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Chapter 1865

Chapter 1865: Death

Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered. He gazed into the distance, noting how big the area was.

Apart from that palace, there were man villages. Considering the way the palace had been built, it meant it was very important for its people. w.a.n.g Zhuo had destroyed it, that was sad, very sad. And many locals would suffer from the war.

Lin Feng heard an animal cry in distress. He landed on the ground and looked at a small simple house in the distance. There was a small yellow dog, the most ordinary kind of animal in the world. When it saw Lin Feng, it was scared.

“Who’s here?” asked someone. Lin Feng saw a fifty-year old man come out of the room. He smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Little Huang likes to bark when he sees strangers. Sorry. You must be from far away. Come in.”

“I’ll sit at the entrance.” said Lin Feng pointing at a chair before the entrance door and smiled. He sat down and said, “Uncle, there’s a palace not far from here, what is that palace?”

“Not far? It’s hundreds of kilometers away!” said the man coming out of the small house again with another chair which he put next to Lin Feng, “We’re from the countryside, we’re quite weak, unlike people from cities. People like me live a hundred years. Most of us are cultivators of the h.e.l.l Ling Qi layer, most of us can never break through to the h.e.l.l Xuan Qi layer.”

“You still look healthy and strong!” Lin Feng complimented him. The h.e.l.l Ling Qi layer and h.e.l.l Xuan Qi layer were of course the Ling Qi layer and the Xuan Qi layer. That man was quite weak, especially for a middle-aged man. Without resources from the outside world, it was impossible for them

to break through.

“You’re young, you’re trying to cheer me up, that’s nice. I’m not afraid of death. I just hope my son will have a better life, especially now that he joined the Sect of Darkness. Oh yes, by the way, the palace you mentioned is the Sect of Darkness. They are very strong, they have cultivators of the h.e.l.l Zun Qi layer. They are as strong as people in the big cities.”

“My boy is only twenty. He’s already a cultivator of the h.e.l.l Xuan Qi layer, soon, he will break through to the h.e.l.l Zun Qi layer,” the man smiled. His wrinkles kept moving when he smiled.

Lin Feng felt extremely sad when he heard the man.

“You must be quite strong, young man. You must be at least as strong as my boy!” said the man happily.

Lin Feng looked grave and solemn and he asked, “Uncle, do you have other children?”

“I have a daughter too, she’s behind you,” said the man while petting his dog. Then, the small dog turned and ran towards the eighteen-year old girl behind Lin Feng. She wore her hair in braids and looked pure and innocent. She had a resplendent smile on her face.

“Your daughter is very beautiful,” said Lin Feng to the man. She blushed.

“Haha, she’s not as talented as her brother, though, I’m looking for someone who would want to marry her.” said the man, smiling in a calm, serene, and simple manner.

“Maybe her talent hasn’t awoken yet,” smiled Lin Feng. He looked at the small lane next to the house. People were walking on the cobbled lanes of the village. Sometimes people pa.s.sed next to them and asked the man, “Is that your son?”

“No, he’s pa.s.sing through. My son is in the Sect of Darkness!” said the smiling man. When he

he said that, people looked at him in admiration. To them, the Sect of Darkness was an incredible place!


Lin Feng spent some time in the village and one day, the man noticed that a beautiful woman had appeared next to Lin Feng. She was incredibly beautiful. He smiled at Lin Feng and said, “You must be the Young Master of some prestigious clan!”

Lin Feng felt so sad, they had heard nothing from the palace in days. Lin Feng didn’t know what to do.

The evening sun was s.h.i.+ning upon the village. Liu Fei leaned against Lin Feng and smiled, “If we could stay this way forever, it would be so nice.”

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and caressed her face. After Liu Cang Lan’s death, she had stopped caring about cultivation. She dreamt of a peaceful and ordinary life.

“Feifei, how long have you known Lin Feng?” asked a young girl with a ponytail. She was extremely cute and noticed that Lin Feng and Liu Fei looked really in love.

