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Chapter 1309: G.o.d Eye Fusion Art

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1309 – G.o.d Eye Fusion Art

“Haha, after playing with all of you for so long, it's finally time to bring things to a close!” Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil coldly said.

Originally, the three of them planned to have their teams meet in the core area and kill each other so that they could seize all the G.o.d Eye descendants in one fell swoop. However, the appearance of the Blazing Gold Race made a mess of their plans.

Even if both sides fought and heavily injured each other, the three leaders had no way of cleaning up the aftermath. Thus, the slim woman slipped away to find their other comrades in this place. Now, the six of them had gathered together, and they no longer needed to keep running.

The other five all stepped forward. The six of them stood in a row, their eye-bloodlines all surging with astonis.h.i.+ng Origin energy.

 Not good….  Zhao Feng's heart began to thump, and his face contorted in a grimace.

For some reason, this scene reminded him of how the five G.o.d Eye descendants back in the Continent Zone had used a secret technique to heavily wound True G.o.d Tian Fa.

But everyone else didn't seem very worried.

“I don't know why you lured me here, but your plan has failed. Just what do you think you can do with your level of strength?” Ancient G.o.d Departed Spirit sneered.

Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil, Ancient G.o.d Black Extreme, and the slim woman were the leaders of their three teams and the issuers of the mission. Now, they had apparently joined up with another group.

The G.o.d Eye descendants present naturally now understood that these G.o.d Eye ruins were a trap from the very start. If the Blazing Gold Race had not appeared, their three teams would have probably begun to fight each other in the core area.

The appearance of the Blazing Gold Race had caused the three teams to join together, ruining the original plan. However, the current situation also didn't seem very good. They were no match for the Blazing Gold Race in the first place, and now, both Ancient G.o.d Black Extreme and Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil had left.

But Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil's new team only had six people, and among them, the Eye of Destiny had no fighting abilities. Thus, this team of six could be considered the weakest of the three sides.

Yet this group of mysterious mission issuers was the brashest of the lot. They even dared to say in front of the Blazing Gold Race that Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit was about to die and everything was about to come to an end.

The members of the Blazing Gold Race were infuriated, but Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit and the violet-robed elder stopped them from doing anything rash. They weren't capable of fighting everyone here, so they needed to be cautious.

“Regardless of what you want to do, everything is over now.” Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil indifferently scanned the crowd, showing no regard for any of them.

After saying this, the six G.o.d Eye descendants began to circulate their Origin energy.

“Origin energy! What are they planning?” The other G.o.d Eye descendants were alarmed and suspicious.

Origin energy was the foundation of an eye-bloodline and was rarely used unless absolutely necessary.

The Blazing Gold Race side was unperturbed. It was just the Origin energy of six G.o.d Eye descendants, not anything to worry about.

The one with the greatest change of expression was none other than Zhao Feng.

 As expected, they know the G.o.d Eye Fusion Art!  Zhao Feng's mind was reeling as he unconsciously began to step backward.

He had seen for himself the power of the G.o.d Eye Fusion Art. Even an expert one level higher could be instantly killed.

 But the G.o.d Eye Fusion Art shouldn't be able to be used for very long.  Zhao Feng somewhat calmed down.

The G.o.d Eye Fusion Art was extremely taxing, so there was a limit to how long it could be used, certainly not enough to handle everyone present.

But a moment later, Zhao Feng's eyes turned grave. The six G.o.d Eye descendants, helmed by Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil, began to make gestures with their hands, controlling their Origin Energies to fuse together.

 It seems like I underestimated them!  Zhao Feng once more became nervous.

He remembered that, back in the Continent Zone, of the five G.o.d Eye descendants, four of them released their Origin energy and gave it to Sacred King Samsara to control. But at this time, all six of the G.o.d Eye descendants were playing the role of controller. This meant that the power unleashed by the G.o.d Eye Fusion would be even more exquisite and perfect.

On the Blazing Gold Race's side, both Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit and the violet-robed elder slightly frowned. They felt that something was wrong. Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil's group of six was simply too confident and composed, and their actions were far too strange.

“We can't act too recklessly. If we attack Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil's group, Zhao Feng's group will definitely join with them and attack us,” the violet-robed elder messaged to the members of his team.

But a moment later, Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit growled and shot toward Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil's group of six in a ball of golden light.

On the surface, it appeared like Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil's group was of no threat to them, but Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit's intuition told him that this group was up to something fishy. If these enemies weren't stopped now, the Blazing Gold Race would suffer horrifying consequences.

“Devil Shattering Heaven Flame Palm!” Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit fused his physical and bloodline energy into a ma.s.sive mountain of golden flames that rumbled toward Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil's team.

“Go!” Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil sensed Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit's movements and sent his mind into his Interspatial Dimension, removing from it a triangular piece of metal.

 Dingding! Clank!

The triangular piece of metal was activated, complicated patterns emerging on its surface. Dark silver barriers of light spilled out from its three sides, creating a barrier that tightly enclosed the six of them.

