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PMG Chapter 1065

Chapter 1065: Chased by Yuan Fei

At that moment, Xuan Yuan looked furious.

He had always dreamt of ranking first, but Yuan Fei had been chasing him the whole time. He had gone insane and had tried to fight against Yuan Fei, but Yuan Fei had punched him and injured him. He needed 30 days to recover, using medicine, on top of that.

Recovering in the underground wasn't easy. Injured people there were easy prey. He had almost died a few times. He later insulted Yuan Fei, but he had heard him and punched him again. In the end, he hadn't been able to fight at all.

Again, he had had to hide and recover. He had almost died a few times again, attacked by other people. Xuan Yuan had undergone so many humiliations and hards.h.i.+ps. That time he needed 40-50 days to recover.

In the end, just to get out, he looked for all the people who had attacked him while he was injured and killed them all. After reaching his quota, he came back to Tiantai. But the graduation ceremony had just started. Xuan Yuan was infuriated and wanted to kill Lin Feng.

"What happened to him? And what did Lin Feng do to him?" everybody was surprised. Had Xuan Yuan been eliminated?

"Boom boom!" Xuan Yuan released a terrifying Qi.

"Haha, Xuan Yuan, little boy, I've been waiting for you. Why didn't you come out before this? I had promised my brother Lin Feng I would come to see him here. You certainly made us wait." said an extremely loud voice behind Xuan Yuan. Xuan Yuan trembled after hearing that voice. He turned deathly pale, he didn't look furious anymore, he appeared sick on the contrary.

"Eh…" Lin Feng was surprised. Yuan Fei really came. He hadn't thought Yuan Fei would actually come to Tiantai. How had Yuan Fei used the altar of Tiantai as well? Had the protector let him pa.s.s?

Yuan Fei appeared in the sky. He looked strong and he possessed an explosive power. He was still holding his black wooden stick.

When Xuan Yuan saw Yuan Fei behind him, he looked terrified, scared to death actually.

"You…" Xuan Yuan could only grind his teeth.

"Xuan Yuan seems to hate him too." thought the crowd. Who was that guy with his black wooden stick? Why did he hate him? Had he been eliminated because of him? Many people had never seen Yuan Fei so they didn't recognize him.

Some people from rich and powerful families saw him and thought about someone they had heard about. Everybody was scared of that person because he had destroyed a powerful clan in one night.

"You're a bad boy when I'm not around. Do I need to punish you and hit you with my stick again?" said Yuan Fei in a despising way.

Xuan Yuan grinded his teeth. How had Yuan Fei managed to use their altar?

The crowd was surprised to see how Xuan Yuan became docile in front of Yuan Fei. Had Xuan Yuan been eliminated? What happened? He looked like a mess. And who was that guy with a wooden stick who scared him so badly?

Many people were surprised, but after all, it had nothing to do with them. The Yang Clan looked furious though. They had been waiting for the day when Xuan Yuan would rank first, he would be their glory.

However, he didn't look glorious at all at that moment. He looked like a disgraceful mess. He looked like trash.

"Be a good boy, or I'll kill you with my stick." shouted Yuan Fei. Xuan Yuan said nothing, but felt like he was going to explode or go insane.

He didn't leave, he just glanced at Yuan Fei and Lin Feng coldly now and then. He couldn't kill Yuan Fei, but he would definitely kill Lin Feng. He knew that Lin Feng had told Yuan Fei to chase him, otherwise, why would he? He didn't care about him.

"So if Xuan Yuan didn't rank first, who did? Lin Ruo Tian? Or Meng Ba? Or Qiu Yue Xin?" thought the crowd. Xuan Yuan had failed because of that guy who looked like an ape, that much was obvious now.

Many people looked at the Yang Clan.

"That ape-looking guy also said he came to see his brother, who is it?"

"My little Buddhist friend, why are you looking at me? Don't you recognize me!" said Yuan Fei to the Sadhu smiling.

"Haha, he's so easy-going." thought the Sadhu smiling. He seemingly knew Yuan Fei quite well.

Qiu Yue Xin and Lin Feng were surprised. Did Yuan Fei know the Sadhu?

"Did he come here because he knows him?" thought Lin Feng.

"Alright, don't disturb us, it's the graduation ceremony." said the Sadhu laughing.

"Hehe, of course!" said Yuan Fei smiling fatuously. "I want to see my brother's graduation ceremony too!"

