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Chapter 738 - Pursuit of Death (1)

The power of the Dao of Entertainment contained within the coin not only strengthened one's Intent, it also helped the soul dramatically. It could be said that it contained the effects of both the Mermaid Tears and the Illusion G.o.d Wine.

The stars in the world spun in a profound way and seemed to contain universal laws. The sound of the qin next to his ears seemed to pa.s.s through time and make one enter a profound state.

In just a short few breaths, Zhao Feng felt as if he had become a saint. His soul became pure and excreted all the impurities. One had to know that Zhao Feng's soul was already almost as strong as an Emperor's, and now it had been further cleansed.

Of course, this strengthening of his soul was most interesting to Zhao Feng. In that short instant, Zhao Feng's soul seemed to become complete. Every Intent and law seemed to be close to him.

"This is the complete state that only a Void G.o.d Realm Emperor can reach…." Zhao Feng sighed in his heart. Like the Illusion G.o.d Wine, this effect was only temporary.

The Illusion G.o.d Wine was extremely useful to those below a King, but after one reached the level of a King, advancing the soul was much harder. Therefore, even though the effect of this coin was more than ten times stronger than the Illusion G.o.d Wine, Zhao Feng couldn't instantly break through.


Zhao Feng's consciousness returned to reality, and the feeling started to fade. Everything became as calm as water, but the coin in his hand had dimmed a lot.

"Master?" the child DemiG.o.d was full of surprise and curiosity. In that moment just now, Zhao Feng's aura changed slightly.

"Two Seniors, my goal here has been completed…." Zhao Feng expressed his grat.i.tude to the couple from the Sky Sacred Qin Palace. He had almost fully confirmed whether Liu Qinxin was alive or dead.

The couple from the Sky Sacred Qin Palace were still full of shock. They didn't understand what had happened to the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace.

"Brother Zhao, do you know how that Liu Qinxin entered this place?" the couple asked.

"The Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace comes from the Ancient Era of the Fan Universe and contains the laws of Heaven and Earth, including the Dao of Life, Entertainment, Samara, and more. It's not something a single force alone can control," Zhao Feng said.

The memories Liu Qinxin gave him appeared in his mind. Firstly, the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace wasn't completely controlled by the Sky Sacred Qin Palace. Even the founder couldn't do so. Apart from that, it concerned the laws of Karma and Life, as well as another source of power - the Sage.

So… the Sage already told me whether Liu Qinxin died or not back in the Azure Flower Continent, many puzzles in Zhao Feng's heart were solved. The Sage had said "more misfortune than fortune" but didn't specify what that actually meant.

"If it weren't for Qinxin, I wouldn't have entered the outside world so quickly, and I definitely would've missed the DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden. That means my destiny would've been completely different."

Zhao Feng felt that destiny was extremely complex and meaningful.

Back then, becoming Lord Guanjun's disciple was a major turning point for him. If it weren't for that, he wouldn't have entered the true world of cultivation so quickly. It might've been a dozen years before he even reached the Ascended Realm.

Later, if Zhao Feng listened to Patriarch Hong's suggestion and entered the Sacred Alliance and that two-star sect, his current cultivation would be at the peak Small Origin Core Realm at most.

It was the same thing with the skeletal Division Leader. Only by following Zhao Feng did it have its current achievements. One had to know that the skeletal Division Leader's strength was now comparable to the Scarlet Moon Religion Patriarch's, and with the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, it was even stronger.

The group of people started to walk back down from the 49th floor. There was still puzzlement in the couple's eyes, but they knew that they couldn't fully control the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace.

"Senior Zhao, it seems Lady Liu didn't die very simply since she was able to reach the 49th floor," Li Xueyi couldn't help but be curious.

This was just too suspicious. Firstly, it wouldn't have been a bad choice if Liu Qinxin stopped at the 48th floor or even earlier. Secondly, Zhao Feng didn't seem to be very sad; on the contrary, he was extremely calm.

"Qinxin has successfully changed her destiny, dying in peace and satisfaction. She had been planning for this her entire life," Zhao Feng murmured.

After all, Liu Qinxin dying was what she wanted. For Zhao Feng to reach here made her die with no regrets. She even prepared a present for him if he came.

There are still some details I need to ask the Sage about, Zhao Feng thought.

Seven years had pa.s.sed, and Zhao Feng was suspicious about whether Liu Qinxin had already been "born" for six or seven years.

After leaving the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace, Zhao Feng and company teamed up to re-seal it. Later that day, the couple persuaded Zhao Feng to stay behind and be the Sky Sacred Qin Palace's guest.