“Many, many years,” Liu Fei told her.

“How many years?”

“Over fifteen years, I guess.”

“Feifei, you’re lying! You didn’t get to know Lin Feng when you were a baby!” said the young girl, her eyes twinkling. Liu Fei seemed to be in her early twenties, she was extremely beautiful.

“How do you know Feifei is older than you?” asked the man coming out of a house and smiling. He pet the girl’s head and pinched her cheeks.

At that moment, the man turned and looked at some people on the road, an ordinary young man was coming. The man frowned but said nothing. He had a bad premonition. After Lin Feng had appeared, more and more strangers had appeared in the village. Did they know Lin Feng? However, he had no doubts concerning Lin Feng, Lin Feng

Lin Feng always smiled easily, and looked honest and sincere.

Lin Feng looked at those two people. They looked ordinary, but their cultivation level was incredible: medium-level emperors.

“People from the other groups have arrived. I wonder where they’re from,” wondered Lin Feng. He realized that more and more people had appeared in the village. They might be from Great Imperial Song City, or not.

“Uncle, the hotel there is already full.” said the two young men to the man politely.

“If you need s.p.a.ce, I have two small rooms here,” offered the man.

“Great. We’ll stay here for a few evenings, then,” said the two people, and then the man took them inside.

The young girl looked at them and then back at Lin Feng and Liu Fei, and smiled. “Are they pa.s.sing through like you? But I prefer you anyway.”

“Little girl.” Lin Feng patted the girl’s head and said, “You have to be polite to guests.”

The girl didn’t know, but Lin Feng knew how strong those people were. If they didn’t offend them, nothing would happen to them. After all, their targets were people from Great Imperial Song City.


As expected, the two next days were calmer. And living with the man wasn’t bad, he was funny, they liked to chat and laugh. His daughter also made soup for them.

Lin Feng took his bowl, soup appeared in the air, and Lin Feng drank it in one sip.

And then he laughed. He said, “Feifei.”

“Eh?” Liu Fei stared at Lin Feng with her beautiful eyes, she looked surprised. Lin Feng took her bowl of soup and said, “I want to drink more soup.”

“Drink it!” smiled Liu Fei. Lin Feng took her bowl and finished the soup. The girl looked at Lin Feng in a cute way.

Her uncle came out of the house and suddenly shouted, “Don’t drink it!”

“You “Don’t drink it!”

“You want to die!” said someone, groaning icily. The young girl suddenly turned around, her expression changing drastically.

Lin Feng was startled and his face turned pale. He saw a gigantic hand move towards the man containing death Qi.

“Life!” shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly, releasing life strength which started flowing throughout the elder’s body as he fell. He recovered a little.

“Father!” the young girl started crying. Then, a gigantic destructive hand descended towards the young girl. She couldn’t escape.

“Don’t!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He wanted to block the attack, but he had no time, he had just released life energy to help her father. The hand crashed onto the young girl’s body and her body exploded into millions of pieces.

A life was so easy to take.

Lin Feng saw many hands filed with death energies. People started dying one after another before him. Lin Feng rarely felt so sad when he saw people die.

A mysterious Qi rose up in the air and surrounded Liu Fei, and she disappeared. Lin Feng went next to the older man and released more life energy to heal him. His heart was filled with pain.

The man was shaking violently. He opened his eyes and looked at Lin Feng. He tried to smile but he had tears in his eyes.

“They can’t die to that kind of poison,” said the man to Lin Feng. “Lin Feng, I shouldn’t have given you any of it, tell me, you didn’t help them to kill my son, right?”

“I didn’t,” said Lin Feng shaking his head, he felt devastated. The man smiled while crying and said, “I think you’re a good boy. Can you help me avenge my son’s death?”

Lin Feng remained silent. The man was still smiling and crying. He was about to die, but his eyes remained open.

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