The Sadhu was surprised. He knew Yuan Fei, he was the Great Ape Emperor's grandson, but who was he talking about?

A golden list was floating in the sky and the Sadhu said, "The 81 people, come here. People will see the ranking list too."

"Eh?" A golden light appeared and surrounded all the selected candidates.

Numbers appeared slowly.

"Ruo Tian, third!" the Lin Clan was satisfied with Lin Ruo Tian's result.

"Good, Yue Xin ranked second!" thought the Qiu Clan. They were satisfied too.

"Too bad she fell in love with a piece of trash." said Qiu Hao mockingly. However, at that moment, he found Lin Feng's name in the list, first! His mouth was twitching!

PMG Chapter 1066

Chapter 1066: A Friend From An Island


Lin Feng had ranked first! What was the meaning of that? He was a piece of trash.

Qiu Hao was dumbstruck as well as many other people.

"Lin Feng, that young man, the one who has been humiliated by the Yang Clan and climbed up the nine groups of steps!"

"Surprisingly, he ranked first! No wonder Qiu Yue Xin was furious when people bullied him!"

Many people were expressing their opinions about Lin Feng having ranked first. Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye saw that and were furious as well. They could barely breathe from their anger.

"Who is he?" asked an old man to Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye.

They both clenched their teeth.

"Grandpa, that's Lin Feng, the one who saved Zi Ye and whom Zi Lan wanted to kill. The one who killed Chou Jun Luo too." said a young man at that moment.

"Lin Feng, what a pity. He could have been our friend, but in the end, he became our enemy." said someone else. Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye looked even angrier.

"Shup up!" shouted the old man. Lin Feng had ranked first, that was a humiliation for Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye. They had thought Xuan Yuan would rank first, but he didn't, then they became Lin Feng's enemy and he ranked first.

"Grandpa, he's strong, he even defeated Xuan Yuan at the same cultivation level. He also attacked me and I lost because he attacked me. He's…" said Yang Zi Lan to the old man.

"That's enough." said the old man. He clearly understood. Lin Feng had defeated Xuan Yuan at the same cultivation level and had become the Yang Clan's enemy. They had to kill him at all costs.

"Yang Zi Lan." many people looked at them. Xuan Yuan had said he'd rank first and marry Yang Zi Ye. However, Lin Feng had been humiliated by the Yang Clan and things had changed. Lin Feng ranked first.

Yang Zi Lan's cheeks were burning. Everybody was looking at him mockingly now. He used to insult Lin Feng and say he was a n.o.body, an insect. Now Lin Feng looked down on him. How uncomfortable.

"Grandpa, let's leave." said Yang Zi Lan at that moment.

"What? Stop being a coward." said the old man coldly. "Let's see how your big brother, Yang Zhan, ranked amongst Zun level cultivators!"

His grandfather's favorite grandson was Yang Zhan.

Yang Zhan was the strongest cultivator of the same generation.

At that moment, Lin Feng could see that many people were looking at him. He looked calm and serene. He didn't act proud at all. He still had a long ways to go, this was just the beginning. He needed explore the real world.

"Congratulations again. Go back to your seats now." said the Sadhu to the crowd.

It was the Zun cultivators' turn. They looked proud, strong, glorious, dignified. The Zun cultivators' goal was to become emperors. They were more dignified than Tian level cultivators.

The first Zun cultivator had grey clothes. He seemed to be 30-40 years old and his Qi was quite ordinary. He didn't belong to any rich family and n.o.body knew him.

"Surprisingly, the first cultivator amongst Zun cultivators is not from a rich and powerful family." thought the crowd. First, Lin Feng amongst Tian level cultivators, and now this person. If he hadn't climbed up the nine groups of steps, n.o.body would have recognized Lin Feng.

"The first Zun cultivator must be extremely strong." thought the crowd. Lin Feng was surprised when he saw him though.

"It's him!"

Lin Feng was astonished. He had seen that guy before!

On the island in the middle of the Huang Sea, he had seen a sword cultivators who practiced cultivation. That person understood desolate Qi and abstruse desolate Qi.

"What a coincidence!" thought Lin Feng smiling. Back then on the island, they hadn't talked at all, a Tian level cultivator and a Zun level cultivator, practicing cultivation on the same remote island, n.o.body else would believe it. What a coincidence in such a big world!

Yang Zhan ranked third. The Yang Clan was happy about that. Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye felt ashamed. No need to mention Yang Zi Ye and Xuan Yuan's wedding, what a joke. At least, Yang Zhan repaired the damage a little.