The couple didn't know that, because of this action, the Sky Sacred Qin Palace evaded a disaster.

Since Zhao Feng wanted to comprehend the bronze coin, he agreed.

Within an elegant building, Zhao Feng sat down and got himself together before starting to comprehend the bronze coin. His consciousness entered the large mysterious world where music flowed into his ears. It was as if he had entered a dream.

After entering this state, Zhao Feng's soul and Intent once again rose. Since he was in a calm surrounding, Zhao Feng could focus on comprehension, and to make it even more efficient, he opened his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye and tried to copy the Intent into his mind.

Zhao Feng didn't use the bronze coin at all times. He would only stay there for ten breaths before using several hours to stabilize and steady his Intent. After all, the amount of power contained within the bronze coin was limited, and he wanted to maximize it.

Furthermore, this coin was left behind by Liu Qinxin. Zhao Feng didn't want to use all of its powers. He wanted to keep it.

As time pa.s.sed, a profound force started to appear and fade around the building where Zhao Feng was located. The Intent contained within it even slightly surpa.s.sed the level of a King.

In the dimension of his left eye, the change in size of the purple-colored soul sea wasn't big, but it had a pure feeling to it. This only happened when one's soul reached the level of an Emperor.

Zhao Feng felt as if his mental energy was a growing plant, and the power of his Intent was becoming stronger.

In comparison, the light from the bronze coin was slowly fading.

"I almost formed Emperor Intent…!" Zhao Feng was excited and expectant.

After training with the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, the Ancient Dream Realm, and other factors, his soul was around the level of an Emperor's, and he had fulfilled the requirements to form Emperor Intent. As long as his Intent rose by half a level, everything would be complete.

In the blink of an eye, a day or two pa.s.sed, and the power of Heaven and Earth above Zhao Feng started to form lightning and wind. No matter what Zhao Feng did, he couldn't stop the interaction between Heaven and Human. His Intent kept on comprehending Heaven and Earth as it tried to control a more profound power.

"It's about time…." Zhao Feng's mental energy was like a pearl that became more and more pure, until it released a brilliant radiance. At this moment in time, he felt as if he was the center of Wind, Lightning, and Fire. The elements seemed to bow down to him.

If he was willing, Zhao Feng could limit the entire s.p.a.ce within a certain area with just a thought, not just the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. Normal Emperors had reached an incredible understanding of s.p.a.ce and Heaven and Earth, hence they were able to materialize their domains and form their own Little World. However, Little Worlds were created in the True Yuan dimension.

At a certain point in time, Zhao Feng's G.o.d's Spiritual Eye twitched, as if warning him. A shocking Intent of Death pa.s.sed through the air and shot straight toward the location of the Sky Sacred Qin Palace.

An hour later, the Magnificent Power of Death started to close in on the Sky Sacred Qin Palace.

"It's an Emperor's Intent, and a rare Intent of Death at that!" the hearts of the couple from the Sky Sacred Qin Palace sped up. "Be on guard!"

The Sky Sacred Qin Palace quickly opened the protective array.

"He's finally here?" the child DemiG.o.d stood in front of the building and looked toward a certain direction.

This Emperor Intent was extremely strong, and it might not be weaker than some Mystic Light Realms in terms of pure power. The Mystic Light Realm was a dramatic change in True Yuan as well as becoming one with the soul.

As the Magnificent Power of Death got closer, everything within a thousand miles trembled out of fear. From ants to Sovereigns and Kings, all of them became uneasy due to the fear of Death. Even the child DemiG.o.d felt uneasy.

"Emperor of Death, why did you come to the Sky Sacred Qin Palace?"

The two Magnificent Powers of the couple from the Sky Sacred Qin Palace covered the mountain. The two respectively held a qin and a sword as they stood side by side. Their domains complimented each other's.

Since they were a couple that dual-cultivated, they were the strongest combination inside the island zone. With the combined strength of their qin and sword, they had once defeated a Peak-tier King.

However, at this moment in time, facing the power of Death that seemed able to engulf anything in its path, the expressions of the two went white like candles about to blow out in front of a storm.

Heaven and Earth seemed to fall into darkness as a majestic figure wearing a dark golden crown closed in like the G.o.d of Death.

"Emperor of Death!"

The entire Sky Sacred Qin Palace was dead-silent, and the couple knew the Emperor of Death extremely well. The previous Sect Master had partic.i.p.ated in pursuing the Emperor of Death, even though he didn't do much.

Now that the Emperor of Death was here, the Sky Sacred Qin Palace wouldn't be able to escape no matter what.

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