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Chapter 797 - Profit and Loss

The group that was following the snakeman priest was even stronger than the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan's group.

“Which clan managed to force the snakeman priest into such situation?”

Old Fei and company were surprised, but they also let out a breath at the same time. The strength of the priest was monstrous when he communicated with the Evil G.o.d Crystal.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The leader of the new group was a muscular male with thick eyebrows. He held a spear, and lightning sparkled everywhere.

“You humans…! Good, very good!”

The snakeman priest became enraged. This other group had destroyed the home of the snakemen, so the snakeman priest went back to try to help, but he wasn't the muscular male's match. Once he left the black field, he would be unable to communicate with the power of the Evil Crystal G.o.d.


The snakeman priest waved his staff, and weird purple lightning snakes shot toward the group.


Screams sounded from the chasing group. They didn't expect the snakeman priest to become this much stronger after reaching the black field.

“Extreme Lightning Spear!” The muscular male with thick eyebrows stabbed out with his spear, condensing the power of lightning into an arc as it pierced through the air.


A purple-and-blood-colored light glowed from the snakeman priest and interacted with the power of the Evil G.o.d Crystal. Although the snakeman priest was unable to fully and truly use this power, it was much more profound, and the muscular male's attack was unable to break through the priest's defense.

“How is this possible…?” The muscular male was dazed. The snakeman priest that he beat the c.r.a.p out of moments ago was now even stronger than he was.

The snakeman priest casually waved his staff, attacking the muscular male with a purple-and-blood-colored light that forced him to retreat.

The power of the Evil G.o.d Crystal is too profound even though it doesn't contain any laws…. Zhao Feng retreated to a corner.

The priest didn't have any technique; he relied on pure power. Even Emperors would be slightly weaker in terms of pure power, but luckily, the Evil G.o.d Crystal didn't contain any Intent.

“Anger of the Evil G.o.d!” The snakeman priest raised his staff, and the force of the Evil G.o.d Crystal radiated across the area. The entire black field was covered by a purple-and-blood-colored haze.

All the elites felt their lifeforce, blood, and even their bloodlines become weaker.


On the other hand, the color of the Evil G.o.d Crystal became brighter. Zhao Feng finally understood why those with bloodlines would have a unique attraction to the power of the Evil G.o.d Crystal.

“May I ask if you are Gu Chaozhi, who is ranked 145th on the Imperial Genius rankings? Let's team up and fight the priest together,” Old Fei suggested.

Many people recognized the muscular male with the spear. Gu Chaozhi came from a three-star power at the edges of the continent zone, the Earth Spirit Hall. He was also on the Imperial Genius rankings, and he was ranked much higher than Kong Feiling.

“Sure.” Gu Chaozhi was extremely straightforward. He made the elites of the Earth Spirit Hall form a defensive formation to fight against the snakeman priest. The pressure on the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and the Purple Sun Palace was smaller, and they used this chance to fight back.

The geniuses of the Earth Spirit Hall, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, and the Purple Sun Palace all combined their power. Their force wasn't something to be underestimated; the Earth Spirit Hall alone was a three-star superpower.

Boom! Boom! Bam!

The field underneath the Evil G.o.d's Altar started to shake, and the snakeman priest gripped his staff slightly. He wasn't as nonchalant as before. The two King geniuses – Gu Chaozhi and Nan Gongsheng – would occasionally ambush him from the side as well.

“Kill the priest first, then we'll discuss how to split the Evil G.o.d Crystal!”

The three forces and Nan Gongsheng all came to an agreement and increased their offense.

Although the snakeman priest could connect to the Evil G.o.d Crystal, he was unable to fully unleash its power.

He was slowly put at a disadvantage, but the three powers were unable to kill him. The snakeman priest had retreated to the Evil G.o.d's Altar and was using the power of the Evil G.o.d Crystal and the blood pond. As long as he only focused on defending, even the two Kings would be unable to break through his defense.

What was even worse was that the wicked power of the Evil G.o.d Crystal was filling the field, and everyone was slowly losing their lifeforce and True Yuan. The depleting lifeforce and energy was then being absorbed by the blood pond and the Evil G.o.d Crystal.

If this continued, the three forces wouldn't be in a good spot. Of course, the snakeman priest was also using a lot of energy in the fight.

“We have more people, so we can drag this fight out until he dies.”

The three forces continued their offense, and some of the people directed their attacks toward the altar.

“If we destroy the altar, the speed of the Evil G.o.d Crystal's power absorption will decrease,” Old Fei said with a smile.


Under the barrage of attacks, a crack appeared in the altar despite its extreme toughness. The priest's expression changed slightly.

“Scorpion King, come out!” the priest suddenly exclaimed and waved his staff.


An ugly, black scorpionman jumped out from the blood pond.

“Scorpion King!”

This scorpionman was the one Nan Gongsheng had defeated before. The scorpionman King's injuries had been healed after entering the blood pond, and he was currently covered in a purple-and-blood-colored haze that increased his battle-power and defense.

