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PMG Chapter 2206

Chapter 2206: Unparalleled Attacks

Many people were watching the battle in G.o.dly Clouds City. They had not expected that these few people – Kong Ming who was discreet before the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds; Lin Feng who had been offended by the DevMara Thunder Clan; Zhou Rong Man who had no fame or reputation; and Chu Chun Qiu who was from the Dark Night Region – would be so dazzling during the last round.

They also hadn't thought that the G.o.dly Clouds' First Master wouldn't be strong enough to fight against them.

The Great Compa.s.sion Dhāraṇī and the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song energies collided. People in G.o.dly Clouds City could hear the Great Compa.s.sion Dhāraṇī, and it influenced them. The Great Compa.s.sion Dhāraṇī purified all things. People didn't feel like fighting when hearing such a mantra.

The Great Compa.s.sion Dhāraṇī and the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song were similar, they were both songs which affected people's wills. The Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song turned people into puppets. The Great Compa.s.sion Dhāraṇī wasn't as aggressive as the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song.

The Buddha's halos and the demon lights kept colliding. Slowly, the Buddhist halos didn't look as powerful as before…


"The difference between Buddhist and demon cultivation is thin. If Great Compa.s.sion really existed, how could he be a cultivator? How could he try to stand at the top of the continent? Everything is fake, void. I practice demon cultivation, nothing can destroy my will!"

Lin Feng looked calm and unruffled. He wasn't affected by the Buddhist mantras. All he focused on was his opponent. Kong Ming had an Indestructible Golden Body, and 108 Buddhas protected him. His physical defense was incredible. Ordinary attacks wouldn't do anything to him.

When Lin Feng thought about that, he condensed sword strength and a second later, it moved towards Kong Ming. Kong Ming didn't do anything to block the attack. The 108 Buddhas around him were part of his golden body and protected him. When the sword energies crashed onto the golden body, sharp and clear sounds rang out, Buddhist halos flashed and the sword strength disappeared.

As Lin Feng had thought, such attacks were useless against Kong Ming. His defense was too incredible. All Buddhist monks had an incredible defense, but coupled with an Indestructible Golden Body, Kong Ming's strength was even more impressive.

Demon intent surged. Lin Feng stretched out his hands, demon lights and Nine Netherworlds strength condensed. The energies didn't affect Kong Ming, but at least they oppressed his Great Compa.s.sion Dhāraṇī strength.

Kong Ming's eyelids twitched. He continued chanting his mantra in a mighty Brahmic voice. The 108 Buddhas around him chanted at the same time as him. Hands condensed in the air and turned into terrifying golden fists, like golden mountains and hurdled towards Lin Feng.

The atmosphere became oppressive. The mountain-like fists were also extremely quick and as sharp as blades. They moved forwards with the force of a landslide and the power of a tidal wave. It was difficult to breathe when facing such an attack.

When the audience saw the attack, their hearts started pounding nervously. Those punches could easily destroy mountain ranges and kill hundreds of thousands of cultivators at the same time. They could imagine that all the emperors who were standing in the crowd would die at the same time if they faced such an attack.

I'll see how strong I really am then! It's an opportunity!, thought Lin Feng. He proudly stood in the sky, his black hair fluttering in the wind caused by the mountain-like punches.

"He's not dodging, and he's not condensing strength to block the attack either!" exclaimed the crowd.

Lin Feng shouted furiously, his robe fluttering in the wind. He looked like a demon king. He bent down and then performed an uppercut. He used as much physical strength as he could in that punch. It felt like his strength could destroy everything in its way.


Lin Feng had the impression he was going to suffocate beneath the golden punches, before he heard cracking sounds spread out, and thunder echo out. The golden mountain-like punches exploded in flashes of golden light.

Lin Feng was still standing there, his clothes still fluttering. He still looked like a demon king.

The watchers were astonished. Zhou Rong Man, Kong Ming, and Lin Feng's physical strength was astonis.h.i.+ng. They could easily crush ordinary great emperors!

However, Lin Feng's attack didn't suffice to make Kong Ming open his eyes. He was still seated there calmly, his golden Buddhas floating around him. He continued using his Ten Thousand Celestial Buddha Solution techniques. Each time he attacked, he condensed the strength of his Ten Thousand Celestial Buddha Solution technique. Each time, the ground trembled.

He continued singing his mantra in his awe-inspiring Brahmic voice. The crowd saw the Buddhas rise up into the air at the same time. The Buddhas all opened their mouths and shouted furiously together.

"Ah…!" Some people in distant G.o.dly Clouds City gave horrible shrieks as their eardrums trembled. Lin Feng's blood boiled furiously in his ears. Buddha's cry was magnificent and dangerous!

It was just the beginning, the Ten Thousand Celestial Buddha attacks continued intensifying. The Buddhas raised their golden fists and 108 punches hurdled towards Lin Feng. Nothing could stop them.

Lin Feng frowned and released Ancient Desolate intent into the air. He condensed Sky Absorbing strength and punched out unceasingly in the direction of those Buddha's punches. Explosions kept erupting around them.

When all the strength was destroyed. Lin Feng looked at the 108 Buddhas as they moved again.

What an amazing battle. He had first used the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song against Kong Ming's Great Compa.s.sion Dhāraṇī, but it hadn't worked. Then, he had used cursing strength, but Kong Ming was too strong, so cursing strength hadn't been very efficient, either. There were many mantras and other kinds of spells in Buddhist scriptures, so stopping cursing strength was easy for Buddhist cultivators.

