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Chapter 1269 - Rescue

Elder Yu stared at Zhao Feng with cold and harsh eyes as he gathered tremendous energy to crush him. However, at this moment, Zhao Feng's body also unleashed a vast surge of energy.

 "Rank Six True G.o.d!?" At this moment, Elder Yu could keenly sense Zhao Feng's cultivation level.

 But how could this be? Zhao Feng had come to the Life Origin Sect as only a Quasi-G.o.d. How could he now be a Rank Six True G.o.d?

 "Zhao… Feng? Could you be…?" Elder Yu seemed to think of something, and his face twisted in extreme shock.

 When Zhao Feng brought Han Ning'er to this place, Elder Yu only heard Han Ning'er mention Zhao Feng's name once or twice. At the time, Zhao Feng was so insignificant that Elder Yu never imagined he would ever see Zhao Feng in the future. As a result, he couldn't be bothered to remember this name.

 After sending off Zhao Feng, Elder Yu remained indoors, too busy with his own affairs to worry about anyone else, but he had occasionally heard some news about some "Genius Zhao Feng."

 Elder Yu would have never a.s.sociated this Genius Zhao Feng with the person he had sent to the Spiritual Race to be a worker disciple, but now that Zhao Feng displayed his Rank Six True G.o.d cultivation, how could he not understand what was going on?

 "Why is Elder Yu in such a rush to kill me?" Zhao Feng nonchalantly asked.

 "I was in the middle of seclusion when someone suddenly disturbed me. The rage got to my head, so I was acting somewhat rashly. Brother Zhao, please do not take offense…." Elder Yu squeezed out an extremely ugly smile.

 He had no grudges with Zhao Feng, and even if he had displayed some killing intent just now, he hadn't actually attacked Zhao Feng. In addition, Zhao Feng had only been able to enter the Spiritual Race through his a.s.sistance. Thus, Elder Yu didn't believe Zhao Feng would do anything to him.

 I didn't think that this kid would have such terrifying talent to directly attain Rank Six of the Heavenly Divine Realm…. Elder Yu's mind was extremely unsettled.

 Elder Yu was a Rank Six True G.o.d, an Elder with the lowest status among the many Elders of the Life Origin Sect. Zhao Feng was also a Rank Six True G.o.d, but he was a core disciple of the Spiritual Race, one of its most dazzling geniuses. Even the ordinary Elders of the Spiritual Race wouldn't dare to provoke Zhao Feng.

 As for the Life Origin Sect, it was actually one of the factions administered by the Spiritual Race. Consequently, as an Elder of the Life Origin Sect, he was of a far lower status than Zhao Feng.

 "Where is Han Ning'er?" Zhao Feng's expression remained unchanged.

 "She… is outside on a mission!" Elder Yu's face flickered for a moment before regaining its composure.

 Why is this kid asking about Han Ning'er as soon as he gets here!? He's the most brilliant genius of the Spiritual Race. He should be getting together with Zhao Yufei!

 Elder Yu was beginning to panic.

 In his view, Zhao Feng was only responsible for sending Han Ning'er to the Ziling Zone. The two shouldn't have any deeper of a relations.h.i.+p. But now, Zhao Feng was bluntly asking about Han Ning'er.

 If Zhao Feng found out how he had treated Han Ning'er, Elder Yu would find it hard to predict what the consequences would be.

 Elder Yu could only imagine that Zhao Feng was casually inquiring about how she was doing. Thus, he lied and said that Han Ning'er was out on a mission.

 "Elder Yu truly knows how to make a joke. Isn't she in your residence?"

 Zhao Feng's left eye could see through all, and he had long ago detected that Han Ning'er was being held in a certain hall of this palace.

 "How… how did you know?" Elder Yu's face grimaced in shock.

 Zhao Feng's face turned cold and gloomy as he silently stepped into the palace.

