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Chapter 670-Mediterranean Alliance

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

After a morning of closed door discussions, Shanhai City and Atlantis officially formed a strategic alliance and signed an alliance contract. As for the core terms of the contract, it was the four matters that Ouyang Shuo had raised.

First, peaceful coexistence. The alliance did not aim to create conflict in the Mediterranean Ocean. On the contrary, they would work toward ensuring peace and stability in the region.

Hence, the two sides were willing to work with any third party willing to protect the peace in the Mediterranean Ocean and were eager to develop long-distance trading.

Secondly, protecting allies. If any side was attacked militarily, the other side must provide resource and troops unconditionally.

Note: This was limited to Jidian City and the Mediterranean Squadron.

Thirdly, open trade. Both sides would freely open their ports to one another. They would allow merchant s.h.i.+ps to travel freely, encouraging native merchants to trade with one another and to promote technical and technological exchange.

Fourthly, Atlantis Island would allow Shanhai City to build ports and house troops there when needed.

These four terms showed Ouyang Shuo's ambitions in the Mediterranean.

Obviously, his end goal was not just to have one strong ally in Atlantis but to develop a circle of allies to proactively develop a friends.h.i.+p circle.

The core four terms were basically suitable for countries or even territories.

After signing the contract, Ouyang Shuo had no intentions of acting low profile and just announced a press conference in front of the Mediterranean players in Atlantis.

He not only announced the success of the alliance, but he also announced the exact terms. Within a day or two, this news would be spread by the word of mouth to the rest of the Mediterranean.

In the afternoon, Ouyang Shuo set off to return to Jidan City.

As the return gift for the thousand Spanish cannons, Kalia also imparted Jidan City with a rich reward. This included two combat puppets, four construction puppets, two mimicry flying devices and 10 shark type mimicry wars.h.i.+ps.

Without mentioning the other things, just the two humongous war puppets were worth the thousand cannons.

These combat puppets were strategic level weapons; Atlantis City used 200 mimicry flying devices to air freight these two puppets to Jidian City.

If it was not for the transport difficulty, Ouyang Shuo would have rather just brought them back to Shanhai City. Even if they were not used, these 100-meter tall giants would not look half bad before the front gate.

As for the construction puppets, Ouyang Shuo needed them greatly. Jidian City had basically no resources and without a single NPC smith or artisan, the city could not even be constructed.

Ouyang Shuo had worried about this matter, who knew that Kalia would easily solve his problem.

As expected from the Queen of Atlantis, such magnanimity. Ouyang Shuo was thinking about compensating them when he had the chance.

8th month, 5th day, Jidian City.

After a month of running, they had demolished all the basic buildings into flat land. Not only that, a 12-meter high stone wall was built near the ocean.

On the city wall, many Spanish cannons were lined up, emitting a dangerous aura.

One had to say, the construction puppets the Atlantis people gave were extremely strong, especially in terms of city wall construction, they went to chisel stone from the mountain and built the wall like they were stacking wood.

These giants were not only huge but also great smiths.

Normal masonry was nothing too difficult for them. The Atlantis people had equipped them with many different types of mechanical arms to ensure that they could flexibly perform different kinds of work.

Of course, for inner city buildings, these huge puppets were not that useful. If they were not careful and accidentally stepped onto a wrong spot, they could easily crush a house.

Hence, it was still empty within the city walls; only the city Lord Manor had been built up.

At the side of the manor was an airport to park the mimicry flying devices. The two flying devices given by Kalia would act as a reserve power in the skies to act as their eyes.

Apart from Jidian City, Gibraltar Port was also cleaned up and port facilities were being reconstructed. The main use of the port in the future was for military matters, so it needed facilities like s.h.i.+pyards and s.h.i.+p repair facilities.

The 12 mimicry wars.h.i.+ps were quietly docked at a corner of the port. As for the mimicry wars.h.i.+ps given by Kalia, Ouyang Shuo was not planning to give them to the navy. Instead, he planned to make them into entertainment facilities on the water.

For travelers and tourists to sit on the mimicry wars.h.i.+ps and go around the port, it would cost one gold coin.

At the entrance to the sea, at the foot of the mountains, one left one right, the 200-meter giant combat puppets were like the iron giants of legends, quietly looking over the safety of the port.

One could foresee that the future Jidian City would remain safe, having defenses in all aspects: land, sea, and air.

In the surrounding ocean region, the Mediterranean Squadron and vayage squadron were training together. The Spanish war tactics and the ancient navy tactics from China were vastly different.