Therefore, using the most powerful attacks possible was the only way. Direct attacks affected the golden bodies. Kong Ming was much, much stronger defensively than Hua Qing Feng or Ni Cang. Demon curses or Great Dream of Life strength was useless against him. Kong Ming's Buddhist strength had reached awesome levels, and his Ten Thousand Celestial Buddha Solution techniques were Saint's techniques, timeless and mighty.

Nine words appeared around Lin Feng, his body became hard to make out. He started chanting his incantation.

At the same time, he released ancient desolate Qi, which filled the air. The atmosphere suddenly smelled old, and energies moved in all directions.

Deployment lights started intertwining. Lin Feng carved words with his hands, which turned into gigantic deployment spell words. A gigantic word, OPPRESSION, appeared in the sky. At the same time, Lin Feng started spinning. His veins and muscles were trembling.

The Ancient Holy Technique could change or oppress anything. Qin Shan had turned into terrifying cauldrons, which could oppress a Saint's strength in the whole valley back in the historical remains. Now, Lin Feng didn't need to oppress a Saint, he just needed to oppress Kong Ming!

Lin Feng rose up in the air and the crowd saw Lin Feng's body disappear suddenly. A dazzling cauldron appeared in the sky. OPPRESSION was blazing upon it. At the same time, the nine words twinkled and spun around the ancient cauldron. Sky Absorbing strength resonated with the nine words of the incantation and the ancient cauldron of the Ancient Holy Technique.

Brilliant lights flashed blindingly. Lin Feng's ancient cauldron moved towards Kong Ming. Kong Ming kept releasing Ten Thousand Celestial Buddha punches at the cauldron, but they all disappeared instantly. The cauldron could oppress anything.

Lin Feng's clones were standing there watching. Kong Ming wasn't going to just let Lin Feng oppress him!

The Buddhas' voices grew louder and louder. The 108 Buddhas then bowed, bathing in Buddhist halos. They summoned a gigantic golden Buddha twenty meters tall. It merged with Kong Ming. The 108 Buddhas gathered to protect him as halos illuminated everything.

The gigantic ancient cauldron oppressed everything. The gigantic ancient Buddha high raised his hands, his fingers like golden mountains, towards the ancient cauldron.

The ancient cauldron and the gigantic fingers stopped moving, they were both oppressed. The 108 Buddhas protected the gigantic Buddha, and it couldn't move forwards anymore!

PMG Chapter 2207

Chapter 2207: Destruction of the Golden Body

"Kong Ming is really strong, like an ancient Buddha. His strength is incredible. He has really reached the peak of perfection in terms of Buddhist cultivation. And Lin Feng, in his ancient cauldron form, can oppress the gigantic Buddha. He's also incredible!" mused some experts, enjoying the incredible duel.


On the other side, Chu Chun Qiu and Zhou Rong Man's battle was also intense and fierce. Chu Chun Qiu's Sky Absorbing intent was at its peak. He was absorbing Zhou Rong Man's will. At the same time, his vitality and intent were both explosive. Zhou Rong Man had opened his third eye, where indestructible golden lights twinkled. His attacks were violent, intense, and fierce. However, Chu Chun Qiu kept some distance between him and Zhou Rong Man. He understood perfectly what Zhou Rong Man's weakness was!

"That battle is extremely difficult for Zhou Rong Man. He's better at close combat and Chu Chun Qiu's vitality and intent are terrifying. He keeps absorbing Zhou Rong Man's will, so Zhou Rong Man won't be able to hold on much longer. His physical strength and defense are incredible, but his weakness is too incapacitating," the experts discussed among themselves. Actually, Zhou Rong Man wasn't slow, but in comparison with the finalists, he wasn't fast enough.

At that moment, Buddha's voices made the earth and sky shake violently. The crowd turned their heads and saw the gigantic Buddha and the 108 Buddhas chanting mantras in their mighty Brahmic voices again. Golden lights kept bombarding the ancient cauldrons, and it was shaking.

"Kong Ming's 108 Buddhas can also chant mantras, which makes the attacks against the ancient cauldron even stronger," the experts nodded. Kong Ming's abilities were better than Zhou Rong Man's because he was very good both in terms of defense and offense, and he could also fight within a certain ranged distance and in close combat.

However, n.o.body knew just how fast Kong Ming could be because he never moved. He was like a statue when he fought. He just sat down in the air and stopped moving like an indestructible golden statue.

"Lin Feng's clones can't do much either over there. Maybe Kong Ming will destroy them and then destroy the cauldron?" some people predicted. He had released clones a while before, but they hadn't done much so far.

Finally, they moved. They turned into Holy Spirit swords and fused together. At the same time, in the middle of them, a scroll picture deployment spell appeared as well as a celestial stage deployment spell. The clones moved extremely quickly.

The Holy Spirit swords turned into a gigantic sword. One of Lin Feng's clones moved, and in the twinkling of an eye, the ancient sword streaked across the sky and penetrated into the celestial stage deployment spell. Its explosive strength became even more intense and the air began to shriek about it.

The energies moved towards Kong Ming. However, the crowd realized that the energies weren't really moving towards Kong Ming, they contained some the force of the earth and sky and Ancient Desolate intent and they stopped next to the cauldron.

An even greater oppressive strength filled the air. The Ten Thousand Celestial Buddha strength weakened. The sound of the mantras also weakened.

"Lin Feng's clones contain strength too. Those two guys are terrifyingly strong. They have both made it to the top of the Continent of the Nine Clouds."

"Lin Feng is still moving. He's condensing a second sword!" the crowd was astonished. That second sword was made of Holy Spirits, also containing the force of the earth and sky. Around his sword, the atmosphere turned into Ancient Desolate strength.

Very quickly, the second sword made the atmosphere shake violently. The mantras kept weakening. They were being oppressed!

When the third ancient sword appeared, Kong Ming's real body raised his head, and the 108 Buddhas also raised their heads.

