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Chapter 1252 - Breaking Through into the Heavenly Divine Realm (I)

A few days later, Zhao Feng came to a black forest.

 The trees here were called Black Congealed Wood. Their branches had the abnormally savage appearances of steel thorns.

 There was a low-quality G.o.d Crystal vein beneath this forest.

 "Let's do it here!"

 Zhao Feng went to the center of this forest and seated himself cross-legged on the ground.


 Zhao Feng removed some ancient resources from his G.o.d Eye Dimension that he had managed to successfully duplicate. After that, Zhao Feng took in another batch of ancient resources and began to duplicate them.

 Several days later, another ancient beast came to Zhao Feng's side and dropped off an Interspatial Dimension before leaving. At the same time, the last batch of resources had finished being duplicated in the G.o.d Eye Dimension.

 "I now have a ninety percent chance of becoming a Rank Five True G.o.d!" Zhao Feng confidently declared.

 "The first step in breaking through to the True G.o.d level is forming a Divine Stage."

 Zhao Feng's consciousness completely submerged into the Divine Power Vortex in his body. A ma.s.sive disk of five-colored light that was streaked with strands of white lightning began to slowly revolve within his body.

 A normal person's Divine Power Vortex would just be a whirlpool, but Zhao Feng's Divine Power Vortex was a five-colored disk of light. From this, one could see just how tough and condensed Zhao Feng's Divine Power Vortex was. The Five Elements Tribulation Lightning Divine Power it produced was also incredibly powerful.

 Buzz! Bzzz!

 Five-colored lightning was drawn from the center of the Divine Power Vortex. Zhao Feng quickly managed to create a rectangular structure.

 There were nine ranks of True G.o.ds, and each rank was a Divine Stage. The lowest Divine Stage had to be extremely stable and tough. Otherwise, it would not be able to bear the weight of the next Divine Stages, foreordaining that one would never be able to become a Rank Nine Ancient G.o.d.

 The formation of Divine Stages required extracting energy from the Divine Power Vortex as well as one's own strength and potential.

 Buzz! Bzzz!

 Wondrous streams of five-colored lightning continued to surge out of the Divine Power Vortex, slowly filling out the first Divine Stage through a unique construction method.

 "I can't be careless with the first Divine Stage!"

 Zhao Feng's mind was completely focused on forming the Divine Stage.

 The first Divine Stage was of vital importance. He even added his own life energy and bloodline energy into the Divine Stage.

 At the same time, various kinds of cultivation resources began to emerge from the Interspatial Dimension in front of Zhao Feng. These precious resources were mostly cultivation treasures containing Five Elements power, but some were specifically meant to form the Divine Stage.

 Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

 The energy in these materials was rapidly drained and absorbed into the Divine Stage.

 Zhao Feng spent an entire month forming the first Divine Stage. During the process, he was constantly using the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye to coordinate the formation of the Divine Stage and also examine every inch of it so that the number of flaws in this Divine Stage could be minimized.

 "The boost in strength I got from completing the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body was far more than I imagined. I might even have a ten percent chance of becoming a Rank Six True G.o.d!" Zhao Feng began to speculate as he observed the formation of the Divine Stage.

 This thought made his breathing become a little hurried. He had never even heard of anyone who was able to directly attain Rank Six. But now, Zhao Feng seemed to have a tiny chance of doing so!


 In the outside world, someone would drop off a new letter of challenge at Zhao Feng's doorstep every few days.

 "He's been inside there for two months now!"

 "I think he doesn't dare to come out. He probably plans to hide there forever to avoid it all!"

 Several peripheral disciples saw that Zhao Feng hadn't come out in two months and became bold enough to brazenly jeer at him.

 "If he never comes out, then after ten months, he'll be driven out of the Spiritual Race!" An inner disciple who happened to be pa.s.sing by coldly laughed.

 Peripheral disciples had to complete a mission every month. However, some peripheral disciples, because they were in secluded cultivation or had some other unique circ.u.mstance, could not do this mission. The race had also considered this point and allowed the mandatory mission to be pushed back, but this mission could be delayed for only a year at most. If Zhao Feng did not contribute anything to the race for a year, he would be driven out.

 In truth, a majority of peripheral disciples spent several years in seclusion, but they always finished their missions in advance. However, Zhao Feng didn't know he could do that.

 Suddenly, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi around Zhao Feng's palace began to inexplicably pulse. A large but weak whirlpool began to form with his palace as the center, absorbing the slivers of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. At the same time, a rectangular image seemed to be forming atop this ma.s.sive whirlpool!

 "This is… forming a Divine Stage, breaking through to become a G.o.d…!" the inner disciple said in shock as he raised his head.

 "He's breaking through into the Heavenly Divine Realm?"

 This news was soon spread to the surrounding area, causing many peripheral disciples to gather.

 "It seems that Zhao Feng's hand has been forced, so he's started to break through to the Heavenly Divine Realm!"

 "Hah, if he could defeat Wei Ze, then he can make Rank Four True G.o.d at most. That means he still can't deal with these letters of challenge!"

 The peripheral disciples began to chat with each other.

 "That's not right… why are the phenomena from breaking into the Heavenly Divine Realm so weak?" The inner disciple quickly left.


 By the crystalline lake, Zhang Yutong gave a playful smile after hearing the news.

 "Brother Zhang, what's up?" the Lu youth from the Divine Tree Ocean immediately asked.

 "Zhao Feng is currently breaking through into the Heavenly Divine Realm!" Zhang Yutong's smile turned wicked.

 Everyone else was stunned by these words, and then they began to laugh.

 "Does he think he will become a match for us once he becomes a G.o.d?"

 "It looks to me like he didn't have any other option except to break through to the Heavenly Divine Realm to increase his strength!"