In the past few days, Zheng He and Alvaro, these two generals, had been spending all their time together to train their troops to try to use their strengths to cover their weaknesses. This was a great chance for the navy to improve themselves.

Jidian City changed by the day while the Mediterranean region was similarly not quiet.

The arrival of the Shanhai City had flipped the area upside down, there being new news about them every day. The alliance between Shanhai City and Atlantis had messed up the already settled situation.

Anyone with even a slightly strategic eye would realize that the era of the Spanish invincible squadron had ended and would never return. The Mediterranean was going to have a new ruler.

Who would be the victor of this contest?

Each and every country all felt that they stood a chance.

And today, Jidian City welcomed a special guest, the Lord of Vic City- Henry.

Four days ago, Henry's messenger had arrived in Jidan City and expressed the greetings and kind intentions of Henry. Ouyang Shuo personally took time to meet the messenger and hoped that both sides could have a more well-organized discussion.

Hence, there was this visit from Henry.

Ouyang Shuo knew about Henry in both the last life and in this one.

Henry was a short man who looked rather dull; he was a man of a few words. The entire European continent did not think highly of him.

Only Ouyang Shuo knew that in the last life, Henry had smoothly become one of the three heads of Europe and his position was una.s.sailable. On the other hand, the one that people thought highly about, Manstein, had fallen off.

At the same time, another Lord in the Mediterranean had risen up unexpectedly in the mid game and became one of the three heads along with Henry and William of England.

With that, one could see how intelligent and capable this little fellow was.

When he learned that the Spanish invincible squadron had fallen, Henry was the first Lord to find Shanhai City to cooperate. Just this point alone showed his foresight.

Jidian City, Lord's Manor.

In the simple guest room, Ouyang Shuo sat facing Henry, “This room is simple, sorry for making a fool of myself!”

“Your country has an ancient phrase, 'What's important about the mountain is not how high it is but which saint lived in it.'” Who would have expected that Henry would know something about Chinese culture? However, even this phrase, he only said half of it, truly a man of few words.

He really is not simple! Ouyang Shuo thought to himself.

The current Henry's heart was not calm either. When he arranged for the messenger to contact Shanhai City, he did not expect to form any cooperation yet; he just hoped to make a friendly relations.h.i.+p.

If France wanted to rise, it had to face its enemy, Spain.

As they say, 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend.'

When Shanhai City signed an alliance contract with Atlantis, Henry finally felt truly tempted. Without a doubt, the cooperation between the two had signs of leading the situation in the Mediterranean.

What they lacked was the addition of a native power.

Vic City nicely filled this void. It wasn't just because Vic City was a native power. In terms of geography, Vic City and Jidian City were positioned north and south of Spain; they perfectly pincered it.

After balancing everything, Henry decided to grab this rare opportunity to form an alliance. With that, they would unavoidably be seen as a traitor by the Europeans.

Normal people would not possess such boldness.

The exact discussion between the two was not revealed to the outside world.

The next morning, a piece of news was once again spread throughout the Mediterranean.

Shanhai City's Jidian City, Atlantis City, and Vic City had formed a strategic alliance, becoming partners in the Mediterranean. Together, they formed the Mediterranean Alliance.

The core terms of the contract were still the four Ouyang Shuo previousl raised. Sete port in Vic City was officially open to Shanhai City and Atlantis.

Apart from forming an alliance, Ouyang Shuo and Henry also made a huge deal.

Jidian City used 300 Spanish cannons to exchange for 30 thousand artisans and 50 thousand coolies to work for a month in the city to build the city and port facilities.

At the same time, Ouyang Shuo spent 200 thousand gold to purchase large amounts of resources from Vic City.

Obviously, Ouyang Shuo was replicating his experiences from building Friends.h.i.+p Port to use gold in exchange for time to try and build Jidian City in the shortest amount of time.

The establishment of the Mediterranean Alliance had a ma.s.sive influence on the Mediterranean Ocean.

The result of the strong working together meant that the alliance had swiftly filled up the gap that the Spanish invincible squadron had left. With that, before Greece and the other countries could develop in the region, they realized that they had no more chance.

The only difference was that when compared to the Spanish invincible squadron, the Mediterranean Alliance was relatively peaceful and welcomed the addition of new members.

Things always remained unexpected and could change easily.

At this point, the situation was settling, so Greece and the other countries should reflect on themselves.

The Mediterranean was going to welcome a new order.

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