 Boom! Bang!

Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit's peerless palm collided against the dark silver barrier, but this attack that contained all his power was actually blocked by this barrier.


Two energies fiercely smashed against each other. After a long while, the dark silver barrier began to dim, but by the time that happened, the power of Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit's palm had completely dissipated.


The triangular piece of metal dropped to the ground. It was clear that this was a one-time-use object. Once it had been used, it essentially became trash.

Everyone present, including Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit, was stunned by this sight. Something that could block the full-power blow of a Rank Eight Ancient G.o.d could be considered a life-saving trump card.

“It was actually blocked…?” Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit grimaced as he once more began to gather his strength into another attack.

But at this moment, he suddenly sensed a strength that could reign supreme over all things – that a lethal crisis was about to befall him.

 Boom! Bzzzzz!

A mysterious strength that distorted s.p.a.ce appeared over the heads of Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil's group of six. This power was indistinct, as if it didn't really exist, and yet it was also the G.o.d of the world, able to influence all things! From a distance, one could vaguely make out what appeared to be an eye within this indistinct ball of energy.


Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit retreated back to the Blazing Gold Race's group.

“This energy…!” The G.o.d Eye descendants all had stunned and startled expressions. Their eyes were all transfixed on that ball of indistinct power hanging over Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil's group.

“How could this be? It's the energy of a G.o.d Eye!” All the G.o.d Eye descendants could clearly sense that unique and supreme aura of a G.o.d Eye.

They had seen with their own eyes the group of six use a secret art to summon this power. Otherwise, they might have believed that one of these six either had a G.o.d Eye or had a G.o.d Eye Deity backing them.

“Not good! Retreat for now!” Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit growled as he began to flee.

This energy was far too terrifying and could definitely pose a lethal threat to him. And given how he acted earlier, Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil's group definitely wouldn't let the Blazing Gold Race go free.

“Let's go!” The remaining members of the Blazing Gold Race saw their leader fleeing and immediately followed.

On the other side, Zhao Feng was also feeling a desire to retreat.

“Today, no one will be able to escape this place!” Beneath that indistinct energy, Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil sneered.

“Seal!” The six formed a spell in unison, apparently communicating with the indistinct ball of energy over their heads.

Suddenly, the ball of energy unleashed an indistinct barrier that spread in all directions. In a flash, this barrier completely engulfed the central hall.

“A boundary!?” Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit, who was anxious to flee, sensed the boundary energy in front of him and immediately gathered his s.p.a.ce Intent and punched.

 Boom! Bang!

A giant fist of blazing flames slammed into the boundary and was stopped dead. Even more strangely, the power in the fist began to gradually wane. After two seconds, those flames that were as bright as the sun became like the glowing of fireflies, after which they were extinguished.

“This is…” Zhao Feng's face immediately turned grim. Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit's punch did no damage whatsoever to the boundary, and its energy had been seemingly absorbed. If that was the case, even he would find it very difficult to escape.

It was the same G.o.d Eye Fusion Art, but Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil's group of six was clearly much more skilled in its application. And with the six of them controlling the energy, they had many more ways of using this energy.

“All of you are already fish in a barrel.” Ancient G.o.d Black Extreme sinisterly chuckled.

“Without our permission, you intruded into our territory. The only end for you is death!” Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil turned his eyes to the Blazing Gold Race team.

 Buzz! Bzzz!

Their hands gestured out more spells, and the indistinct energy above them seemed to respond, thumping like a heart. Suddenly, an indistinct chain shot out, a sharp point attached to its tip.


This chain shot straight toward Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit.

“d.a.m.n!” Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit's face turned ashen as he took out a square golden s.h.i.+eld.


The tip at the end of the chain stabbed straight into the s.h.i.+eld.

“How!? This is a high-quality divine artifact!” Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit panicked.

He found it impossible to determine what kind of energy formed this chain, but this energy made him feel like he was in mortal danger, and it had easily pierced through his high-quality divine artifact. Although it was on the lower end of defensive high-quality divine artifacts, it was still a high-quality divine artifact!

 Clingcling! Thwis.h.!.+

A few moments later, the chain finished piercing through the s.h.i.+eld. But by this time, Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit had already moved aside. The chain pa.s.sed through where he had originally been standing.


A Blazing Gold Race member standing behind that area was pierced by the chain.

 Boom! Bang!

The moment he was pierced by the chain, his body exploded, and the golden soul in his body was pulled out by the indistinct chain. No matter how it struggled, it couldn't escape. Slowly, his soul dimmed until it was no more.

Killed in a single blow without the slightest suspense!

Everyone saw what happened. Their bodies were frozen to the spot as if they had been petrified. This was a power that could make a Rank Eight Ancient G.o.d flee, pierce through a high-quality defensive divine artifact, and instantly kill a Rank Seven Ancient G.o.d. What sort of power could accomplish this?

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