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Chapter 1236 - Mighty Ancient G.o.d

The entire world had transformed into a pitch-black underworld where countless ghosts and souls howled and wailed.

 The countless experts within the Exchange Spiritual Hall were scared witless by Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven's majestic pressure. They felt like this Ancient G.o.d was the ruler of this world and their lives were for him to trample upon.


 At this moment, the guardian from the Ghost River Race came out of the Exchange Spiritual Hall.

 "Senior, why are you targeting the Exchange Spiritual Hall of the Ghost River Race?" the Rank Six True G.o.d presiding over this Exchange Spiritual Hall asked with a gloomy gaze.

 The first six ranks of True G.o.ds did not have very large gaps between them. Plenty of expert True G.o.ds could fight a match against True G.o.ds one level higher than themselves. However, the gap between Rank Six True G.o.ds and Rank Seven Ancient G.o.ds was enormous, as vast as the gap between the heavens and the earth.

 This Rank Six True G.o.d felt extremely oppressed and frightened as he gazed at this Ancient G.o.d floating in the black void. He could tell that this person was from the 82nd ranked race of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, the Black Yao Race!

 Within the Exchange Spiritual Hall, Zhao Feng's escape was also stymied. 

 He never imagined that True G.o.d Tian Fa's faction – the Ancient Soul Hall – would send an Ancient G.o.d expert. Zhao Feng had confronted an Ancient G.o.d of Stellar Tower, but his intuition told him that this Ancient G.o.d was even more powerful.

 Boom! Hisss!

 Zhao Feng gathered wings of lightning behind him.

 "Hmph!" Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven snorted, and the world thundered in response.

 Boom! Bang!

 The wings of lightning that Zhao Feng had condensed were instantly dispelled. At the same time, Zhao Feng was a.s.saulted by an invisible Intent energy that damaged both his body and soul. The buildings around Zhao Feng were crushed into dust by this formidable Intent energy.

 "So strong!" Zhao Feng murmured in shock.

 At this moment, he sensed that the Lightning energy in his surroundings had utterly vanished, making it impossible for him to use lightning escape techniques.

 This was an Ancient G.o.d. They possessed incredible control over Intent energy and Divine Power, and they were capable of expelling other kinds of energy from a region.

 Of course, Zhao Feng was not the only person affected by Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven. A few weaker people near Zhao Feng were almost jolted to death by this power.

 "Senior, please stop!" The Rank Six True G.o.d was somewhat depressed. He didn't understand why this Ancient G.o.d of the Black Yao Race wanted to make trouble for his Ghost River Race.

 "Scram!" Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven barked.


 A black tornado swept up the Rank Six True G.o.d and took him away. In an instant, the Rank Six True G.o.d was forced back several thousand li, his body covered in wounds and his face stricken with fear.

 Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven's gaze fell upon Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng felt like the entire sky was pressing down on him, and there was so much pressure on his body that he felt it was impossible to move.

 "Tell me, how did True G.o.d Tian Fa die?" Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven coldly asked.

 True G.o.d Tian Fa was Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven's junior. He was truly befuddled as to how someone of True G.o.d Tian Fa's strength combined with his divine weapon had managed to fail his mission and even die. Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven wanted to know the reason.

 As Zhao Feng looked at this Ancient G.o.d, his soul felt a chilling sensation. This Ancient G.o.d was of the Black Yao Race and clearly cared a great deal about True G.o.d Tian Fa, so Zhao Feng did not dare to tell him that he had been the one to kill True G.o.d Tian Fa.

 Thus, Zhao Feng was thinking about how to escape. However, Zhao Feng discovered that he had almost no way to resist such a powerful Ancient G.o.d!

 I can only do this! Zhao Feng's eyes dimmed as he sent his mind into his left eye.


 Zhao Feng's body vanished from the spot.

 "Mm?" Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven was startled, and then his lips curled into a wicked smile.