The second was a member of the Meng Clan. At least, the crowd still thought that being from a rich and powerful family helped, apart from Lin Feng and the first Zun cultivator, the second and third, amongst both Tian level and Zun cultivators, were from rich and powerful families.

The Zun cultivators moved back to their seats. Then, Mu Chen, Hou Qing Lin and some strangers came to the front. Eight people and their Qi was extraordinary.

The Sadhu joined them too. Nine people.

"Nine people, according to legends, Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu have nine direct disciples. Are they these people?" thought the crowd. They had to be.

At that moment, they looked solemn and respectful. They were calmly standing in the sky. With the 18,000 dazzling steps, the atmosphere was mystical.

"Are the emperors going to come out?" thought the crowd. Their hearts started racing. 360 people, 81 members in the first batch, 9 direct disciples, they all looked serious and respectful. Were the emperors going to show up!?

PMG Chapter 1067

Chapter 1067: Eight Dragon Chants

The stairs were dazzling.

"The emperors are probably going to show up. It's their event after all." thought the crowd. Their hearts were racing, their eyes were twinkling. At that moment, an illusion appeared.

"Illusions, the emperors! Even if they show up as illusions, it's still incredible!" thought the crowd. Emperors were emperors. People admired them.

An old man appeared and he was smiling. He looked like an ordinary old man, but his Qi was incredible. He had a grey beard.

"There's only one person, is that Emperor s.h.i.+ or Emperor Yu?" wondered the crowd.

"Congratulations and welcome." all the emperors' direct disciples were bowing. It proved it was the emperor.

The imperial cultivation disciples bowed too. "Thank you, teacher!"

"h.e.l.lo, Emperor!" at that moment, many people bowed.

"Thank you for your kindness, everyone." said the emperor in a gentle way. The emperor was nice to them, what a great feeling.

Everybody remained silent. It was as if the world around them didn't exist anymore, only the emperor did.

"Emperor s.h.i.+ and I organized this event, it is an honor for us to have found such incredible disciples. Emperor s.h.i.+ couldn't make it so I represent the both of us. From now on, Tiantai will be open and everyone is welcome." said Emperor Yu calmly. The crowd finally knew who it was. He seemed sympathetic and easy-going.

"That's Emperor Yu!" whispered people. People like Yang Zi Lan or Xuan Yuan always acted proud and arrogant… and the emperor was so simple. No wonder Mu Chen and Hou Qing Lin were so outstanding.

"Congratulations Emperor Yu for having found these disciples. Please accept this black gold jewel as a gift!" said an old man of the Yang Clan at that moment. He rose up in the air and bowed.

"Black gold, that's such an expensive and precious gift!" the crowd was astonished. It was so hard that only extremely strong cultivators could break black gold and make jewels out of it.

"They're smart. In the eyes of an emperor, it's not that great of a gift, but it still shows they respect him." thought many people. The Yang Clan was trying to make friends with the emperor.

"Thank you, give it to the first disciple of the Tian Qi layer, maybe he will need it in the future." said Emperor Yu smiling in a gentle way.

"To Lin Feng!?" Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye looked astonished. They didn't even have such precious treasures, were they going to give it to Lin Feng?! Lin Feng kept taking things from them!

"Of course, Master." said the old man respectfully. He wasn't willing to, but n.o.body noticed his feelings. He looked at Lin Feng and said, "Little friend, congratulations, that black gold is for you."

Lin Feng took it, but said nothing at first. It looked like a black meteorite. It was very hard.

"Thank you, Mister!" said Lin Feng smiling. The feeling was thrilling. He probably didn't want to give it to him at all.

"The Yang Clan is going through hard times." thought the crowd. Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye were probably furious.

"The Lin Clan also has a gift for you." said the leader of the Lin Clan, rising up in the air.

"The Qiu Clan too!"

"The Meng Clan too!"

All the biggest families offered the emperor a gift. Even though they hadn't prepared anything, they didn't lack precious items so they had to act the same as the Yang Clan. The emperor didn't really care though.

"Thank you, everyone." said Emperor Yu. The Sadhu walked forwards and took the items.

"Slas.h.!.+" Qi rolled in the air in the distance as a boat was coming. There were people in the boat who bowed in front of Emperor Yu.

"The Island of the Nine Dragons came to congratulate the emperor too!"

