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Chapter 1253 - Breaking Through into the Heavenly Divine Realm (II)

The strands of hair seemed to have a life of their own, elegantly dancing in the air. The hairs were silver, but they s.h.i.+fted between red, yellow, green, blue, black. The s.h.i.+ft between each color was subtle and natural.

 Of course, Zhao Feng was in no mood to carefully observe these changes. He only knew that, while he was in the crucial stage of forming his Divine Stages, his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye was also undergoing a transformation.

 "What do I do?" Zhao Feng was quite worried.

 Based on his past experiences, the transformation of the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye was highly likely to make him fall asleep, and there was no guarantee as to how long he would sleep.

 He had already formed three Divine Stages. If the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye's transformation made him fall asleep at the crucial stage, that would be foul news. If he failed in forming a Divine Stage, he would be forced back to the start and would need an extremely long time to recover.

 However, the pressure of the Spiritual Race was weighing heavy on him. He needed to break through into the Heavenly Divine Realm to resolve these threats.

 After hesitating for a while, Zhao Feng decided to continue breaking through. Based on his past experience, his hair changing color was a sign of his G.o.d Eye's transformation, but the actual transformation would only occur later.

 "I have to finish breaking through before the G.o.d Eye transforms!" Zhao Feng's eyes glimmered with resolve.


 Outside the palace, the speed at which the five-colored whirlpool and the Divine Stages absorbed Yuan Qi suddenly slowed down. This change was to the great consternation of the watching crowd.

 "Could it be over? Only three Divine Stages?"

 "Heh, it seems like that's all he is. Although he can defeat a Rank Four True G.o.d, his potential is limited."

 A few of the core disciples began to ridicule Zhao Feng. The vast majority of the Spiritual Race's core disciples were all capable of forming three Divine Stages.

 "No, this can't be all…." In the distance, Zhao Yufei believed in Zhao Feng. Three Divine Stages could not be the end.

 At this moment, another Divine Stage image appeared above the palace.

 "Fourth Divine Stage!"

 The crowd was in an uproar! Being able to defeat a Rank Four True G.o.d didn't mean that one could form four Divine Stages, but forming four Divine Stages meant that one was extremely talented.

 In the sky, the Ancient G.o.ds also seemed rather affected.

 "This kid might not have a high-level bloodline, but his potential's not bad!"

 "These four Divine Stages are all extremely st.u.r.dy. Once they're formed, he will be invincible among Rank Four and capable of fighting Rank Fives!"

 The sharp eyes of these Ancient G.o.ds were able to judge what was going on through these blurry phenomena.

 At this moment, several figures appeared near the crowd.

 "Those are people from the Life Sacred Land!"

 The crowd immediately noticed the three young disciples who had appeared.

 "To think that Brother Xiahou would honor us with your presence…."

 The nearby core disciples immediately went up to greet him.

 The Life Sacred Land was the overlord faction of the Ziling Zone. Even the Spiritual Race would have to bow its head to this faction.

 This group of three was led by a young and muscular man wearing a clean and simple light green robe. His two dark green eyes sparkled like crystals.

 "What's happening here?" the muscular man asked as he looked in surprise at Zhao Feng's palace.

 This person was the Rank Six True G.o.d Xiahou Wu of the Life Sacred Land, a holder of the Eye of Life and one of Zhao Yufei's pursuers.

 "Brother Xiahou, you also know that many disciples in the Spiritual Race want to court Zhao Yufei, but this kid somehow managed to win Zhao Yufei's heart. Thus, we all issued letters of challenge. This kid didn't have enough strength, so he rushed to break through into the Heavenly Divine Realm…." Zhang Yutong gave a welcoming smile.

 Even though he was a Rank Six True G.o.d with the Spiritual Race bloodline, he was no match for Xiahou Wu. In addition, Xiahou Wu's faction was one level higher than the Spiritual Race.

 "Brother Xiahou, have you also come to challenge him?" another core disciple asked.

 "That's not necessary," Xiahou Wu coldly said as he turned his eyes to the distant Zhao Yufei.