 "I didn't think that you would be hiding such a high-level dimension. But even if this dimension is in extreme harmony with the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds, almost perfectly hiding within it, do you think I have no means of getting you?" Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven gave a strange laugh, and he appeared to be abnormally happy. He had only been chasing Zhao Feng to get back the Ancient G.o.d Seal, but now he would also obtain such a high-level dimension. How could he not be happy?

 "I'll let you experience the power of an Ancient G.o.d!" Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven raised his head to the heavens and laughed as his body began to seethe with Yao Qi.

 "Let's go!" The countless experts within the Exchange Spiritual Hall immediately began to flee.

 The attacks of an Ancient G.o.d were certain to break the heavens and sunder the earth. They did not dare to stick around.

 Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven revealed two black claws, which tore at the area that Zhao Feng had vanished from. All the energy in the world seemed to gather around this spot.


 This mighty attack, suffused with high-level s.p.a.ce Intent, rammed against the air and caused s.p.a.ce to intensely shudder.

 In the Ancient Dream Realm, Zhao Feng felt a sharp pain in his left eye.

 "Ah…! This person is so strong!"

 Zhao Feng covered his left eye.

 Those inexperienced True G.o.ds in Sky Feather Island who weren't even capable of using Instant Movement naturally couldn't do anything when Zhao Feng hid in the Ancient Dream Realm. However, the Ancient Soul Hall's Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven was an outstanding member among Ancient G.o.ds. He possessed a high-level s.p.a.ce Intent that could perceive Zhao Feng and unleash a destructive blow capable of shaking s.p.a.ce and striking Zhao Feng's hidden dimension.

 On top of that, the Ancient Dream Realm was the Origin Dimension of Zhao Feng's G.o.d Eye, so these attacks were also constantly damaging Zhao Feng's G.o.d Eye.


 Zhao Feng put on the s.p.a.cetime Robe and left the Ancient Dream Realm. Zhao Feng appeared in an area rife with intense spatial disturbance, so he could not use Instant Movement.

 Just when Zhao Feng was preparing to flee again, he sensed something strange in the distance!

 "Eh? The s.p.a.cetime Robe!" A look of pleasant surprise appeared on Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven's face.

 This journey seems to have been well worth it!

 Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

 Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven raised his left hand and prepared to eliminate Zhao Feng and take everything he had.

 "I know how True G.o.d Tian Fa died!" Zhao Feng suddenly spoke.

 "Talk!" Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven's face froze.

 "I killed him!" Zhao Feng chortled.

 "You're seeking death!" Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven's face immediately twisted into that of a wrathful devil. He felt like Zhao Feng was playing with him.

 Just when Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven was about to eliminate Zhao Feng…

 "You won't dare to kill me!" Zhao Feng once more laughed. "When my race's Ancient G.o.d senior arrives, you're finished!"

 Zhao Feng stared into the distance.

 At this moment, the pressure of an Ancient G.o.d slowly descended. A man s.h.i.+ning with a violet l.u.s.ter appeared, carrying a search instrument in his hand. The crystal on the search instrument was currently blinking at an extremely fast rate.

 This was none other than Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon.

 When Zhao Feng escaped the Gulong Zone, Violet Night Hall – one of the three five-star factions of the Gulong Zone – lost all its dignity. Thus, after some discussion, Violet Night Hall decided to send a few teams to the Tianyun Zone to secretly search for Zhao Feng.

 Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon's team was one of these teams. They had predicted that Zhao Feng would believe that he had thrown off his pursuers and let down his guard. For this reason, the search teams of Violet Night Hall primarily searched Exchange Spiritual Halls.

 Coincidentally, when Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon was about to reach this Exchange Spiritual Hall, his search instrument began to go off.

 "Two Ancient G.o.ds, both seemingly not of the Tianyun Zone…. What's going on?" The guardian of this Exchange Spiritual Hall backed up in shock and confusion.