They were bathing in golden lights. They kept chanting their mantras in magnificent Brahmic voices. All his Buddhist energies intertwined. Lin Feng's clones moved extremely quickly too. Many swords appeared and condensed. Six more gigantic swords appeared, ran through the air, and absorbed the force of the earth and sky.

Kong Ming's lips kept moving, soundwaves kept emerging from his mouth. Ancient golden imprints appeared and intertwined in front of him. Ancient Buddhist words moved towards the ancient cauldron.

"Oppress!" Six of Lin Feng's clones were holding swords and stayed close to defend. At the same time, nine of Lin Feng's clones who had swords moved forwards.

Kong Ming also attacked. The air thundered, and the ancient cauldron kept trembling. The ancient swords trembled as if they had were about to break apart, but held together.

One of Lin Feng's clones stayed there, not attacking directly. He was carving deployment marks to oppress the Buddhist soundwaves. The deployment spells were forcing the Buddhas to lower their heads!

The deployment spells intertwined. The nine swords rotated. The atmosphere around turned into an ancient world oppressing everything. The Buddhas were even more pressured.

"Three Saint's techniques. Was the Diviner right, back in the days?" whispered Kong Ming. He had challenged Lin Feng for several reasons, the main one was that they were both from the same world. Another one was that he wanted to check whether the Diviner had been right back in the days. Back then, the Diviner had thought that Lin Feng was the strongest cultivator of the event.

Kong Ming didn't need to prove anything. He was extremely strong and knew it, he didn't need to defeat Lin Feng to satisfy himself. But since they both partic.i.p.ating in this Meeting, why not fight?

Now the Diviner was here. On the inside, he wished he could have proven the Diviner was wrong… but no, the Diviner's Destiny Technique was incredible. If Lin Feng had lost, it would have proved that the Diviner's technique wasn't that efficient.

Kong Ming practiced cultivation extremely diligently. He relied solely on himself. Back then, he hadn't even thought of becoming a disciple of one of the twelve Shrines. He wasn't interested. He actually had absolutely no weakness.

The swords kept rotating and oppressing him. The ancient cauldron was oppressing him, too. Gradually, clear breaking and snapping sounds spread in the air. One of the Buddhas cracked.

"It's breaking," murmured Kong Ming in a low voice. However, everybody heard him.

Kacha… another cracking sound. The Buddhas were breaking. They couldn't oppress Lin Feng anymore.

"Go!" whispered Kong Ming. The 108 Buddhas raised their heads, solemn and respectful. They shot forwards even though Kong Ming knew they were going to break. As they pressed forwards, some of them exploded. However, some of them still managed to reach the cauldron, raising their hands and punching it.

The cauldron clanged and trembled. If the nine words of the incantation hadn't protected it, it would have broken apart.

The gigantic golden Buddha also started crumbling. Breaking and snapping sounds spread in the air. Kong Ming closed his eyes and continued chanting mantras in his Brahma voice. The thunder of crumbling Buddhas did not stop, as they continued breaking apart.

Kong Ming's golden body also started crackling. Suddenly, he was forced away and slowly descended from the sky. He raised his head and looked at the destructive strength above. He said, "I have lost this battle."

The nine swords disappeared. The ancient cauldron turned back into Lin Feng again. Lin Feng coughed. His face was pale, and his organs were twitching. This fight had been so difficult… and so rewarding too!

One last battle awaited him for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!


"Lin Feng won! He defeated Kong Ming! He ranked 100-something and now he's in the top five!" sighed the crowd, now pepping up again after being released from the Buddhist melody.

n.o.body thought Lin Feng was lucky. They knew it had been very difficult for him to make it there. He had fought against some of the strongest cultivators of the compet.i.tion. He had fought against Supreme Clouds' First Master, G.o.dly Clouds' First Master, and others. Now, he had defeated Kong Ming.

As the four finalists had agreed, Lin Feng was going to fight one more battle!

"Maybe the last battle is not necessary. I don't think Kong Ming is weaker than Chu Chun Qiu," many people speculated. They didn't know what the last battles were going to be like, but one thing was certain, Lin Feng was definitely going to finish in the top two!

PMG Chapter 2208

Chapter 2208: Final Ranking

Lin Feng and Kong Ming's battle was over. Everybody was now staring at Zhou Rong Man and Chu Chun Qiu.

At that moment, Chu Chun Qiu was oppressing Zhou Rong Man. Zhou Rong Man had an incredible strength, but he looked like he was in pain. He had the impression he was carrying the whole world on his shoulders. Chu Chun Qiu's Sky Absorbing intent kept absorbing his will.

"Ah…" Zhou Rong Man shouted furiously in pain.

"Hmph!" Chu Chun Qiu grunted coldly. He continued oppressing Zhou Rong Man. A vortex appeared and moved towards Zhou Rong Man's head. He was trembling.

Zhou Rong Man was in a frenzy, like an animal in a cage. However, he didn't want to give up, how could Zhou Rong Man, the 333rd son of the Zhou Clan, give up this battle?

"Argh!" Zhou Rong Man shouted desperately, suddenly raising his head. His golden third eye turned red as blood, like a gloomy sea of blood had appeared in his third eye.

Chu Chun Qiu continued absorbing his will with his Sky Absorbing intent. A horrible shriek arose as he was abruptly driven backwards violently, his eyes bloodshot.

What kind of intent is that?, thought Chu Chun Qiu, his face frozen. Chu Chun Qiu had the impression he was going insane after having absorbing that will. He was terribly angry. Zhou Rong Man, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! What a monster!

Zhou Rong Man's eyes were bloodshot. He was staring at Chu Chun Qiu with his three eyes.