 Before leaving the Life Origin Sect, he had left Zhao Hui behind. Zhao Hui just managed to mix into the Life Origin Sect, but he had been paying constant attention to the situation in the Life Origin Sect the entire time.

 There had not been even a sliver of news about the Eye of Life appearing in the Life Origin Sect. Thus, Zhao Feng began to guess that something was wrong quite some time ago.

 One of the reasons for his visit to the Life Origin Sect was to pick up Zhao Hui, but the other reason was to see how Han Ning'er was doing.

 A powerful array had been sent up around one of the innermost halls of this palace, cutting it off from the outside world. Even the Divine Sense of an Ancient G.o.d would find it difficult to get through. Alas, this array could not stop the see-through ability of Zhao Feng's left eye.

 He actually knows! Elder Yu followed behind Zhao Feng, a ghastly look of horror on his face.

 He had not left his home recently, nor had anyone else come in, so how did the news that Han Ning'er was imprisoned here get out? And how did it manage to reach Zhao Feng's ears? Elder Yu couldn't think of how this had transpired.

 Upon arriving at the sealed hall, Zhao Feng stretched out a hand.


 A tidal wave of physical lightning energy rumbled forward. Endless Tribulation Lightning exploded on the array.

 Cling! Crack!

 A crack appeared at the area that Zhao Feng had reached out to.

 Zhao Feng punched.


 The array exploded into countless crystalline specks of light that scattered into the world.

 How could this be!? No one weaker than an Ancient G.o.d should be able to break this array! Elder Yu felt like he had been struck by lightning.

 The moment the array shattered, the door to the hall opened, and the green-clothed Han Ning'er shot out.

 "Zhao Feng?"

 Han Ning'er didn't know how the array shattered, only to use this chance to escape, but to her surprise, the first person she saw was Zhao Feng. Han Ning'er was instantly frozen to the spot, her dark green eyes shrouded in a misty haze.

 Han Ning'er no longer had her naive and amiable face. It had been replaced by a haggard and panicked expression.

 Suddenly, her soft and delicate body lunged into Zhao Feng's chest. Whether it was because she had been too hard-pressed lately or because she was too happy, Han Ning'er began to weep, her crystalline tears drenching Zhao Feng's clothes.

 "What's going on here?" Zhao Feng softly asked, not rejecting her.

 "He kept me imprisoned here and tried to persuade me to become his cultivation companion…." Han Ning'er then told Zhao Feng everything that had happened after he left.

 As it turned out, the moment Zhao Feng left, Elder Yu imprisoned Han Ning'er in this hall and began to persuade her to become his cultivation companion. Han Ning'er refused to agree, which meant that she had not left this hall ever since.

 In addition, Elder Yu needed an actual cultivation companion, not a puppet. Consequently, he didn't do anything too out of line, only constantly attempting to persuade her.

 He didn't want Han Ning'er to hate him too much. After all, once Han Ning'er agreed, her Eye of Life would give her a bright future. Elder Yu would be able to follow along and ascend higher and higher.

 "Brother Zhao, I sincerely love Han Ning'er. I haven't done anything to her…." Elder Yu saw that there was something off about the look on Zhao Feng's face. Gathering his courage, he said, "If Brother Zhao also loves Han Ning'er, you can take her with you. In the Spiritual Race, Han Ning'er won't need long to become an expert!"

 Seeing that Elder Yu was afraid of Zhao Feng, Han Ning'er wiped the tears from her eyes and left Zhao Feng's warm chest.

 "Zhao Feng, you met with Zhao Yufei?" Han Ning'er directly asked.

 In her view, Zhao Feng had definitely met Zhao Yufei and obtained an excellent status while he was at it. Otherwise, why would Elder Yu be so afraid of Zhao Feng?

 "How do you want to handle him?" Zhao Feng nodded and pointed at Elder Yu.

 At this time, Han Ning'er gave Elder Yu a cold and harsh glare.