"The Island of the Nine Dragons are here too." the crowd was incredulous. Even though they were pirates, they were very strong. Many people respected them out of fear.

"Say thank you to your leader!" said Emperor Yu smiling. "Take it."

The Sadhu took all the presents. The pirates bowed in front of the emperor and said, "Our leader couldn't come today, next time maybe. We'll tell him. We're off. See you!"

"No problem." said Emperor Yu. The pirate looked at the imperial cultivation disciples trying to remember their faces.

"The Island of the Nine Dragons!" Lin Feng suddenly said, "Wait!"

"What is it little friend?" asked the pirate. Lin Feng was at the top of the Tian level cultivators, he was probably very strong.

"I admire your group, can I come and pay you a visit some time?"

"Haha, tell me whenever you want to come little friend. Take this, it's the chant of the eight dragons, you can use it to call me!" said that person throwing a stone at Lin Feng. Lin Feng seemed to be a strong young man so of course he was willing to see him again.

"Thank you so much, Master!" said Lin Feng bowing and smiling. You You and Mo Xi were there. He was wondering how they were. He had to go and see them sometime. With the chant of the eight dragons amulet, it would be much more convenient.

"See you!" said the pirate to Lin Feng. The Yang Clan looked at them coldly, they had tried to kill Yang Zi Ye. They had yet to get their revenge.

After the pirates left, the crowd saw another group of people come. There were people of all sorts of cultivation levels. Who were those people?

"Tian Long Divine Castle is coming!" said a voice in the distance.

PMG Chapter 1068

Chapter 1068: Illusion Strength

"Tian Long Divine Castle!" the crowd was surprised. Tian Long Divine Castle was coming to Emperor Yu and Emperor s.h.i.+'s territory. People had heard that they were enemies.

The crowd looked at the group of people, there were a few dozen people of all cultivation levels. Zun cultivators of the first to the fifth Zun Qi layer.

People were surprised. What did they want? What was their goal?

Mu Chen and Hou Qing Lin looked at them. Most people didn't know that Hou Qing Lin had gone there and killed their protector. Tian Long Divine Castle remembered though.

"Tian Long Divine Castle came to congratulate Emperor Yu!" said the Tian Long group bowing politely in front of Emperor Yu.

"It's rare to see you. I hope your leader is well." said Emperor Yu looking calm and indifferent.

"Thank you, we'll pa.s.s along your message. We came here with a reason. We have all sorts of cultivators here, from the first Tian Qi layer to the fifth Zun Qi layer. We know it was your recruitment process so we want to exchange our views on cultivation." said the leader of the group. Everybody was surprised. Even though they were polite, they wanted to fight.

It wasn't necessary to say much, their purpose was clear. All their cultivators were extremely strong, they came to humiliate the emperor.

Many people looked furious in Tiantai. It was a happy day for Tiantai and those people were coming to ruin their event.

Emperor Yu smiled in a gentle way. He didn't look furious at all.

"You can't refuse, on such a joyous day. Your new disciples are so talented after all." said that person. He couldn't refuse. Hou Qing Lin had come to their territory and killed their protector, Mu Chen had helped him escape. That was a humiliation, now they had to regain some of their prestige.

At that moment, the crowd understood that those people had come to challenge them. Tiantai couldn't refuse, otherwise, they would lose face.

"If my disciples agree, why not? If they don't, then I'd rather not." said Emperor Yu calmly. "Alright, we're done with the graduation ceremony. I'm off now. Do as you wish." said Emperor Yu as his silhouette gradually disappeared. He was gone. He didn't care about such trivial things. His disciples were free to decide what they wanted to do.

When those people saw Emperor Yu disappear, they frowned and looked at Mu Chen and Hou Qing Lin.

"Your teacher is incredible and so are you. Since I came here, you could choose two people for a challenge. We want to learn from you." said that person, annoyed.

"Let's do it!"

At that moment, a dozen people spoke at the same time. Their voices contained a powerful Qi which rolled in waves towards the imperial cultivation disciples of Tiantai. Those imperial cultivation disciples from Tiantai who were at the front shook. The people from Tianlong were extremely strong… and they wanted to fight!

Tian Long Divine Castle's people had come and challenged Tiantai, so Tiantai's people had to fight whether they wanted to or not.

"It seems like they're really confident." thought the crowd looking Tian Long Divine Castle's people. Tiantai's imperial cultivation disciples had no experience yet for they had just graduated. It would be difficult for Tiantai to put up a fight.