What a guy, thought Lin Feng and Kong Ming, looking at Zhou Rong Man. Truly a monster. Chu Chun Qiu was extremely strong, but the others didn't know what had just happened with that shout.

Zhou Rong Man roared out, venting something deep inside. His third eye dimmed down. He was shaking, looking like he was trying to oppress the strength of his third eye.

Zhou Rong Man took a step forwards and then aside before sitting down cross-legged. He closed his third eye, and his violent will disappeared. He became extremely calm.

The crowd was astonished. Who had won?

"A moment ago, Chu Chun Qiu was oppressing Zhou Rong Man really bad, and then Zhou Rong Man went crazy. Chu Chun Qiu still should have won if he could defeat Zhou Rong Man. However, it's still difficult to know who's stronger between the two of them. Zhou Rong Man is such a monster…"

Three people could still fight: Lin Feng, Kong Ming, and Chu Chun Qiu. They were going to finish in the top three of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

"Those last three cultivators have exceeded everybody's expectations," sighed many people. They would have never thought that those three people would end up in the top three.

Chu Chun Qiu turned around and stared at Lin Feng. Lin Feng also looked back at him.

They were both extremely strong. Chu Chun Qiu's Sky Absorbing strength was terrifying. If Lin Feng wanted to defeat him, he would need to use his full strength, but could he still use his full strength? He was probably too exhausted. Killing such people was nearly impossible even in normal circ.u.mstances.

Such people became more and more terrifying with time, especially that Chu Chun Qiu, his cultivation speed was terrifying. Lin Feng thought very highly of Chu Chun Qiu.

"We fought before I broke through. Do you still have energy to fight against me?" Lin Feng asked Chu Chun Qiu calmly.

Chu Chun Qiu remained silent. He had seen Lin Feng and Kong Ming's battle a moment before. It had been even more impressive than his own fight. Lin Feng had indeed become a bit stronger.

At this time, Chu Chun Qiu thought that fighting against Lin Feng would be difficult, indeed. He would never have thought that Lin Feng would become so strong so quickly. He should have killed him a long time ago!

Chu Chun Qiu was still thinking that if he had the opportunity, he would absorb Lin Feng's will. It would be amazing…

"Chu Chun Qiu, fight against me," said Kong Ming calmly. He had lost against Lin Feng. He didn't need to fight anymore, but since Chu Chun Qiu was also a terrifying cultivator, he still wanted to try if he could best him.

Chu Chun Qiu turned to Kong Ming. He knew that Kong Ming was terrifyingly strong. His Ten Thousand Celestial Buddha Solution, Indestructible Golden Body and Great Compa.s.sion Dhāraṇī were incredible. He had reached the peak of perfection in all those skills and techniques.

"Use your full strength for this battle," said Kong Ming calmly. An incredible amount of golden lights appeared. He immediately started chanting mantras in his Brahma voice, and 108 Buddhas appeared. He turned into a golden body and rose up into the air. He looked like a Vairocana.

The Great Compa.s.sion Dhāraṇī strength slowly filled the air. Many people made their hearing stop functioning this time because they didn't want to hear the Great Compa.s.sion Dhāraṇī. It influenced their will. They were worried that such powerful attacks would have consequences to their cultivation.

Chu Chun Qiu was standing proudly in the air. An ancient king appeared behind him. He looked like a peerless cultivator. His vitality and intent were explosive and terrifying. The Great Compa.s.sion Dhāraṇī couldn't affect his vitality and intent. On the contrary, his terrifying vitality and intent surged towards Kong Ming.

However, Chu Chun Qiu's vitality and intent attacks were far more effective against Lin Feng, due to Kong Ming's cultivation type. He was a Buddhist cultivator, and his Great Compa.s.sion Dhāraṇī protected him from such impure attacks. It was difficult to attack Kong Ming's will.

"If he wants to defeat Kong Ming, he has to do it like Lin Feng, using pure physical strength and crus.h.i.+ng his golden body."

Chu Chun Qiu couldn't do the same as Lin Feng, because their ways of fighting were completely different. Defeating Lin Feng would be easier for Chu Chun Qiu than defeating Kong Ming, even if Lin Feng had defeated Kong Ming.

However, Chu Chun Qiu wasn't going to flinch. He continued releasing explosive vitality and intent. People's vitality and intent could influence attacks. Chu Chun Qiu wanted his attacks to be as powerful as possible.

He jumped forwards, the earth and sky became paler. His intent expanded aggressively. He could easily kill emperors of the top of the Huang Qi layer with such attacks, but his attack wasn't effective against Kong Ming. However, Kong Ming continued releasing strength.

Kong Ming continued using his Ten Thousand Celestial Buddha, his Buddha's lights becoming more and more dazzling. Golden words appeared in the sky. They turned into gigantic Buddhist imprints and rotated. They were getting more and more powerful. Kong Ming was using his most powerful attacks as well!

The twenty-meter high Buddha appeared, its head reached the sky. The imprints rotated around its body. Gigantic fists appeared around it, radiating danger.

The gigantic ancient imprints penetrated into the words and moved towards Chu Chun Qiu. Instantly, Chu Chun Qiu was surrounded by Buddhist halos.

Chu Chun Qiu jumped forwards. His vitality and intent grew more and more powerful. His ancient king shouted furiously. The ancient Buddha shouted loudly as cracks appeared on it.

However, Chu Chun Qiu also had the sensation his arms were being crushed. He was thrown backwards violently and spat out blood.

The gigantic Buddha attacked for the fourth time. Chu Chun Qiu was furious, he stopping and moving forwards again. He punched out unceasingly, and the gigantic Buddha's hands finally cracked, losing their intensity.