 In his view, even if Zhao Feng broke into the Heavenly Divine Realm, he was still no match for all these people from the Spiritual Race, so his intervention was unnecessary.

 In addition, Zhao Feng was still the man favored by Zhao Yufei. If he partic.i.p.ated in Zhao Feng's humiliation, he would definitely earn Zhao Yufei's ire. It was far better to have the people of the Spiritual Race drive Zhao Feng away while he comforted and soothed Zhao Yufei.

 "Right, right! An insignificant person like this isn't worth Brother Xiahou's trouble!" Zhang Yutong smiled as he continued his flattery.

 In the sky, the Ancient G.o.ds of the Spiritual Race were also examining the three people from the Life Sacred Land.

 "Their bodies are very strong, and they also have impressive recovery abilities. They just need some divine weapons that can defend their souls to be invincible against those of the same rank."

 "As expected of prodigies of a Sacred Land. The core disciples of the Spiritual Race truly appear inferior in comparison."



 The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the Spiritual Race was furiously absorbed by the five-colored whirlpool and transported to Zhao Feng's body in the Ancient Dream Realm. At the same time, the low-quality G.o.d Crystal vein beneath Zhao Feng provided an endless source of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and Divine Power for him to absorb. As for those treasures he had prepared for his breakthrough, they had long ago been consumed.

 Half a month later, the fourth Divine Stage was successfully formed.

 "Next is the fifth stage!"

 Zhao Feng was both excited and worried.

 At this moment, a little less than half of his golden hair had become silver. This silver hair was also slowly changing colors as it naturally danced in the air. It was slowly becoming more dream-like.

 His left eye was also beginning to show signs of fatigue. The mysterious golden ball in his G.o.d Eye Dimension was rapidly revolving, and its color was also s.h.i.+fting. The golden ball was gradually turning silver while a dream-like and indistinct five-colored radiance rippled on its surface. It was as if this small ball contained a dream-like liquid.


 When the outline of the fifth Divine Stage took form, the outside world was thrown into an uproar.

 "The fifth Divine Stage! This brat is truly bold!"

 "Haha, if you start to form a Divine Stage but don't have the strength to complete it, all the previous effort will go to waste!"

 Quite a few disciples began to laugh. However, they were also rather envious. They envied Zhao Feng's courage to form a fifth Divine Stage, envied that he could even produce the nascent form of the fifth Divine Stage.

 "Hmph, he overestimates himself." Xiahou Wu coldly snorted.

 Only the best Quasi-G.o.ds of a Sacred Land could attain Rank Five, such as the Life Sacred Land's Quasi-G.o.d Guan Long.

 "Haha, this brat is probably going to fail. Every failed attempt to break through into the Heavenly Divine Realm will result in a loss of potential. He'll be crippled." Zhang Yutong smiled.

 If he failed to break into the Heavenly Divine Realm, Zhao Feng wouldn't have the face to remain in the Spiritual Race.

 In the sky, the observing Ancient G.o.ds were all sighs.

 "As long as Zhao Feng was willing to compromise, the Spiritual Race could have given him its full support, and it wouldn't even have been a problem if he took a liking to Quasi-G.o.d Luo Yu. But now, that's all impossible…" The black-robed Ancient G.o.d gave an apathetic smile.

 Ai, I hope he can succeed! Ancient G.o.d Floating Spirit mentally sighed.

 In his view, Zhao Feng was taking a gamble. If he could attain Rank Five, the Spiritual Race would not able to interfere with his relations.h.i.+p with Zhao Yufei. But if he failed, it meant that he wasn't a good fit for Zhao Yufei.

 "Mm? An Ancient G.o.d is approaching!" The Spiritual Race's Ancient G.o.ds immediately began to warily look toward the distance.


 A seething violet cloud linked together with the thick clouds that obscured the Ancient G.o.ds of the Spiritual Race.

 "Good Sir, who are you? For what purpose have you come to my Spiritual Race?" the black-robed Ancient G.o.d asked with a stern and dignified expression.