"Our teacher said it, if they want to fight, they'll fight. Otherwise, they won't. You can't force anyone here." said Mu Chen slowly and as calmly as the emperor, as if nothing could make him angry.

"Emperor Yu is a senior, he can do whatever he wants. However, it's not the case for your fellow disciples, could it be that you didn't teach them anything?" said that person coldly. Since the emperor wasn't there anymore, he wasn't hiding his true intentions anymore. He was trying to force them to fight.

"Who do you think you are? Do you think we'll fight because you want to?" said Hou Qing Lin abrubtly. He then said, "Today is a joyous day for us. You came here to challenge us, so if my fellow disciples want to fight, they will, otherwise they won't. I'll kill anyone who forces people to fight. And today, I won't be merciful, if you injure anyone, I will kill you as well."

How aggressive.

People's hearts started racing when they heard Hou Qing Lin. Tian Long Divine Castle's people had brought very experienced cultivators with them. If they started fighting, Tiantai's weaker and newer disciples would die. They couldn't take that risk.

That person frowned, he didn't know what to say, "It's a joyous day for your emperor, fighting is also a method of becoming stronger for new disciples."

"Please, let's exchange views on cultivation!" said Tian Long Divine Castle's people again. Tiantai had no room to refuse.

"I'm a cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer, like you, let's fight." said someone at that moment. It was an imperial cultivation disciple from the first batch. He was pointing at someone of the same level in Tian Long Divine Castle's group.

"Very good." said that person coming out and releasing an incredible Qi. He immediately attacked, not respecting his opponent.

"Die!" shouted that person coldly. A hand appeared in the sky and moved towards the cultivator from Tiantai.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted the cultivator from Tiantai as he punched the air to block the attack.

"Die!" The attacker's hand streaked across the sky and drew a cross which was filled with a powerful Qi.

"Eh?" The Tiantai cultivator sensed that something was wrong and moved backwards.

"Die!" The cross dazzled and the cultivator from Tiantai could barely breathe.

"Empty s.p.a.ce energy!" the crowd was surprised. A cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer could use empty s.p.a.ce spells.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted the cultivator from Tiantai. He was furious. He raised his hands and blocked the cross attack.

"Do you think you can block illusions?" said the cultivator from Tianlong coldly. The cross shook the sky and pierced through the body of the cultivator from Tiantai.

"Illusion strength!" the crowd was astonished. The cultivator from Tiantai was going to lose, it was difficult at that point.

"p.i.s.s off!" The cross pierced through his body, it seemed like he was going to explode. At the same time, the attacker's hand crashed onto his chest and made him fly away.

"Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu's disciples can't be so trashy, right?" said Tianlong's cultivator mockingly.

PMG Chapter 1069

Chapter 1069: Wait, wait

"As expected, Tian Long Divine Castle's cultivators came here to humiliate Tiantai." thought the crowd. Tianlong's cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer could use illusion spells, that was very rare.

Few people chose to learn illusion spells and amongst those who did, those who truly understood them were rare. If a cultivator managed to imprison someone in an illusion spell, it was a lot easier for them to kill them.

Tiantai's people were furious when they heard him making fun of them, especially the one who had just lost. Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu had just recruited imperial cultivation disciples and people came to challenge them. It was only to humiliate the two emperors.

Mu Chen, Hou Qing Lin, the other direct disciples and Lin Feng were furious. Those people had come to get their revenge, and those who had come were all quite strong.

"Shut up!" shouted the leader from the Tian Long Divine Castle to the cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer. He sounded furious, "We came here to exchange views on cultivation. You just won one battle and you think you can be proud because of that? The emperors' disciples are extremely strong, so do you think you could defeat cultivators of higher levels? You have nothing to be proud of, you should be preparing yourself for the next battles."

"Is he being honest or not?" thought the crowd. Was he serious? The two emperors' disciples were actually really strong, it was just that Tian Long Divine Castle had brought some of their strongest disciples there.

"I'll try!" said someone indifferently at that moment. People were surprised when they saw him.

"Lin Ruo Tian, I ranked third." said Lin Ruo Tian. Could he win?

Even though Tian Long Divine Castle had brought extremely strong disciples, Lin Ruo Tian was a genius from a rich and prestigious family.