Chu Chun Qiu smashed the Buddhist lights around him. His face was deathly pale and his blood was boiling.

"Chu Chun Qiu can resist against such attacks, he's a real genius, but he's going to lose anyway," the experts murmured.

But Chu Chun Qiu had defeated Zhou Rong Man, Kong Ming had defeated Chu Chun Qiu, and Lin Feng had defeated Kong Ming. The final ranking was already obvious, it was just that the final battle had already been fought by Kong Ming and Lin Feng.

Suddenly, everybody looked at Lin Feng, had he finished the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds in first place?

At that moment, people's hearts were pounding.

Jing, Qing Feng, Hou Qing Lin, Lang Ye, Jun Mo Xi, Jian Mang and the others, the members of the DevMara Thunder Clan, the Pellet Kings Clan, Yao Yao and many, many other people had palpitations as they stared at Lin Feng!

PMG Chapter 2209

Chapter 2209: All Eyes Tracking

Back in the icy small world of the Snow Clan…

An old woman was standing in the snow. Next to her were a few old people.

"What's going on?" asked someone at that moment. Someone appeared next to the old woman. If Lin Feng had been there, he would have recognized that person. It was the man who had taken Meng Qing away from him.

"Listen to them," said the old woman calmly. At that moment, the man looked over at the group of people.

"All the Shrines' members are at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds," said an old man in the group of people in front of the old woman. The person who had just arrived looked astonished. "It is quite surprising. The Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds takes place every hundred years, one Shrine is in charge, and the others can't get involved."

"Yes, but you probably remember the Shrines' great war a long time ago, though," said the old woman indifferently. The old men frowned nervously. The Shrines' war back in the days had shaken the whole continent. It had been tragic, and many people had died. Entire worlds had disappeared.

Back then, they had still been young. It had been a tragedy for the Snow Clan, too. Three of their kings had died back then. They couldn't forget about it.

"The Fortune Shrine has an incredible Destiny Technique. The other Shrines have nothing like it. However, a short time ago, someone said that their Elder used the Great Destiny Technique," said the old woman calmly. The crowd was astonished to hear about the Great Destiny Technique.

"The Fortune Shrine used the Great Destiny Technique? Why would they tell people about that?" asked that person skeptically.

"I don't know. But the Shrines are fierce. It's not surprising," said the old woman indifferently.

"Indeed. But the fact that the Fortune Shrine used the Great Destiny Technique is intriguing, meaningful, and thought-provoking."

"Maybe it is due to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. There is news about that kid. All the Shrines arrived at the battle stage of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds."

"Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds?!" whispered that person. "The Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds is going to end soon. I wonder who the Fortune Shrine will recruit!"

"No matter who they choose, we don't need to get involved. We can't compete with the Shrines. We can only watch silently. Let's not waste energy," answered the old woman calmly.

The man nodded. He knew that the Snow Clan couldn't compete with the Shrines. They would need many, many years before being able to compete with the Shrines. Maybe if a peerless cultivator appeared in the Snow Clan, it would help them, like little Zhe Tian…

Everybody gazed into the distance. What was going to happen during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds? It wasn't going to be ordinary this year. The Great Destiny Technique required lots of energy, only core disciples of the Fortune Shrine had access to such techniques.


Back at the battle stage of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, everybody was staring at the fighters inside. They all had palpitations.

Little Zhe Tian clenched his fists. The young man in front of him had transmitted some news to the Snow Clan. He looked excited, he knew things weren't over.

Behind him, Xue Shen Feng pulled a long face and stared at Lin Feng.

He came in first, how is that possible?, thought Xue Shen Feng. He felt desperate. How could Lin Feng become so strong, so quickly? Back during the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List, Lin Feng wasn't that strong. After today, Lin Feng would be famous everywhere in the Continent of the Nine Clouds! Everybody would know he had finished first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. People in the Holy City and Champion University would also learn about it!


Actually, many people in G.o.dly Clouds City kept using their jade talismans with the full strength of their G.o.dly awareness, using telepathy to tell distant people about events.

What a guy, he surprisingly finished first, thought Jing, staring at Lin Feng. She looked over at Qing Feng. Qing Feng was beaming, and looked bewitched. She was happy for Lin Feng!

He's first. He'd definitely be a good match for Qing Feng, thought Jing. She was still staring at Lin Feng. Where did he come from? He had defeated Ni Cang, Hua Qing Feng, Kong Ming… She had been amazed by Lin Feng's speed when he was fighting against Kong Ming, too.

Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, Ruo Xie, Jun Mo Xi, Lang Ye, Jian Mang, and all the others were happy for Lin Feng. Lin Feng had finished first. It was one more proof in his life, just another milestone.

"From now on, Lin Feng will be known as a splendid and glorious cultivator in Champion University. His name will always be carved at the top of the ranking list. They will make a statue of him. Such a cultivator will be without parallel in the history of Champion University!" said Ruo Xie with a smile.

Best emperor of the Continent of the Nine Clouds! It was incredible. The top three cultivators of the meeting would become kings in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. It was difficult to imagine. How strong would Lin Feng be a hundred years from now?

"I never thought that Brother Lin Feng would be so incredible. Even Brother Ling Huang isn't as strong," said Yao Yao, laughing.

Ru Feng was also astonished. Back then, they were worried when Lin Feng had fought against w.a.n.g Jie. Now, they knew that someone like w.a.n.g Jie was like an insect in Lin Feng's eyes. They belonged to different worlds!

Of course, apart from people who were happy for Lin Feng, there were many people who were furious. The members of the DevMara Thunder Clan all pulled long faces.

