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Chapter 1298: G.o.d Eye Ruins

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1298 – G.o.d Eye Ruins

“Mm.” The slim woman didn't know what made Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil react like this, but she still agreed. With her Eye of Destiny, it was easy as could be to obtain information from an Ancient G.o.d that was not a descendant of the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes.


The slim woman focused onto a point in the distance, and an Intent energy that bystanders would not be able to notice melded into the world and into the meandering river of destiny. A moment later, many hazy and illusory images appeared in her eyes.

“Why can't I see clearly?” Startled, the slim woman pushed her Eye of Destiny to its limits.

But soon, the colorful images in her eyes suddenly exploded with a vast, ancient, and supreme divine light. In this holy light, the woman felt like an insignificant speck, and her soul inexplicably trembled.

A moment later, a backlash descended upon her soul and Eye of Destiny. The images in her Eye of Destiny all vanished.

On the other end:

“Mm?” On the compet.i.tion ground, Zhao Feng suddenly felt a pair of eyes watching him. They appeared capable of seeing into both his past and future, and Zhao Feng didn't have the ability to stop this prying. But a moment later, in his G.o.d Eye Dimension, the sealed dreamy silver ball unleashed a burst of dazzling divine light, and the prying sensation vanished.

 The Eye of Destiny!  Zhao Feng inwardly murmured to himself. He had felt this feeling before, so he could guess where it came from. He had even managed to s.n.a.t.c.h onto a barely distinct connection.

Zhao Feng shot an almost imperceptible glance toward a certain place.

“Hmph!” The slim woman huffed, her face ghastly pale. She immediately used a hand to wipe off the blood that had trickled out of her mouth just moments ago.

“Let's go,” the slim woman softly said before immediately leaving.

Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil was shocked and went after her. Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil had long ago developed a habit of choosing to believe in the slim woman's decisions. After all, she possessed the Eye of Destiny.

Once the two had gone a certain distance:

“What's wrong?” Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil immediately asked.

“It failed!” The slim woman had a rather unsightly grimace.

“How could that be?” Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil appeared shocked. As far as he could tell, his comrade hadn't seen a thing.

“He might have some kind of special divine artifact or tool that protects from the peering of destiny,” the slim woman said after thinking for a while.

For her Eye of Destiny to see nothing at all, this was the first time for her. However, she didn't know the reason, so this was the only explanation she could come up with.

“There are even treasures like that?” Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil became pensive. It seemed like their target had many secrets.

“But there is one thing I can confirm; his eye has reached the Quasi G.o.d Eye level!” the slim woman solemnly said.

“How could that be? He's so young and his eye-bloodline isn't even one of the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes, and yet it reached that level?” Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil was flabbergasted.

The eye-bloodlines of his group had all been acquired, but they could use them even better than those people who were born with eye-bloodlines. But even so, only an extremely small number of people had managed to reach that level, after which their statuses were raised and they disappeared.

“This is perfect. He's one of our targets this time, so perhaps our superiors will be interested in his eye.” Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil suddenly broke into a cold smile.

“The members are almost all here. All of you should start moving. I need to rest for a few days….” The thin woman had a gloomy look on her face as she left.

Back in the G.o.d Eye Compet.i.tion Ground:

“Congratulations. You've won! The prize is fifty Wind Intent Crystals!” The referee had already prepared the prize, which he now gave to Zhao Feng.

“Fifty!?” Zhao Feng was taken aback. He hadn't expected it to be so many.

In truth, if he had just one, he could use his G.o.d Eye to duplicate many more. But his Origin energy was currently sealed, which would probably place a large restriction on his duplication ability.

 But it's lucky that it was, otherwise that person might have found something out back there!  Zhao Feng thought to himself.

The Eye of Destiny had to be guarded against!

“d.a.m.n, this kid…!” Ancient G.o.d Departed Spirit stared at Zhao Feng with sinister and terrifying eyes.

He had accepted a mysterious mission, and the other party wanted to see his strength. However, he lost to someone in this compet.i.tion. He might have lost his chance at this important mission.

At this moment, Ancient G.o.d Departed Spirit's brow rose as he sent his mind into his Interspatial Dimension and received a message. Ancient G.o.d Departed Spirit exhaled in relief; his strength had reached the other party's requirements.

“Kid, let's duel again some time!” After saying this, Ancient G.o.d Departed Spirit left.

The crowd stared at Zhao Feng in shock. They all originally believed that Ancient G.o.d Departed Spirit's victory was certain, but in the end, even Ancient G.o.d Departed Spirit was defeated.

After receiving his prize, Zhao Feng left the compet.i.tion ground.

“Zhao Feng, don't b.u.t.t heads with Ancient G.o.d Departed Spirit. Although you won in this compet.i.tion, it's hard to say how an actual battle would turn out. After all, he's an expert in Death Intent. It's better to not provoke him,” Xiahou Wu suggested.

“I need some precious cultivation resources, so I plan to go around to various places to collect them.” Zhao Feng nodded his head and spoke.

“Then we'll part for now!” Xiahou Wu naturally heard the unspoken meaning in Zhao Feng's words.

The two split up. Xiahou Wu seemed very interested in the G.o.d Eye Compet.i.tion Ground and decided to remain.


Zhao Feng transformed into a streak of light and flew to the meeting place.

In actuality, after the compet.i.tion ended, Zhao Feng received a message from the mysterious person giving the location where they could meet. This was why Zhao Feng was in such a rush to leave.

