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Chapter 1968: The 100,000 Precepts in Yanshen’s Leg

“Have my eyes deceived me? I can’t believe that Zhang Ruochen managed to hurt Brother Cang Long!”

“It’s his Sword Soul. Zhang Ruochen’s Sword Soul is d.a.m.n powerful. His cultivation base is only in the Greater Precept World, yet his Sword Soul has reached such a level of strength!”

“So what if his Sword Soul is powerful? Brother Cang Long was just too careless earlier. But this time, Zhang Ruochen is going to die.”

“That’s right. Brother Cang Long is the Fane of Youshen’s Number One Non-Supreme Saint fighter. How can he not deal with Zhang Ruochen?”

Those from the Fane of Youshen were stunned when they saw Cang Long hurt. Nevertheless, they still had confidence in him, convinced that Zhang Ruochen was not his match.

Ling Feiyu was standing on the head of the Evil Spirit. There was a glint in her eyes as she stared at Zhang Ruochen’s Sword Soul.

Back in the day when she was in the Celestial Domain of Truth, Zhang Ruochen used to ask her about the secret of the Sword Soul. Before she knew it, though, his Sword Soul had surpa.s.sed hers.

Just as she had thought, Zhang Ruochen was a genius in the Sword Path. His talent was already unparalleled throughout the Celestial Court and Infernal Court, let alone the Kunlun Realm.

Not to mention, the combination of his Sword Path and Path of Time and Dimension showed sophistication as well as strength.

As evidence, Cang Long, who had studied the way to counter Zhang Ruochen’s Sword of Time specifically, was still at a disadvantage in actual combat.

Ruan Ling looked a bit worried. Her heart sank when she could no longer predict the outcome of the battle.

At that moment, Zhang Ruochen did not retrieve his Sword Soul but continued to use it for the Sword of Time’s purpose.

The purple G.o.dstone on the hilt of the Ancient Abyssal Blade was glowing purple, not only making the sword extremely heavy but also mobilizing the Precepts of Heaven and Earth from an extremely wide area.

That was the second characteristic of the purple G.o.dstone that Zhang Ruochen had recently discovered.

Like higher-order Saint techniques, regal weapons, and Supreme artifacts, even if his cultivation base had not reached the Precept Domain realm, with the purple G.o.dstone’s help, he could still summon the Precepts of Heaven and Earth. Therefore, he could punch above his weight.

The Sword Soul moved as quickly as a stream of light, surrounding Cang Long and attacking him.

There was an enormous amount of Marks of Time appeared to brand the dimension around Cang Long with each swing of the Ancient Abyssal Blade.

Cang Long was waving his Hidden Moon Saber, blocking one after another attack from the sword soul.

He knew he was too careless earlier. Now that he was taking things seriously. He would not make the same mistake again, even with Zhang Ruochen’s using his strange and unpredictable moves of Sword of Time.

“There’s an opening!”

There was a flash in Cang Long’s eyes as he deployed a Black Dragon Claw with incredible speed.

His Black Dragon Claw caught the Ancient Abyssal Blade, instantly stopping it.

Just as Cang Long was about to strike with his Hidden Moon Saber, his expression suddenly crashed. Taking his hand off the Ancient Abyssal Blade, he retreated as quick as he could.

The moment his hand caught the sword, he felt the strength all over his body weaken rapidly. He almost lost his balance and plummeted from the air.

It is the power of time; it has shortened my life! Cang Long got the shock of his life when he realized what had happened.

His lifespan had been shortened by dozens of years moments ago. That explained the feeling of frailty.

The Sword Soul did not pursue further attacks but held the Ancient Abyssal Blade and flew back before disappearing into Zhang Ruochen’s body.

“Finally! I can shorten people’s lifespan using Sword Qi. This is the genuine power of Moonlight Melody. It’s a pity that I still haven’t understood enough of it. Performing it by force will only over exhaust myself,” Zhang Ruochen mumbled to himself.

Just now, he was using Moonlight melody to capture several Marks of Time. Before they dissipated, he superimposed them on each other and slashed Cang Long’s body. He did not use the Marks of Time that already existed on the Ancient Abyssal Blade, so he had only cut away a few decades of Cang Long’s life.

Even so, Zhang Ruochen was happy; he had attained a certain level of insight into the Sword of Time’s fifth level.

It would be a tremendous boost to his strength if he could improve upon it further, cutting an opponent’s lifespan with a casual strike of Sword Qi.

From the very beginning, Zhang Ruochen had treated Cang Long as a whetstone to sharpen his skills and test his own self-cultivation results.

The results spoke for themselves; there was a gap between his and Cang Long’s strength. However, it was not a significant gap. He could make up the gap by using the power of time and s.p.a.ce.

Despite that, if he was thinking about defeating Cang Long, it would not be easy.

Cang Long roared like a beast as black Saint Light, which looked as thick as ink, surged out of his body, permeating the s.p.a.ce within a hundred yards. Everything within its range, including the dimension itself, solidified.

“Not bad, Zhang Ruochen. You are nastier than I thought. But from now on, I will not give you any chance.”

Powerful energy emanated from Cang Long’s body, and the weather within a several-thousand-mile radius quickly changed. Dark clouds began to block the moon, and the Bronze Furnace Plains plunged into darkness as if the sky was about to fall. Things became extremely repressive.

With Cang Long at the center, the Precepts and the power of Heaven and Earth continuously converged, forming a huge energy vortex that connected heaven with the earth. There was no other scene more shocking than this.

Suppressed by this energy, the few weaker people from the Fane of Youshen were almost out of breath as they looked at Cang Long in reverence.