Lin Feng had finished first. He was going to become a core disciple of the Fortune Shrine. The DevMara Thunder Clan wouldn't be able to avenge Lei Dong Tian anymore. Would Lin Feng want to take his revenge against them? Probably. So he had to die, as soon as possible!

Hua Qing Feng was also staring at Lin Feng. He sighed and thought, "I'm a Confucian and sword cultivator. I control two types of Dao intent. I'm really strong. I was G.o.dly Clouds' First Master. But on the battle stage of the meeting, I ended up sixth. Those people even have Saint's techniques, which they already master at their own level. If your Dao intent isn't at the highest level possible, then you can't pose a threat to those people."

Hua Qing Feng now knew that he needed to study more. Lin Feng's Saint's techniques were terrifying. Kong Ming's strength was also astonis.h.i.+ng, an expert in both defense and offense. All the people who had ranked better than him were terrifyingly strong cultivators.

The Young Beast Masters, Saint Tianhun, Zhuo Qing, they were all staring at Lin Feng. If Lin Feng joined the Fortune Shrine, he would become even stronger, even faster.

Lin Feng had finished first. He would become a core disciple in the Fortune Shrine. He would have access to all the Saint's Techniques of the Fortune Shrine. In the future, the difference between him and them would keep increasing. If Lin Feng became a member of the Fortune Shrine, they wouldn't be able to kill Lin Feng anymore.

In G.o.dly Clouds City, there were people from everywhere in the Continent, so of course there were people from the Dark Night Region as well. There were people from all the dynasties of Qi Tian Holy Town. Some of them were very nervous. Back in the day, they had joined hands to attack Lin Feng by surprise. Would Lin Feng want to get his revenge?

Amongst people from the Dynasties, some people were also smiling broadly… the people from the Holy Spirit Dynasty! Their eyes were twinkling. He was their Holy Dynasty Prince! In the future, his son would become a Holy Emperor in their dynasty! Their future Holy Emperor's father would be a core disciple of the Fortune Shrine! It was incredible. A new era was starting for the Holy Spirit Dynasty!


The Diviner was standing in the air, smiling thinly. Lin Feng had succeeded, he had made it this far. He was the strongest emperor of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The Destiny Wheel had really rotated because of him. He had guessed right!

The Great Destiny Technique can't predict everything; his destiny is in his own hands, we can't predict the future. The predictions of the Great Destiny Technique don't control his life, thought the Diviner. He was just waiting. n.o.body was saying anything. He was waiting for people to recover.


After a long time, Prince Wu Qing recovered. Zhou Rong Man came back to his senses. The others finished recovering, too. The Diviner waved his hand and said calmly, "In the name of the Fortune Shrine, I'll announce the rankings officially: Lin Feng, first; Kong Ming, second; Chu Chun Qiu, third; Zhou Rong Man, fourth; b.e.s.t.i.a.l Deployment Spell Caster, fifth; Hua Qing Feng, sixth; Yu Qing, seventh; Jiu Ling Huang, eighth; Prince Wu Qing, ninth; Mara, tenth!"

The crowd stared at the top ten.

However, at that moment, a few silhouettes appeared in the sky, they were wearing black armor and looked like demons. One of them said, "Congratulations everybody for finis.h.i.+ng in the top ten."

That voice didn't sound harmonious at all, and he had just interrupted the Diviner. The Diviner was making a public announcement in the name of the Fortune Shrine!

PMG Chapter 2210

Chapter 2210: Kill Them All, Don't Let Any Of Them Off

Everybody slowly turned to that person. Even the Diviner looked at them.

That person smiled coldly and looked at the top ten cultivators.

"Of course, these people are now members of the Fortune Shrine, I just wanted to congratulate them in the name of the Demon Shrine," said that person, looking at the Diviner calmly. However, he was smiling ominously.

"I represent the Fire Shrine. Congratulations!" said someone else. He was wearing a fire robe. He had no Qi. However, people had the impression that he was bathing in flames at the same time. It was very strange. Next to him was a young man.

"I represent the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine. Congratulations!" said someone else. That person seemed to be in another world. Next to him, there was also a young man wearing a golden cloak.

"I represent the Ice and Snow Shrine. Congratulations."

People looked at all the members of the Shrines. What was going on?

"What are the members of the other Shrines doing here? Are they really here to congratulate the winners?" whispered the crowd uneasily.

Many strong cultivators frowned. Duan Feng frowned too and thought, The Shrines are not allowed to get involved when another Shrine organizes the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Only young people can come and watch, but now some extremely strong cultivators have come. What is going on?

"The top ten cultivators are extremely strong. Gu Xuan Tian, one of our disciples, is extremely strong and talented. All the other Shrines also have geniuses. Why not give young people an opportunity to exchange views on cultivation?" said the strong cultivator of the Demon Shrine at that moment.

Everybody looked at the young man next to him. That must be Gu Xuan Tian…

"Gu Xuan Tian is one of the three strongest cultivators of his generation in the Demon Shrine. He's terrifyingly strong. He went to the Supreme Animal World alone, killed a real dragon and used its body to make armor. Many people from the Dragon Clan in the Supreme Animal World were furious. They went to the Demon Shrine to capture him, three real dragons fought against Gu Xuan Tian, but they lost. n.o.body has talked about it since," reported some people.

That guy was terrifyingly strong, a core disciple in a Shrine. Even though the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were also extremely strong, they couldn't win against him. After all, people from Shrines belonged to another world, especially core disciples who benefited from the Shrines' teachings on a daily basis.

"Huo Xing Zi, a disciple of the Fire Shrine, also wants to exchange views on cultivation with the geniuses of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!" said a strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine calmly. Many people's faces twitched.