 Quite a few core disciples began to ridicule Zhao Feng, inwardly feeling rather proud.

 "Let's go. Since Zhao Feng has chosen to break through to the Heavenly Divine Realm, that means that, once he's succeeded, he will accept our challenges." Zhang Yutong suddenly got up.

 "Brother Zhang, you're overthinking it. It looks to me that he's using the land of the Spiritual Race to break through into the Heavenly Divine Realm. After he succeeds, he'll leave the Spiritual Race on his own!" a core disciple commented.

 Afterward, the core disciples that were gathered in this place dispersed.


 Back in the peripheral area, the crowd gathering outside Zhao Feng's palace was getting larger.

 "Zhao Feng's hand has been forced, but even if he breaks through into the Heavenly Divine Realm, he won't be able to escape his dilemma!" Zhao Lanyi and his younger cousin coldly stared at the palace.

 "Get out of the way! A lot of core disciples are coming!" A voice came from the back of the crowd.

 The crowd of peripheral disciples and inner disciples near Zhao Feng's palace immediately scattered. The core disciples arrived soon after.

 "So, he was breaking into the Heavenly Divine Realm in another dimension." Zhang Yutong's brow rose as he casually noted.

 The worldly phenomena produced by breaking into the Heavenly Divine Realm were enormous, but there was only a rather faint Yuan Qi whirlpool around Zhao Feng's palace while the image of the Divine Stage was extremely weak. This was proof that Zhao Feng was breaking into the Heavenly Divine Realm in another dimension.

 But this was very normal. It would be far too foolish for Zhao Feng to try breaking through directly in his residence. If his enemies were willing to throw aside everything to scheme against and thwart him, his failure would be inevitable. His efforts would be foiled at the final step.

 Pan Hao also arrived.

 "What's he planning here? Even if he succeeds in breaking through to the Heavenly Divine Realm, he still won't be a match for all those challengers!" Pan Hao was rather concerned.

 Buzz! Bzzz!

 The Yuan Qi whirlpool doubled in size as the second Divine Stage began to take form.

 "Rank Two of the Heavenly Divine Realm…." Zhang Yutong softly said.


 "Yufei, Yufei, Zhao Feng is breaking through into the Heavenly Divine Realm!" Kong Die rushed to Zhao Yufei's residence as she shouted.

 "Brother Feng is breaking into the Heavenly Divine Realm?" Within her violet crystal palace, Zhao Yufei was rather surprised, but she soon became rather angry.

 In her view, Zhao Feng had been forced by the pressure of the Spiritual Race to break through into the Heavenly Divine Realm.

 "What is this kid trying to do?" Near Zhao Yufei's palace complex, Ancient G.o.d Floating Spirit muttered to himself.

 His first feeling was that, since Zhao Feng was breaking into the Heavenly Divine Realm to raise his strength, he was refusing the compromise and choosing to resist. But even if Zhao Feng reached Rank Four, he would still be no match for his challengers!

 "Could this child be confident in reaching Rank Five?" A bold idea floated to the surface of Ancient G.o.d Floating Spirit's mind.

 He had been present for Zhao Feng and Wei Ze's battle. He always felt that Zhao Feng had been hiding a great deal of his strength.

 "Master!" At this moment, Zhao Yufei came to the entrance of her palace. She knew that her master was nearby to stop her from going to see Zhao Feng.

 "Go," Ancient G.o.d Floating Spirit flatly declared.


 Zhao Yufei transformed into a stream of violet light that vanished into the horizon.

 At the same time, Ancient G.o.d Floating Spirit's figure vanished into s.p.a.ce.


 Outside Zhao Feng's palace, the Yuan Qi whirlpool was getting larger and larger. It was gradually growing more tangible and was slowly being dyed with five colors. The two Divine Stage images also slowly began to gain color.

 Zhao Yufei arrived in a flash of violet light.

 "Brother Feng!" Zhao Yufei had a somewhat worried look.

 So quickly!

 Clouds began to roil and wind began to blow as several transcendent existences appeared high in the sky.

 "If this kid is choosing to break into the Heavenly Divine Realm, does that mean that he is refusing the compromise?" The black-robed Ancient G.o.d's tone was rather cold.

 This was the Spiritual Race Ancient G.o.d who had visited Zhao Feng earlier to negotiate with him.

 "Regardless of what it is, once he successfully breaks through, this matter will come to a close," Ancient G.o.d Floating Spirit nonchalantly said.

 "But this child's dimension is rather unusual. It is so in tune with the Heaven Earth framework of the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds!" A different Ancient G.o.d sighed in wonder.

 Bzzzz! Boooom!

 The five-colored Yuan Qi whirlpool once more expanded. At the same time, the image of a third Divine Stage slowly appeared.

 "He's already Rank Three!"

 "Suffused with a formidable Five Elements energy! What a tough Divine Stage!" Ancient G.o.d Floating Spirit's eyes flashed.

 With his experience, he could see the status of Zhao Feng's Divine Stages by simply observing these images.


 In the Ancient Dream Realm, Zhao Feng's Divine Power Vortex had already been halved in size. Above the Divine Power Vortex, three Divine Stages had been formed.

 These Divine Stages were made of transparent crystal and were flowing with light while profound and mysterious runes that seemed to contain the Great Dao flowed around them.

 "Continue… the fourth stage!"

 The three Divine Stages in Zhao Feng's body suddenly exploded with five-colored lightning as they attempted to create the outlines for the fourth Divine Stage.

 But at this moment, he momentarily paused.

 Zhao Feng's focus was somewhat diverted.

 "This is…?"

 His expression s.h.i.+fted in surprise. He had discovered that several strands of his faint golden hair had begun to change color!

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