 Elder Yu slightly grimaced. Zhao Feng's words made him rather unhappy. Even though he was an Elder of the Life Origin Sect, Zhao Feng appeared to be ready to judge whether he lived or died.

 "Let's cripple his cultivation," Zhao Feng straightforwardly said.

 He knew that Han Ning'er would find it very difficult to work up any desire to kill Elder Yu.

 "Brother Zhao, you were able to enter the Spiritual Race because I helped you…!" Elder Yu paled and immediately began to protest.

 In the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds, even death was preferable to having one's cultivation crippled.

 The look on Zhao Feng's face didn't change as he slowly strode over toward Elder Yu.

 "Zhao Feng, don't get too ahead of yourself. You might be stronger than me, but it's impossible for you to cripple my cultivation. In addition, this is the Life Origin Sect, and I am one of its Elders!" Elder Yu saw that the soft approach wasn't working and immediately turned tough.

 "You were once a member of Spirit Gra.s.s Gate, but you didn't help Han Ning'er or help revive Spirit Gra.s.s Gate. Instead, you only thought about yourself. And besides, look at a mirror; do you really think you can match up to her?" Zhao Feng disdainfully stared at him.

 Elder Yu saw that Zhao Feng's mind was set and essentially impossible to change.

 "Hmph, even if I have to leave the Life Origin Sect–leave the Ziling Zone, I won't let you cripple my cultivation!" Elder Yu's face became resolved.

 With his Rank Six True G.o.d cultivation and status as a doctor, he could go to any other zone and live quite the fine life in any random four-star faction.


 Elder Yu immediately fled.

 "You can't run!" With a cold snort, Zhao Feng transformed into a bolt of lightning and pursued Elder Yu.

 "Bramble Binding!" Elder Yu sent out a stream of dark green Divine Power.

 Thick vines, thorns, and brambles immediately began to grow around the palace, creating a sea of thorns.

 Boom! Bang!

 The entire palace immediately exploded as countless th.o.r.n.y vines reached for Zhao Feng.


 Elder Yu gave a smug smile as he continued to flee, but a moment later, a domain of five-colored lightning appeared in the terrifying sea of thorns. All the thorns and vines in this domain were pulverized into bits of charred wood.


 Zhao Feng shot toward Elder Yu, seemingly transcending s.p.a.ce as he instantly appeared above Elder Yu.

 "So fast!" Elder Yu was startled.

 A moment later, he felt a pain that bored all the way into his soul.

 Boom! Bang!

 Zhao Feng's punch smashed Elder Yu into the ground, where he vomited blood.

 He was a Wood element cultivator as well as a doctor. In terms of fighting ability, he was far weaker than a normal Rank Six True G.o.d.

 This kid is very strong, and he's way faster than me! Elder Yu was now keenly aware that he was no match for Zhao Feng, nor could he escape.


 Suppressing his injuries, Elder Yu flew toward Han Ning'er.

 "Zhao Feng, you forced me to do this!" Elder Yu's body surged with Divine Power as he prepared to capture Han Ning'er and use her life to threaten Zhao Feng so that he could escape.

 "Nooo…!" Elder Yu's intimidating pressure made it difficult for Han Ning'er to breathe.

 Elder Yu was on the verge of capturing Han Ning'er.

 "Seeking death!" Zhao Feng's eyes instantly chilled as he extended a palm. A blade of five-colored lightning transcended s.p.a.ce and cut Elder Yu at his thighs.

 "Ah…!" His body nearly cut in half, Elder Yu howled in pain while his immense aura of energy instantly collapsed.

 At this moment, powerful ripples of energy came from the surroundings.

 "Who is it that dares to make trouble in the Life Origin Sect!?" a withered elder with black-green skin suddenly bellowed.

 An old lady holding a cane rushed to the scene from another direction.

 "Third Elder, Fourth Elder, he's going to kill me! Save me…!" Elder Yu immediately yelled.


 "How audacious, to dare intrude upon the Life Origin Sect and commit murder!"

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