When he took the mission, he signed a contract that forbade him from leaking the matter, so he could only lie.

He quickly arrived at a high-cla.s.s inn surrounded by picturesque scenery. Zhao Feng entered, found an ordinary room, and knocked on the door.

“Please enter.” A deep voice came from inside, and Zhao Feng pushed open the door and entered.

The room was gloomy and lit with a few extremely dim lights. This appeared to be some kind of special isolated domain.

But this didn't affect Zhao Feng's vision. There were three people in the room. One was as young lady of exquisite beauty, one was a short-haired middle-aged man with an aloof face, and the last was a black-clothed young man with a pair of pitch-black and sinister eyes.

“This is the last person?” a soft and gentle woman's voice sounded through the room as the lady turned to look at Zhao Feng together with the short-haired man sitting next to her.

“His strength should be fine,” the lady paused on Zhao Feng's eye for a few moments and tactfully said after realizing that he didn't have one of the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes.

“It's the Ziling Zone's… Zhao Feng!” the short-haired man looked at Zhao Feng for a while before stating.

“Mm.” Zhao Feng nodded.

This short-haired middle-aged man was the person he had seen at the arena, Lin Chengwu. He might have recognized Zhao Feng due to his fame, but it also might have been because of Young Master Hai.

The beautiful lady appeared unmoved. She clearly didn't know who Zhao Feng was. However, since Lin Chengwu knew who Zhao Feng was, then Zhao Feng was certainly not some n.o.body, so she had nothing to say.

“I am Ancient G.o.d Black Extreme, the person who issued the mission,” the man with pitch-black eyes indifferently said. He then simply introduced the members of the group.

“Since you're all here, I believe that all of you should be hoping to travel with me to explore the ruins,” the black-clothed Ancient G.o.d Black Extreme said.

This allowed Zhao Feng to immediately confirm that this truly was the person who had given them this mission.

“Let's get to the point.” The beautiful lady softly chuckled.

Lin Chengwu nodded his head. Just like Zhao Feng, he didn't completely trust Ancient G.o.d Black Extreme. He had come here to get more information so that he could make the final decision.

“Then I'll speak frankly. I suspect that place to be the ruins of an Eight Great G.o.d Eye descendant's residence from the Ancient Era or Great Ancient Era. I explored that area alone before, and the dangers encountered were something I could pa.s.sably handle,” Ancient G.o.d Black Extreme slowly said.

The three others in the room slightly frowned in silence.

“Of course, there are dangers inside that are more than I can deal with alone, so I avoided them. If the four of us go together, the four of us can decide if we want to explore those more dangerous areas. As long as we're cautious and retreat as soon as we run into any danger we can't deal with, we shouldn't run into any problems,” Ancient G.o.d Black Extreme's face darkened as he added.

“What faction do you belong to? Why didn't you report this matter to your faction?” Lin Chengwu suddenly asked.

Ancient G.o.d Black Extreme appeared to come from an extremely unusual faction – one they had never seen or heard about – so he was rather curious about it.

“It is a secret faction of the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds that is not small, but I can say no more. If I reported these ruins to the faction behind me, what I would gain would be much less than if we searched the place together!” Ancient G.o.d Black Extreme's lips curled into an avaricious smile.

“If that's the case, then you could just slowly explore the place on your own. Why invite us?” The beautiful lady's eyes sparkled.

“The dimension those ruins reside in is getting more unstable. It probably won't be long before it's exposed to the world. This is why I decided to invite all of you so that we can extract as much as we can from those ruins before they're exposed,” Ancient G.o.d Black Extreme nonchalantly said.

They continued to converse, with Zhao Feng asking a few questions of his own.

“How is it? Accept or give up?” Ancient G.o.d Black Extreme faintly smiled at the three.

“I'll go!” Lin Chengwu was the first to reply.

The beautiful young lady also chose to accept. They were both extremely interested in these ruins left behind by descendants of the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes that Ancient G.o.d Black Extreme spoke of.

“I have no problems.” Zhao Feng stated his own stance.

Based on what he could understand, there weren't many problems with this mission, and the risks were not that great.

The group decided on a time to set out and then left.

Once they were all gone, the room regained its brightness, and a faint aroma began to drift in. After a long while, the door to a room not far away opened.

A lively and gleeful girl dressed in green jumped out. Her skin was glossy and white while her face was gorgeous and made her seem quick-witted. Her white eyes were bursting with life, innocent and pure.

The moment she appeared, she immediately drew the attention of all the men nearby. But then their eyes went wide, their faces becoming shocked and enchanted. This was because a tall woman dressed in white had walked out of the room as well. She had a waterfall of black hair and a face beautiful enough to make geese fall from the sky. Her serene and wise white eyes seemed to be able to see all things in the world.

She silently stood in front of the door like a n.o.ble fairy in a painting, causing the hearts of the onlookers to waver and thump. In comparison, the beautiful young girl seemed to have lost all her radiance.

“Big Sis Qin, you said that you were waiting here for someone, but we didn't see anyone yet, so why are we leaving?” the cute and vivacious young girl asked.

“We've already seen them. The matter is finished, so we should go back.” The woman in white calmly smiled.

“Is that so? Sister Qin's Eye of Destiny is getting more and more mysterious!” The young girl's two eyes looked upward in confusion as she somewhat enviously spoke.

These two breathtakingly beautiful young women soon took their leave.

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