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Chapter 1310: Invincible Power

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1310 – Invincible Power

“It was actually dodged?” Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil’s flat and indifferent voice broke the silence.

“Just what sort of power is that?” the violet-robed elder of the Blazing Gold Race asked with a trembling voice.

It had instantly killed a Rank Seven Ancient G.o.d without even giving a chance to struggle, even annihilating the soul. Anyone who was pierced by this indistinct chain would probably suffer the same result.

Nearby, Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit was ghastly pale, his heart still thumping in fear. Even though he was a Rank Eight Ancient G.o.d, if he had not dodged that attack just now, he would have been instantly killed all the same.

Zhao Feng’s expression chilled. Back in the Continent Zone, using Sacred King Samsara’s secret art just once had taken all their energy, so the power of the attack was enormous and extremely difficult to avoid.

After using this secret art once, the six did not appear to have expended much energy and could seemingly use it again. However, the power and area of the attack were correspondingly weaker.

“How…? How could they be this strong?” Ancient G.o.d Departed Spirit was stunned.

Earlier, he had even said that Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil’s group wouldn’t be able to do anything. But now, Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil’s group of six was wielding a mysterious energy that could easily kill a Rank Seven Ancient G.o.d without the slightest suspense.

“You won’t be so lucky next time.” Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil coldly harrumphed.

At this moment, the group of six formed another spell. The indistinct energy above them once more produced a chain, identical to the first.

“Oh no!” Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit grimaced.

The target this time was still apparently him, and there seemed to be an additional chain this time, making the attack even more difficult to avoid.

“Everyone, they’ve already locked down this area. If we don’t kill them, we will be the ones dying here!” The panicked Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit immediately turned to Zhao Feng and the other G.o.d Eye descendants to propose an alliance.

“It seems like that’s our only option,” Ancient G.o.d Departed Spirit grimly said.

After all, Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil’s true target was the G.o.d Eye descendants. Although his group of six was dealing with the Blazing Gold Race first, there was no way that they would let their actual target go.

“Mm, we have to undo their secret art!” The azure-robed elder’s eyes gleamed.

The secret art used by Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil’s group of six had the power to annihilate everything. Even Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit feared it. But once their secret art was undone, the six of them would just be ordinary Rank Seven Ancient G.o.ds. Whether it was the Blazing Gold Race team or the temporary alliance between the azure-robed elder, Ancient G.o.d Departed Spirit, and Zhao Feng, either party would be able to easily take care of them.

In addition, the azure-robed elder was extremely interested in the secret art used by Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil’s group.

Zhao Feng also did not object to an alliance with the Blazing Gold Race. After all, the most important thing here was survival. Zhao Feng could sense that he was one of Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil’s primary targets, so he was all too anxious to get rid of this threat.

The Blazing Gold Race and Zhao Feng’s group began to approach the center.

“Hmph, pointless.” Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil had an indifferent look on his face, apparently caring little about their alliance.


But the two chains within that ball of energy shot out nevertheless.

These two chains shooting out like venomous snakes had everyone s.h.i.+vering in fear.

“Dodge!” the azure-robed elder cried out in alarm.

Anyone struck by these chains was doomed.

“The chains are targeting me. Use this chance to attack them and break their secret art!” Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit roared, using a secret speed skill to transform into a golden streak of light.

“Okay!” The G.o.d Eye descendants charged at Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil’s group.

The remaining members of the Blazing Gold Race put all their energy into attacking the chains, hoping to impede them and give Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit a chance to dodge.

“Finally, something to do!” The other three G.o.d Eye descendants in Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil’s group began to form spells with their hands, communicating with the indistinct energy above them.


The eye-like ball of twisted and indistinct energy immediately unleashed a barrier over the group of six.

“Death Light Wave!”

“Destruction Flas.h.!.+”

The holders of the Eye of Death and Eye of Destruction in Zhao Feng’s group circulated their Eye Intent and unleashed their most powerful techniques. A gloomy black ripple of light and a dazzling golden beam impacted against the indistinct barrier.

But the results were not as they imagined. These powerful attacks from the two G.o.d Eye descendants only created ripples on the barrier.


Destruction and Death energy battered the barrier, attempting to break through. But in the end, even after these energies were completely consumed, they still had no effect.

“How could this be? Not even Death Intent or Destruction Intent work?” The azure-robed elder was stupefied.

Death Intent and Destruction Intent were two of the strongest Intents, but their attacks didn’t have even the slightest effect against this barrier.

“Let me try!” Lin Chengwu blinked forward, his Eye of s.p.a.cetime already turning.

“Extreme s.p.a.ce Blade!”

A dazzling gold and silver blade gathered in front of his eyes.


This blade suddenly vanished, and when it appeared once more, it was right in front of the barrier.

“Not even s.p.a.ce Intent does anything!?” Lin Chengwu was surprised.

His idea just now was to use a s.p.a.cetime eye-bloodline technique to get past the barrier and attack one of the people inside it. However, his Extreme s.p.a.ce Blade was forced to appear as it approached the barrier.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

The gold and silver blade with its formidable s.p.a.ce-piercing abilities clashed against the barrier, but it slowly began to scatter as it ran up against the barrier.