 The nearby experts also retreated to an even farther distance.

 "Ancient G.o.d… Black Yao Race!" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon's eyes focused on Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven.

 "It's over. I didn't think that an Ancient G.o.d of the Tianyun Zone would catch Zhao Feng first!" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon messaged the two True G.o.ds of his team.

 "The treasures on Zhao Feng can't fall into the hands of another Ancient G.o.d!" one Rank Five True G.o.d messaged back.

 They believed that Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven was after the five-colored palace in Zhao Feng's possession. However, this treasure was far too precious; Violet Night Hall could not allow any other faction to obtain it. In addition, for the dignity of Violet Night Hall, they could not go back empty-handed.

 "I'll stop him while the two of you kill Zhao Feng and then retreat!" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon messaged the two True G.o.ds of his team.

 "The Violet Night Race? You shouldn't have anything to do with this brat, right?" Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven's expression sank. In his eyes, Zhao Feng did not have the bloodline of the Violet Night Race, so he shouldn't be one of its members.

 But at this moment, Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon attacked him.

 "Seeking death!" Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven was instantly enraged.

 While traveling through other zones, Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven had always kept his temper in check, but now, this Ancient G.o.d of the Violet Night Race dared to attack him?

 In the distance, Zhao Feng gleefully chuckled. For some reason unknown to him, this Ancient G.o.d of Violet Night Hall decided to attack Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven.


 s.p.a.ce was too unstable to use Instant Movement, so Zhao Feng just used his wings to flee.

 At this moment, the two True G.o.ds from Violet Night Hall attacked.

 "Brat, die for me!" Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven was determined to kill, so he ignored Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon and clawed at Zhao Feng.


 An enormous violet-black claw made of wind tore through the sky as it hurtled at Zhao Feng.

 "This Ancient G.o.d is so strong!" The two True G.o.ds of Violet Night Hall immediately drew back in fear.

 "Once this brat is dead, we'll just search his body," the middle-aged man True G.o.d laughed and said.

 "Mm." The woman with purple skin nodded her head.

 Boom! Bang!

 Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven's attack enveloped Zhao Feng.

 "Something's wrong!" The middle-aged man's brows slightly creased.

 As the violet-black fog dispersed, a five-colored crystalline palace appeared in Zhao Feng's hand. Zhao Feng himself transformed into a faint golden light that vanished into the distance.

 "After him!" The purple-skinned woman grimaced and immediately began to pursue.

 But after fleeing a certain distance, Zhao Feng used Instant Movement to vanish without a trace.

 On the other end, Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven and Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon had already begun to battle. 

 At this moment, the entire world within a radius of ten thousand li was filled with black and violet light.

 "So strong!" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon grimaced in shock. They were both Ancient G.o.ds, but the opponent was apparently much stronger than he was.

 "That brat isn't dead?" A scan of Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven's Divine Sense told him that something was wrong.

 With that attack of his, he was sure that he would slay Zhao Feng. However, the result was that Zhao Feng used some kind of technique to block it and then flee.


 Meanwhile, after using the five-colored palace to block Ancient G.o.d Black Heaven's attack, Zhao Feng began to repeatedly use Instant Movement while wearing the s.p.a.cetime Robe.

 Behind him, the two True G.o.ds of Violet Night Hall were weaker in s.p.a.ce Intent compared to Zhao Feng and didn't have a treasure like the s.p.a.cetime Robe either, so they gradually lost his trail.


 s.p.a.ce rippled like the surface of water as Zhao Feng jumped out.

 "It seems I was too careless. I didn't think that Violet Night Hall would refuse to give up, but I have to thank them for helping me take care of Ancient Soul Hall…"

 With a gloomy face, Zhao Feng continued to flee.

 As he was fleeing, he sent his mind into his Interspatial Dimension and took out the G.o.d Sealing Stone to suppress the Ancient G.o.d Seal.

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