“Brother Cang Long has gone completely furious; it is the end for Zhang Ruochen.” There was delight in the eyes of the Great Dragon Spirit Lord.

“Since Brother Cang Long has utilized Obscure Divine Light, that means he has no more hesitation.” The Nine-Headed Dragon Prince nodded.

“Obscure Divine Light is a higher-order Saint technique founded by our master. Brother Cang Long has not fully mastered it yet. But before he came to Kunlun Realm, our master injected some kind of energy into Brother Cang Long’s body, so Brother Cang Long can utilize Obscure Divine Light three times. With a combination of Brother Cang Long’s strength and Obscure Divine Light, even Neverwither Supreme Saints would be intimidated.”

The Zifeng Saint King smiled upon hearing that. He could not have been happier to see Zhang Ruochen die without him intervening.

He did not doubt what Nine-Headed Dragon Prince said. How could Zhang Ruochen still survive under the attack of Youshen’s power?

There was a stern look in Zhang Ruochen’s eyes as he felt great pressure. The energy that Cang Long emanated rivaled that of Bi Yunhai, definitely belonging in the realm of a Neverwither Supreme Saint.

He could vaguely sense the supernatural energy of the G.o.ds.

Youshen has gone as far as pa.s.sing his power to Cang Long just so that he can kill me. It looks like the G.o.ds of the Heavenly Realm do not like to stick to the rules laid down by the Celestial Palace. Zhang Ruochen thought to himself, his eyes turning unusually bitter.

The G.o.d was directly intervening in the conflicts of Saint King cultivators. Youshen and Yanshen seemed to share the same habit.

He was going to kill both Yanshen and Youshen once he was powerful enough.

“Cang Long has whisked out his trump card. There’s no way Zhang Ruochen can survive his move this time. Let me go if you don’t want to see Zhang Ruochen die. Otherwise, you might not even get the chance to bury his body,” Ruan Ling sneered as she stood on the evil spirit’s head.

However, Ling Feiyu ignored Ruan Ling. She just stared at Zhang Ruochen, who now looked like a G.o.d of war with an unrelenting fighting spirit; he looked fearless.

Ling Feiyu was calmer now as she believed that no matter how powerful Cang Long was, Zhang Ruochen would not be defeated.

A thought came to mind and Zhang Ruochen tucked away all his artifacts, including the Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light.

His action puzzled everyone. They wondered why he wanted to do this.

“It is time to remove the first seal!”

Zhang Ruochen mumbled as he gathered his Saint Qi into his left leg.

His left leg turned red as a scorching energy spread.

Strands of bright-red precepts appeared on his left leg, each of them looking stout. There were 100,000 of them, and together, they released ma.s.sive divine energy.

Earlier, when Zhang Ruochen was practicing a closed-door self-cultivation, he had successfully refined the 100,000 Precepts of Yanshen’s Leg. That meant he could finally remove the first seal of Yanshen’s Leg.

Just as Yueshen had mentioned, the second the first seal was removed, Yanshen’s Leg would become so powerful that not even the body of a Neverwither Saint King could take on its blow.

“What? This is…”

Cang Long’s expression changed when he sensed the ma.s.sive divine energy emanating from Yanshen’s Leg.

With the absence of hesitation and the presence of power that could stun heaven and earth, Cang Long shot the black Saint Light at Zhang Ruochen.

No matter what Zhang Ruochen still had up his sleeve, there was no way he could withstand Obscure Divine Light, which contained Youshen’s power.

At that instant, Zhang Ruochen looked even more fearsome as his body gave off overpowering energy.

The first seal that Yueshen left in Yanshen’s Leg shattered at once. an immense expanse of scorching divine energy surging like a volcanic eruption inside Yanshen’s Leg.

“Yanshen’s Leg!”

Zhang Ruochen raised his left leg and struck out horizontally.

This time, he did not perform a Nine-Heaven G.o.d’s Step. As the first seal was removed, he could not control the power of Yanshen’s Leg freely.

As overwhelming divine power rushed out, the dimension shook violently, and cracks formed in the dimension from the violent shaking.

The earth was splitting apart, and the ground sinking as if a ma.s.sive earthquake had hit.

Bright-red fire clouds swept across the horizon, almost turning the night into day. Looking from thousands of miles away, one could still see the firelight flickering, as if there were stars plunging to the earth.

For a while, the temperature in the Bronze Furnace Plains rose sharply, melting and vaporizing the thick snow on the ground.


Facing the power of Yanshen’s Leg, Obscure Divine Light seemed pale in comparison. It could not hold a candle to the violent power of Yanshen’s Leg, and it was instantly annihilated.


The fighters from the Fane of Youshen and the Zifeng Saint King cried out in fear as well as indignation. They wanted to flee, but it was too late.

The bright-red fire clouds engulfed them in the blink of an eye, and their cries subsided.

Cang Long was the first person to take the hit, but he did not die. Instead, he still tried to fight back.

The Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light emanated a dazzling silverish light as meritorious inscriptions appeared and formed a powerful s.h.i.+eld to block the power of Yanshen’s Leg.


The protective s.h.i.+eld formed by the Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light shattered and the scorching violent divine power hit Cang Long directly.

As that happened, divine inscriptions engraved by Youshen appeared on Cang Long’s body, deflecting a large part of the divine power.

Even so, the blow sent Cang Long flying out backward while he burped up a mouthful of blood.

Despite being protected by the Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light and the divine inscriptions, Cang Long still suffered a heavy trauma, his internal organs shattering, his body nearly disintegrating.


With no hesitation, Cang Long activated the Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light and fled toward the horizon at a thousand times the speed of sound.

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