“Earthshaking Nova!” Zhao Feng also used a few eye-bloodline techniques, but all of them were blocked by the barrier without exception.

On the other side, Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit was powerful and had a variety of techniques. With the a.s.sistance of the rest of the Blazing Gold Race members, he was able to avoid the two chains.

As Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit dodged, he occasionally observed how Zhao Feng’s side was doing.

“How could this be? Not even the Intent energy of G.o.d Eye descendants can pierce through the defense of their secret art?” Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit’s face was ashen.

Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil’s group of six could be said to be wielding both the most powerful spear and the most powerful s.h.i.+eld.

“Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil, stop saving energy. Kill that Rank Eight Ancient G.o.d and the rest will be easy to deal with,” the slim woman scanned the area with her Eye of Destiny and declared.

“Okay!” Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil’s face turned grim and his eyes exploded with cold light.

The two chains suddenly retracted.

“What’s going on?” Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit turned in surprise to Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil’s group of six. His intuition told him that his enemies would not easily give up.

Not good! They’re changing their method of attack! Zhao Feng’s heart sank. He was keenly aware of the true power this secret art could display.

Buzz! Bzzz!

At this moment, the indistinct ball of energy began to exude mysterious rays of light. These faint rays of light began to outline a fuzzy pupil.

Not good…. Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit s.h.i.+vered. As this indistinct eye stared at him, he felt his blood, Divine Power, and soul giving up all resistance and submitting to it.

Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit felt an unprecedented danger, and his soul was constantly s.h.i.+vering.


The indistinct eye suddenly exploded with light, and then it fired an indistinct ball of energy.

“No, I don’t want to die…!” Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit’s eyes almost bulged out, his face stricken by terror and despair. He could keenly sense that, no matter where he fled, he would not be able to dodge this attack.

Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit did not want to die like this. He burned his Origin Divine Power, transforming into a golden sun as he prepared to flee.

But just as he began to move, that mysterious and indistinct power that ruled over all appeared in front of him.


Boom! Bang!

Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit’s screams were drowned out by an all-destroying explosion. Faint spatial fractures appeared in the center of the explosions, pulling in the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

Once the destructive storm died down, nothing was left. Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit was instantly slayed!

“Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit!”

“This is impossible!”

All the members of the Blazing Gold Race were utterly frozen for a few moments, and then they began to shout in alarm. The leader of their team and their strongest member had been instantly slain.

“What kind of energy is this…!?” The G.o.d Eye descendants around Zhao Feng all swallowed, staring in shock at where a Rank Eight Ancient G.o.d had once stood.

“Even with my Samsara Immortal Body, I wouldn’t be able to survive!” The beautiful girl couldn’t help but tremble. She, who had never feared death before, now understood its terror.

“That’s how it should be. If you don’t give them something to look at, they think that they’re really something.” Ancient G.o.d Black Extreme sneered.

“The attack just now was too powerful. We nearly destroyed this place’s precious research results. We should remove these things first,” the slim woman coldly said.

The attack that killed Ancient G.o.d Giant Spirit had already destroyed one of the nearby instruments, and it had nearly affected the eight-sided installment in the center.

“Mm!” The rest of the group nodded.

Their primary objective in this mission was to move out the research results and data from these ruins. Capturing G.o.d Eye descendants was just a side project.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

The six began to take out strange tools and activate them. A moment later, the many instruments in the central hall suddenly came to life.

Dingding! Clank!

Many of the instruments began to shrink and then move to the group of six.

“They can control these instruments and installations of the Heaven’s Legacy Race!?”

“How? Do they belong to the Heaven’s Legacy Race?”

Everyone else stared in shock at this scene. Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil’s group of six ignored their presence and occupied themselves with their task.

It only took a short while for the central hall to be emptied out. The only thing left was the eight-sided installation in the center.

“We can’t move this installation. Just take the fruits of the research and the data inside!” Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil ordered as he made an attempt to operate the installation.

It made a few strange sounds. The transparent crystal extensions carrying the eight pairs of G.o.d Eye descendant eyes detached from the installation.

“G.o.d Eye descendant eyes verging on the Quasi G.o.d Eye level…!” Ancient G.o.d Departed Spirit was slightly tempted.

If he was able to obtain a pair of Eyes of Death on the verge of the Quasi G.o.d Eye level, he might be able to absorb the energy in those eyes and trigger a transformation in his own pair of eyes. Advancing to the Quasi G.o.d Eye level was not out of the question. But he did not dare to move.

The other G.o.d Eye descendants were also burning with desire for those eight pairs of eyes, but none of them dared to move either.

But at this moment, a silver-gray light shot out from one of the entrances to the hall.


The light instantly appeared above one of the crystal extensions, after which the lithe and slender body of the little thieving cat appeared.

“Not good! It’s the Heaven’s Legacy Cat!” Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil immediately warned.

“It’s really a Heaven’s Legacy Cat?” The Eye of Divine Punishment in Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil’s team was flabbergasted.

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