"Huo Xing Zi, he's got phoenix wings. All the young people of the Shrines know how terrifying he is!" some whispered. Did the Shrines want to cause trouble for the Fortune Shrine? All the emperors the Shrines had brought with them were terrifyingly strong.

"According to legends, Huo Xing Zi has a G.o.dly Fire Body. He can absorb any kind of fire, transform it to make it his own, and at the same time increase his inherent fire."

The strong cultivators of the different Shrines introduced the young people who were on their side. Many people gulped, dumbstruck. The top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were in danger!

The ten Shrines had selected their most outstanding emperors and come there to challenge the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, that wasn't fair at all. Maybe if the Shrines had selected the top ten cultivators they had, maybe the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds could defeat one or two. Like everyone, the Shrines' disciples were more or less stronger, but overall they were all overwhelmingly strong.

Now all those Shrines had brought their most outstanding cultivators; the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds couldn't defeat them.

"Only Lin Feng, Kong Ming, Zhou Rong Man and Chu Chun Qiu can resist those people, and that is not even sure. The last six don't stand a chance," thought the crowd. Even Duan Feng and the young man of the Snow Clan were astonished. The Shrines were too audacious!

The people from G.o.dly Clouds City, as well as those who had partic.i.p.ated in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, didn't understand. They had never heard those young people's names before, but they noticed that the observers were astonished. Were those people the strongest disciples the Shrines had?

"What is going on? I remember that a hundred years ago, the Fire Shrine organized the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and when it finished, they took all the geniuses with them. No Shrine got involved," whispered someone. For many cultivators, a hundred years wasn't long. Many of them had seen the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds before.

"And two hundred years ago, the Ice and Snow Shrine did the same, they recruited disciples and no other Shrine got involved. What is going on this time? "

Many people didn't understand and looked skeptical.

The Diviner raised his head and sighed. He wouldn't have thought that what the Shrine's leader had said would really happen. He gazed into the distance and looked at a palace in particular. The Fortune Shrine probably knew what was happening already.


People in the Fortune Shrine knew, obviously.

There was a distant celestial palace floating in the sky. There were many people in front of it. A white-bearded old man with the demeanor of a transcendent being had his back turned to them.

It was the Fortune Shrine's leader. He looked at all the stars in the sky.

He slowly turned around and looked at the blurry silhouettes in front of him. He smiled and said, "Dear friends, long time no see. I hope you're good."

"A thousand years have pa.s.sed," said a crooked old man, also smiling indifferently. They looked friendly as they all walked towards a table.

"Indeed. A thousand years ago, you all came here. I remember we had a cup of tea here, too," said the Fortune Shrine's leader slowly. appeared and he gave everybody a cup of tea.

"We're old and tired now," said another old man, drinking tea and sighing. He raised his head and looked at the Fortune Shrine's leader. "Where are all the little boys who usually follow you?"

"I imprisoned them," replied the Fortune Shrine's leader calmly, as if he had said something normal. The others were astonished, smiling and shaking their heads, "Old friend, you're still quite tough!"

"They've been following me for so many years, and in the end, I realized they had been doing some things behind my back. They betrayed me and told some of my secrets," sighed the Fortune Shrine's leader sighing. He looked disappointed. Some people who had been following him for at least a thousand years had told other Shrines about his secrets. He wasn't surprised.

"We know. No need to hide anything," said one of them indifferently. He looked at the Fortune Shrine's leader and said sharply, "Who's the person?"

At that moment, the others stopped moving and stared at the Fortune Shrine's leader.

"Why did the Destiny Wheel rotate?" asked someone else.

After remaining silent for a few seconds, the Fortune Shrine's leader smiled and said, "That's why I imprisoned them. I will check their memories. Even if I feel sorry for them, I have to know the truth."

"Oppress them, of course," said someone, staring at the Fortune Shrine's leader heartlessly. His voice sounded cold.

"It's not easy to oppress them," said the Fortune Shrine's leader, shaking his head.

"Then, kill them all. Don't let any of them off," said someone else emotionlessly. That person's demon intent was terrifying. He wanted to kill the ten best cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds?

The Fortune Shrine's leader shook his head. He didn't say much more. Since he couldn't predict the future, he could only do his best!

PMG Chapter 2211

Chapter 2211: Gu Xuan Tian

Edited by RED

The light curtain around the platform of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds disappeared. Gu Xuan Tian and the nine other strong cultivators walked towards the platform as oppressive energies appeared.

Lin Feng and the others opened their eyes. They hadn't thought that right after the end of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the ten Shrines would send strong cultivators to fight against them.

Kong Ming looked solemn and respectful. He put his palms together as if nothing could affect him. Golden lights surrounded him and he started chanting mantras in his magnificent Brahma voice.

Chu Chun Qiu's expression was sharp and he released energies. Their enemies were extremely strong. It would be very difficult to fight against them.

"I didn't finish first, so now it's another opportunity to amaze the whole Continent of the Nine Clouds," said Zhou Rong Man, smiling when he saw all this. If he managed to destroy these people, everybody would admire him. Even in such circ.u.mstances he was smiling.

The other six were astonished. They were geniuses, they had finished in the top ten of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, they had gone through so much to achieve it. They had partic.i.p.ated in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds to become stronger, and to join a Shrine. These geniuses were from Shrines, so the battles would be extremely difficult.

The Diviner didn't stop anyone, he looked unmoved. The crowd was surprised, but at the same time, some people understood that the Diviner couldn't stop those strong cultivators from ten different Shrines. However, how would they feel if they knew that the leaders of all the Shrines were drinking tea together?

"I want this one." The ten strong cultivators were standing halfway up in the air. One of them was pointing at Lin Feng. He was wearing a black robe, which was fluttering in the wind. He looked like a demon and was staring at Lin Feng with his pitch-black eyes.