“Kill!!” The scorpionman King waved its claws and charged into the group with a surge of his dark Magnificent Power.

“Defeated tras.h.!.+” Nan Gongsheng used his spatial techniques to approach the scorpionman King, sending small spatial blades through the air.

After the scorpionman King joined the fight, the pressure on the priest decreased dramatically. Both the scorpionman King's defense and offense were extremely strong, and with the help of the Evil G.o.d Crystal, it was like adding wings onto a tiger.

On the other hand, Nan Gongsheng wasn't at his peak.


Gu Chaozhi from the Earth Spirit Hall gripped his spear and charged toward the Evil G.o.d's Altar several times, but he was sent flying every time.

The priest was using the power of the Evil G.o.d Crystal, so he was almost undefeatable in terms of defense.

“Everyone, retreat!” Old Fei exclaimed; he found that the situation wasn't looking good.

Concerning the two Kings, Nan Gongsheng had already used up a lot of energy, so he was feeling slightly weak. Gu Chaozhi wasn't at his peak either.

The three forces decided to momentarily retreat from the Evil G.o.d's Altar into a pa.s.sage nearby.

Within the dark pa.s.sage of the underground city, the three forces started to discuss with each other while keeping an eye on the Evil G.o.d's Altar.

The scorpionman King returned to the blood pond. The priest didn't dare to let the scorpionman King go too far, otherwise he would be unable to fend off the elites of the three forces by himself when they returned.

“I'll destroy the altar after I recover my energy. I hope everyone will give it their all,” Nan Gongsheng said as he recovered his Yuan Qi in a corner.

“I still have some secret techniques I can use.” Gu Chaozhi nodded his head.

The critical part about dealing with the priest was the altar. If the priest couldn't utilize the power of the Evil G.o.d Crystal, he would be killed.

For the next day or two, all the elites were recovering. On the other hand, Zhao Feng was already refreshed. He hadn't done much in the underground city.

Dark Lightning Wood. A piece of black wood appeared in Zhao Feng's hand, and he quickly circulated the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique to absorb its power. This piece of wood contained the pure essence of lightning, and Zhao Feng's Wind Lightning Technique could become more powerful by absorbing it. Of course, Zhao Feng still needed to purify the dark power within the Dark Lightning Wood.

Dim Wind Bamboo. Zhao Feng's other hand took out a piece of bamboo that summoned a gust of wind.

These two resources were extremely rare in the outside world. One was a powerful Lightning Dao resource, and the other was a powerful Wind Dao resource.

Zhao Feng could multi-task with the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique.

Five Balanced Water Spirit Gra.s.s. A third item appeared in Zhao Feng's hand.

“This guy's so rich. He's directly absorbing those three treasures.” Some of the present disciples nearby were envious, while the older disciples shook their heads. Zhao Feng absorbing three treasures at the same time made others sigh.

Incredibly, Zhao Feng had a high efficiency, and he didn't lose much Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the process. If this wasn't some sort of talent, it would have to be a secret technique.

“That brat cultivates the Dao of Wind Lightning,” Gu Chaozhi murmured as he glanced toward Zhao Feng, but the latter kept on cultivating as if no one was there.

In reality, Zhao Feng also still had the bones of the Purple Wind Lightning Lion, but this wasn't a good time to take them out.

A couple days soon pa.s.sed, and Zhao Feng had absorbed the majority of the three items. His speed was outstanding. The Core Center in his body expanded a little bit; he was a bit closer to the late stage of the Small Origin Core Realm.

When I finish absorbing the bones, I'll be able to reach the late stage of the Small Origin Core Realm, Zhao Feng couldn't help but think. Of course, the scorpionman King had the Crystal Core of a King Purple Wind Lightning Lion, which was even more valuable. If he was able to obtain it, Zhao Feng would be able to break through to the Great Origin Core Realm.

“Get ready to attack.” Gu Chaozhi slowly stood up, and his spear glittered with snakes of lightning.

Nan Gongsheng stood up as well.

This time, the three forces created a formation and used an array that could utilize their advantage in numbers to the fullest.

“Anger of the Evil G.o.d!” The snakeman priest snickered coldly as he waved his staff and created a wicked purple-and-blood-colored haze that covered the area.

However, everyone was ready for this. With the help of the array, the power of the Evil G.o.d Crystal was reduced dramatically.

At the same time, Nan Gongsheng and Gu Chaozhi attacked.

“Lightning Burst!” Gu Chaozhi's Earth-grade spear shot out from his hand and spat out a beam of lightning that exploded on the Evil G.o.d's Altar. For an instant, the entire altar started to shake.

Gu Chaozhi had thrown out his spear, and a ball of lightning condensed on its tip before exploding. This move was the same as using his weapon as a bomb, and it had stunning power.


Cracks started to appear on the Evil G.o.d's Altar.

After using his technique, Gu Chaozhi glanced smugly toward Nan Gongsheng, but he jumped up in fright by what he saw.

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