"Seventh Tian Qi layer, I'm your opponent!" said someone on the side of Tian Long Divine Castle. That cultivator had also broken through to the seventh Tian Qi layer and was smiling in a despising way. The two emperors' disciples had just been selected, they couldn't be as strong as them. Tian Long Divine Castle's disciples had been practicing cultivation and receiving the emperor's teachings for a long time now, all of them had special skills.

"He has dragon intent and he seems extraordinary." said Mu Chen flattering the cultivator from the opposite side, but at the same time, he was giving an advice to Lin Ruo Tian. Lin Ruo Tian couldn't afford underestimate his opponent.

Tian Long Divine Castle had come to make them lose face.

"Hehe, we have so many cultivators today. It would be great if they could all fight. Also, n.o.body can be injured today so no weapons or spirits." said the leader of Tian Long Divine Castle with an indifferent smile.

"Alright!" said Mu Chen. All those people were extraordinarily strong. Their spirits had to be extremely powerful too. By imposing those rules, they were going to prove how strong they were without spirits and weapons. They could win and show that Tiantai's people were weak.

The challengers couldn't say much either, but nod and obey.

"Let's see how weak you are. Be careful when I punch you, I don't want to crush you in one punch and kill you, the two emperors would be angry and would have to protect their little babies, otherwise." said that person mockingly.

"Haha, don't go to hard on him, they said they didn't want anyone to get injured." said someone from the side of Tianlong mockingly. By making fun of the disciples, they were also making fun of the two emperors.

"Don't humiliate the emperors!" said Hou Qing Lin coldly. He jumped forwards and landed in front of the people from Tian Long Divine Castle and said, "Since you're talking that way, let's fight for real, with blood. I, Hou Qing Lin, am a cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer. All your Zun level cultivators, from the first to the fifth Zun Qi layer, come and fight me together!"

As soon as he said that, Hou Qing Lin released very oppressive energy which surrounded the entire crowd from Tian Long Divine Castle. They all looked at the reincarnation energies, they could barely breathe.
The leader from the group from Tianlong said, "Brother Hou, what is the meaning of this? We came to exchange views on cultivation, these are ordinary Tian Long Divine Castle's cultivators, they can't fight against you obviously."

"Is that so? I killed the protector of your altar, you think I believe you if you tell me you came with ordinary disciples? I'm not that stupid." said Hou Qing Lin impolitely. He didn't care anymore. Those people wouldn't stop humiliating them.

"Hou Qing Lin went to Tian Long Divine Castle and killed a Zun cultivator there. Incredible. No wonder they came from so far to get their revenge."

When everyone heard Hou Qing Lin, they understood. Besides, when the other said he had just brought ordinary cultivators, that was ridiculous. A cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer who could cast illusion spells, was that ordinary?

"Today is the graduation ceremony, you have responsibilities here, do you think you can act impolitely?" said that person coldly.

"I'm polite to friends, I needn't show any respect to people who harbor evil intentions."

"Since you decided to hara.s.s my ordinary disciples, we're off." said that person coldly. The atmosphere was very oppressive. Tianlong's people looked at the cultivators from Tiantai in a despising way.

"Unfortunately, we wanted to exchange views on cultivation, but it seems that Tiantai's new imperial cultivation disciples are not that good after all. We'll meet at the emperors meeting soon. See you!" said that person mockingly. The other members of Tian Long Divine Castle also looked at them with disdain.

"See you all, Tiantai's geniuses!" said the crowd mockingly laughing.

"You let them insult you and leave? You're less and less responsive, Mu Chen!" said Yuan Fei.

"Wait, wait!"

"Wait, wait!"

Two people said that. People from Tian Long Divine Castle turned around and smiled at the crowd from Tiantai.

They were surprised and impatient to hear the rest. The first of the Tian level disciples and the first of the Zun level disciples had talked at the same time.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and scratched his head. He flew next to the one he had seen on the island in the middle of the Huang Sea, they nodded at each other. He recognized Lin Feng too. Lin Feng had been observing him when he was practicing cultivation on the island, he had, of course, sensed Lin Feng's presence. It's just that he didn't really care. He hadn't thought he'd meet Lin Feng again, and even less suspected that they would both become imperial cultivation disciples and rank first in their respective categories.

Mu Chen smiled. Lin Feng had defeated Xuan Yuan in the illusion and concerning that cultivator of the Zun Qi layer, Mu Chen was the one who had found him and invited him to apply to become an imperial cultivation disciple so he knew how strong he was. If they both agreed to fight, the results would be great.

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