"You did well. You know several Saint's techniques, and you ranked first. Show me how strong you really are," said Gu Xuan Tian, staring at Lin Feng in cold excitement.

Lin Feng looked back at Gu Xuan Tian, as a black spear appeared in the other's hand. It was filled with Demon intent which pulsed around it. It could easily kill people. His demon energies were overwhelming and pressed down on Lin Feng. He looked like a proud, aggressive, and arrogant demon king overlord.

"Show me how strong the geniuses of the Demon Shrine are," said Lin Feng releasing his own intent. A gigantic black demon sword appeared in his hand.

Huo Xing Zi landed in front of Jiu Ling Huang. Jiu Ling Huang released his fire Qi. Huo Xing Zi was a fire master, he looked at Jiu Ling Huang greedily. Jiu Ling Huang's fire could help him become much stronger. The other strong cultivators from the other Shrines also landed in front of their opponents. In a few seconds, the air was humming with power.

"How strong!" murmured the partic.i.p.ants of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds when they saw those people, including Lin Feng.

Gu Xuan Tian was holding his demon spear and walking towards Lin Feng. At his back, a demon shadow appeared and roared out thunderously. It looked exactly the same as him. His demon energies were getting stronger and stronger.

"The demon energies become more powerful as he walks forwards," observed the crowd watching Gu Xuan Tian. Lin Feng had ranked first during the Meeting, so many people focused on his battle. Many of those people found Gu Xuan Tian scary…

Lin Feng released a Holy Spirit sword, which swept away the demonic pressure, humming furiously.

Gu Xuan Tian suddenly accelerated, more demon shadows appearing and overlapping. The terrifying demon king's spear suddenly moved forwards, demon energies intertwining. The demon shadows all held spears and condensed, pressing forwards with an indomitable will. The energies in the spears were deadly!

Lin Feng sensed the aggressive vortex of energies rolling towards him. He suddenly stepped forwards and raised his gigantic sword. Sharp weapon energies rose to the skies.

The spear crashed against the sword, and the air began to shake. Lin Feng released more strength through his arms and put them into the sword. It was an incredible strength, but he still felt pressured. His opponent's spear was extremely hard!

"Break!" shouted Gu Xuan Tian furiously. His spear trembled. Lin Feng sensed that the demon king was coming towards him quickly.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. His voice caused soundwaves to condense in a wave of power. The demon king started cracking. Cosmic energies roared out, shocking everyone.

"How terrifying. No wonder that Lin Feng finished first, his soundwave strength is terrifying. But Gu Xuan Tian is also formidable. His spear keeps evolving. If Lin Feng wasn't that strong, he would have died instant!" judged those watching.

Gu Xuan Tian was a genius of the Demon Shrine, one of their best emperors. People who didn't know him before were going to remember his name. There were such incredibly powerful cultivators in that place.

The crowd was astonished when they saw the second wave of destructive energies. The demonic Gu Xuan Tian exclaimed, "As expected, the first one is really strong."

He stepped forwards, accompanied by more thunder of energies in conflict. The ground was shaking violently. His energies roared out furiously, and his strength suddenly rose. His spear divided and turned into twelve spears, all shooting towards Lin Feng at the same time. Every spear looked like a black dragon, roaring eagerly. The sound alone could kill weaker people.

In G.o.dly Clouds City, someone howled furiously. He had the sensation his head was going to explode because of the soundwaves.

"How scary." Many people put their hands on their ears and their hearts were pounding violently.

"How can Lin Feng resist such attacks?" wondered many people.

Lin Feng turned pitch-black and shot forwards in response. He raised the gigantic sword in front of him once again.

Lin Feng shouted like a dragon, making the ground tremble. Spears started breaking apart one after the other, but not all of them.

"Break!" Lin Feng shouted again. A gigantic axe appeared in front of him, and continued crus.h.i.+ng the spears. Weapon Qi filled the air. At the same time, he used his gigantic sword to force Gu Xuan Tian back.

"Pfew… I wouldn't have thought that such battles would start right after the end of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!" Many people were clenching their fists.

"Lin Feng!" Qing Feng looked nervous. Even though Lin Feng kept forcing Gu Xuan Tian backwards, Gu Xuan Tian was extremely strong. His spear contained a terrifying strength. Even Lin Feng found him amazingly strong.

Hou Qing Lin and the others looked nervous, too. How strong. Gu Xuan Tian was strong, but so were Jin Xing Zi and the others. They were all peerless cultivators amongst emperors. Now they realized that there were people even stronger than those who had partic.i.p.ated in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Those geniuses from the Shrines disdained everybody else.

"Brother." Yao Yao was staring at her brother Jiu Ling Huang, Red Clouds' First Master. He was incredibly strong, but Huo Xing Zi's attacks were frightening.

"Brother Lin Feng, I hope nothing will happen to you." Yao Yao looked at Lin Feng. When she saw that Lin Feng was fine, she took a deep breath, but her brother Jiu Ling Huang was now in danger. He was oppressed, and the others, too. Only Kong Ming, Chu Chun Qiu, and Zhou Rong Man had managed to resist their opponents.

However, it was impossible to say if any of them could defeat their opponents, because the fighters hadn't used their full strength yet…

Gu Xuan Tian was staring at Lin Feng, his eyes like two dark caves.

"The first cultivator of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds hasn't disappointed. Get ready to use your full strength now. What you've done up until now wasn't enough," said Gu Xuan Tian coldly. He was impatient. He had seen Kong Ming and Lin Feng's explosive battle. He didn't know how strong they really were, but he was self-confident and thought he could defeat them easily. He was even convinced he could defeat the other geniuses of the Shrines!

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