.o.ds from various forces in the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds had entered, and from then on, the highest cultivation allowed to enter was a Rank Four True G.o.d. However, for some unknown reason, the pathway this time allowed Rank Five True G.o.ds to enter even in a place like Blue Ocean Bay.

"Even Rank Five True G.o.ds are allowed to enter!"

"Great! I didn't think that I, True G.o.d Tianhua, would have the opportunity to enter the Wild Ancient secret dimension!" An Elder in the group who didn't have any wrinkles on his face had an excited expression as he radiated golden light. He was the race's strongest Rank Five True G.o.d, so if Rank Five True G.o.ds were allowed to enter the Wild Ancient secret dimension, he would be the first to go.

The patriarch of the Golden Jade Race was silent for a while before sighing, "If Rank Five True G.o.ds can enter even in Blue Ocean Bay, then the forces in the center of the continent would have Rank Six True G.o.ds or even Ancient G.o.ds entering!" From the patriarch's point of view, this wasn't necessarily a good thing.

"Let the Quasi-G.o.d disciples who have obtained a spot enter first!"

The younger disciples not far away from the stone stand were already becoming impatient before the Golden Jade Race patriarch finished speaking.

There was limitless fortune in the Wild Ancient secret dimension, and there was a limit on the cultivation level. This secret dimension was basically made for Quasi-G.o.d disciples.

To obtain the t.i.tle of Quasi-G.o.d, one must have Divine Power and be able to break through to the Heavenly Divine Realm at any moment with 100% confidence. Although they were technically only DemiG.o.ds, their strength was extremely great. For example, the strongest Quasi-G.o.d of the Golden Jade Race, Quasi-G.o.d Di Lin, had the record of killing a Rank Two True G.o.d.

Although they discovered that Rank Five True G.o.ds could enter, these Quasi-G.o.d disciples had already obtained a spot. The race couldn't take away their right to enter now.

"First person, Quasi-G.o.d Di Lin!"

The Quasi-G.o.d experts of the Golden Jade Race started to enter with the elder's announcement.

The Golden Jade Race had a total of sixteen Quasi-G.o.d spots. In third from last of the sixteen was a youth in white, but his handsome face was slightly tense. This person was Xi Feng, the number one genius of Sky Feather Island. He had obtained a spot due to his master's connections, but of the Quasi-G.o.d disciples that were entering the Wild Ancient secret dimension, he was only third to last.

The Quasi-G.o.d disciples soon finished entering.

"True G.o.d Tianhua, protect the Quasi-G.o.d disciples of the race!" The patriarch of the Golden Jade Race said.

"Understood, Patriarch!" True G.o.d Tianhua was the strongest Rank Five True G.o.d in the Golden Jade Race, so no one said anything about him entering first.

He originally didn't have a spot because Rank Five True G.o.ds from the Golden Jade Race had never entered before. Even Rank Four True G.o.ds hadn't, but for some reason, this time was different. From True G.o.d Tianhua's point of view, this was a fortune that Heaven itself had bestowed upon him.


True G.o.d Tianhua immediately entered the pathway, but the pathway started to shake and become blurry. Everyone knew this meant that the pathway was becoming unstable. Rank Five True G.o.ds wouldn't be able to enter anymore.

"Rank Four True G.o.d!"

The strongest Rank Four True G.o.d of the race then entered, making the white pathway become even blurrier.

With the entrance of every additional person, the pathway would dim. Only two Rank Four True G.o.ds were able to enter.

"Rank Three True G.o.d!"

A Rank Three True G.o.d from the race entered, but the moment he entered the pathway, several spatial cracks appeared and cut him into pieces.


The Golden Jade Race was dead-silent. A Rank Three True G.o.d had died just like that.

"Rank Two True G.o.d!"

The Rank Two True G.o.d that obtained a spot carefully entered and managed to successfully pa.s.s through it.

The Golden Jade Race only stopped sending in people when the pathway completely disappeared. Some of the older True G.o.ds realized that the number of people from the Golden Jade Race that managed to enter the Wild Ancient secret dimension was almost double that of last time.

Elsewhere in the Gulong Zone, a giant ball of white light floated in the air above a divine sacred land that was respected by dozens of thousands of people. Palaces and buildings floated within the ball of light.

At a certain moment, a figure with weird drawings on their face and a pair of sharp eyes entered the ball of light.

"Quasi-G.o.d Heaven Swallower has entered!"

The eyes of countless Quasi-G.o.ds and True G.o.ds in the back were filled with respect and admiration.

"Apparently, Quasi-G.o.d Heaven Devourer has already met the requirements to become a Rank Four True G.o.d. After the fortune he gains in there, he will most likely become even stronger. He might even become a G.o.d Lord in the future and become one of the Elders of the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land!"

The eyes of countless beautiful females were filled with dazzled lights.

If other forces of the Gulong Zone heard this, they would be shocked. G.o.d Lord was the rank above Ancient G.o.d, but it was only considered an Elder here? However, if some peak four-star forces or five-star forces heard the words "Sacred Land," they wouldn't be so surprised anymore.

G.o.d Realm Sacred Lands were forbidden existences in the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds. Some four-and-half-star forces hadn't even heard of this term before. G.o.d Realm Sacred Lands were mysterious, and they ruled the eighteen zones in the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds. Not every zone had a G.o.d Realm Sacred Land.

The other disciples started to enter after Quasi-G.o.d Heaven Swallower entered.

"Let's scatter now!" an elder whose figure seemed to be one with the air said.

Right at this moment, a token appeared in his hand, and a piece of information entered his brain.

"Right now, only part of the Gulong Zone can enter the Wild Ancient secret dimension? The other zones in the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds have no sign of connecting to it at all!?"

The elder's expression changed dramatically after knowing this important piece of news.

The other G.o.d Realm Sacred Lands in the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds slowly obtained this news as well. Only part of the Gulong Zone had successfully connected to the Wild Ancient secret dimension.

However, they didn't find it weird. The Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds was enormous. The Wild Ancient secret dimension might just be starting from the Gulong Zone before slowly moving around. It might not take too long for the Wild Ancient secret dimension to reach the other parts.

This only meant that the Gulong Zone had a head-start, and the other big forces could only wait till the Wild Ancient secret dimension arrived. It might take days or even a month.

Within the Ancient Dream Realm, Zhao Feng continued to cultivate the Metal of Wind Lightning. His left finger continued to merge with the divine blood, and he continued to a.n.a.lyze the third level of the Soul Splitting Technique. Other parts of his consciousness focused on other things.

A humanoid race suddenly appeared within Zhao Feng's senses, which surprised him. This was the first time Zhao Feng had seen a race in the Ancient Dream Realm that didn't appear in their original forms.

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