 He could see that this was an Ancient G.o.d of the Violet Night Race. The Violet Night Race was ranked 29th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, far below the Spiritual Race.

 "I am Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon of the Gulong Zone's Violet Night Hall!" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon messaged. "I will not hide the truth from you. In pursuit of someone, I have come to the Ziling Zone. This person has committed a terrible crime in the Gulong Zone, even imprisoning many prodigies of my Violet Night Hall."

 Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon's eyes shone with hatred as he cast his gaze toward Zhao Feng's palace.

 "Him?" The Spiritual Race Ancient G.o.ds were taken aback.

 The Ziling Zone and the Gulong Zone were very far from each other, so they really didn't know what had happened in the Gulong Zone. However, for Zhao Feng to have made such a mess in the Gulong Zone was truly extraordinary.

 "If the Spiritual Race turns this child over to me, the Violet Night Hall will be effusive in its thanks." Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon frankly made his request while promising compensation.

 The Spiritual Race Ancient G.o.ds began to think.

 Although the Violet Night Race was inferior to the Spiritual Race, it was also a five-star faction. Moreover, the reward offered by Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon was worth hundreds of thousands of Zhao Fengs.

 However, if they simply handed over a disciple of the Spiritual Race, they would disappoint all the other disciples and thoroughly lose the faith of Zhao Yufei.

 "I know of all your concerns, but after Zhao Feng breaks through, he must go out for a mission. It's very unsafe in the outside world, and accidents are unavoidable…." Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon gave a sinister smile.

 The Spiritual Race Ancient G.o.ds naturally knew what he meant. As long aa they agreed, Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon would secretly kill Zhao Feng and not implicate them in the matter.

 The Spiritual Race Ancient G.o.ds had pensive looks in their eyes as they began to discuss the matter.

 "Zhao Feng has always been a problem. Now that he's taking a risk in trying for Rank Five True G.o.d and is very likely to fail, why not use him in an exchange with Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon? We can get rid of Zhao Feng while also putting an end to Zhao Yufei's stubbornness." The black-robed Ancient G.o.d's eyes coldly twinkled.

 "This is rather improper." Ancient G.o.d Floating Spirit objected.

 "I feel that Zhao Yufei is a better match with the Life Sacred Land's Xiahou Wu!"

 "This Zhao Feng is too impulsive. How could he try for Rank Five?"

 The other Ancient G.o.ds didn't directly reply, but they agreed with the black-robed Ancient G.o.d in a roundabout fas.h.i.+on.

 But at this moment, a ruckus came from below.

 "The fifth Divine Stage is almost finished!"

 "Impossible! Zhao Feng really has the ability to form five Divine Stages?"

 Many disciples were stunned and began to doubt this outcome.

 "The fifth Divine Stage is almost finished! But how!?"

 Zhang Yutong was so shocked that he seemed on the verge of going mad. The image of the fifth Divine Stage was on the verge of completion!

 Directly attaining Rank Five was something only the Quasi-G.o.d prodigies of the Sacred Lands could achieve!

 Even the Spiritual Race Ancient G.o.ds in the sky didn't dare to believe this fact.

 Meanwhile, Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon had an extremely gloomy expression, the killing intent in his eyes almost tangible. Zhao Feng's potential struck fear into his heart. If he was allowed to mature, he would be an enormous threat to Violet Night Hall. He needed to be killed.


 In the Ancient Dream Realm, Zhao Feng's lips curved into a smile.

 "The fifth Divine Stage is almost complete, but I don't have enough strength to form the sixth Divine Stage!"

 Zhao Feng found it somewhat a pity.

 All his attention was on the Divine Stages as he slowly completed the fifth Divine Stage.

 However, at this moment, the mysterious ball in his G.o.d Eye Dimension began to revolve at an incredible speed. A multi-colored dream-like radiance had formed within it!

 As this dream-like light seeped out of the ball, Zhao Feng felt an intense mental pain and fell unconscious.

 Outside, the ma.s.sive five-colored whirlpool and the still-forming fifth Divine Stage above Zhao Feng's palace suddenly vanished!

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