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Chapter 934: Cultivation Improves Again

Translator: Larbre Studio  Editor: Larbre Studio

Zhang Ruochen entered the Universe Spiritual Map. He sat on the bank of a blue river and took out the Blue Dragon Spur. Placing it in his palms, he prepared to refine the dragon soul.


Zhang Ruochen added the Holy Qi from his hands into the Blue Dragon Spur.


The 19 sections of the bone spur radiated with blue light, forming a hundred-foot-long dragon apparition. It seemed to come to life and curled up in the air. It released a low roar.

Such a strong dragon soul. If I refine it, my cultivation should improve greatly. I might be able to reach the pinnacle of the second level early.

Zhang Ruochen clenched his hands into claws and clutched the Blue Dragon Spur tightly so it couldn't escape.


The Abyss Ancient Sword flew out, turning into a black streak of sword light. It slashed the center of the Blue Dragon Spur. With a loud crack, a fissure appeared on the spur's surface.

The dragon soul within felt threatened. It released a strong burst of power and forced open Zhang Ruochen's hands, flying out.

Can the Blue Dragon Spur really contain a dragon soul in the Saint Realm?

Zhang Ruochen was surprised. He gazed at the Blue Dragon Spur flying toward the horizon and stretched his hurting fingers. Then he stood up.

The Blood Dragon Prince's dragon soul had only been a low-level Half-Saint soul. The difference between that and a Saintly dragon soul was like a Half-Saint and a Saint. One was on the ground while the other was in the sky. The difference couldn't be described with words.

More importantly, a Saintly dragon soul had a partial mind. It could absorb Spiritual Qi by itself and acc.u.mulate strength within the Blue Dragon Spur to release extreme power.


Zhang Ruochen controlled the Abyss Ancient Sword, leaving thousands of Sword Qi trails. The sword flew out again and quickly caught up with the Blue Dragon Spur. It attacked with 13 beams of power without stop.

Each strike resulted in more cracks on the Blue Dragon Spur. When the thirteenth strike landed, there was a boom. The Blue Dragon Spur cracked into fist-sized pieces of bone and flew in all directions.


A blue dragon soul flew out. It was more than 700 feet long. Spiraling in the air, it looked down at Zhang Ruochen. "Human, thank you for releasing me. To repay you, I have decided to take your body."

The dragon soul began manipulating the Spiritual Qi to converge toward it. The wispy dragon form became more and more substantial. At the same time, powerful Qi burst from it, filling the sky with lightning and furious wind.

Zhang Ruochen stood on the ground, seeming calm. "You want to take my physical body as a mere dragon soul. Aren't you a bit too"

"My power isn't at its peak, but it's more than enough against a second level human Half-Saint."

The dragon soul rushed down. It extended a huge talon to strike Zhang Ruochen's head. A ma.s.s of lighting radiated from the two dragon claws, forming two large b.a.l.l.s of electricity. They sandwiched Zhang Ruochen.

Shaking his head, Zhang Ruochen thought, "Draconic Transformation."


Golden light covered Zhang Ruochen entirely. The next moment, an even larger golden dragon flew out of the light, tearing apart the electricity. The golden dragon stretched its maw and swallowed the dragon soul at once.

It circled in the air and then rushed downward. Its body shrunk and transformed back into human form when it landed on the ground. Since he'd already swallowed the dragon soul, the first step would be to completely tame the soul.

A Saintly dragon soul was extremely powerful. It crashed against the sides of Zhang Ruochen's body, wanting to break free. However, Zhang Ruochen had the Five Elements Chaotic Body. There was a sea of chaos within him. No matter how the dragon soul crashed around, it couldn't hurt him at all.

He finally tamed the dragon soul after half a month. He spat it out and held it in his left palm.

The 700-foot-tall dragon soul was now only two feet long. Of course, one could still feel the powerful Qi coming from it.

To cultivate the tenth palm of the Elephant and Dragon Prajna Palm, I must first cultivate a dragon soul on my left arm and an elephant soul on my right.

A ball of fire arose from Zhang Ruochen's left palm. It wrapped around the dragon soul and gradually melded into his left arm.

Of course, this was only the start of the melding process. If he wanted to truly refine the dragon soul, it had to completely become one with his left arm's bone, muscle, meridians, and blood.

This was also the hardest step, but if he succeeded, his left arm would turn into a blue dragon arm. His power would skyrocket.


Zhang Ruochen's left arm couldn't take the Saintly dragon soul's power. b.l.o.o.d.y veins appeared and his arm shattered, turning into a b.l.o.o.d.y mess. The first fusion attempt had failed.

Searing pain traveled from his arm to his brain. Beads of sweat rolled down Zhang Ruochen's face. He clenched his jaw but didn't give up. After healing his arm, he immediately tried again.


The second attempt failed too. His arm shattered again. This time, even his meridians and bones were close to breaking. It looked pitiful.

The fusion process was extremely risky. Any mishap could disable Zhang Ruochen's left arm.

Next, he tried a third time, then a fourth, a fifth…

After each attempt, his left arm would heal and become stronger. By the twelfth attempt, he finally succeeded.


Zhang Ruochen clenched his fist. All the pores on his left arm opened and started absorbing the Spiritual Qi crazily. Because he was too fast, he actually created a vortex of Spiritual Qi.

Zhang Ruochen bent his legs and shot hundreds of feet into the sky. Then he plunged down even more quickly.

His left hand pressed on the ground.

The earth caved in directly with a huge boom. A 200-meter-wide palm-shaped ditch opened up. Dirt piled up around the ditch, forming small hills.

Zhang Ruochen retracted his power. He landed on the ground and looked at his palm. I haven't succeeded with the tenth palm yet, but I can already unleash such power. Wouldn't I be even more powerful after I finished it?

He became more excited about completing the tenth palm now.

Afterward, Zhang Ruochen checked his cultivation. He could feel the Holy Qi inside him was like thousands of flying dragons. As expected, he'd reached the pinnacle of the second level of the Half-Saint Realm.

As long as he bought the third cla.s.s Divine Origin Pill, he would be able to try for the third level. By then, his combat ability would reach another level.

Following that, Zhang Ruochen went to a cultivation city within the scroll world. He personally lectured the first generation of Sacred Sect disciples. Not only that, he also taught them different top exercises according to the disciples' different attributes.

Zhang Ruochen had perused many books before. The exercises he taught were naturally all the most advanced. Even the weakest were in the superior-cla.s.s Ghost Level. Some of the more talented disciples received King Level exercises.

They could change to cultivation techniques once they reached the Fish-Dragon Realm. The main reason why he gave them top techniques was to boost their motivation. Everyone wanted to reach the Fish-Dragon Realm as soon as possible.

After doing all that, Zhang Ruochen exited the scroll world. He appeared on Blackie's back again.

Putting the Universe Spiritual Map away, he asked, "Blackie, how much longer before we reach the Blood G.o.d Sect?"

"We should arrive before nightfall."

They'd flown for eight days and nights. Even Blackie could get tired. It sounded weak when it spoke.

"There's still some time."

Zhang Ruochen sat cross-legged and took a small pamphlet out of his spatial ring. It was all the information Murong Yue had given him about the Blood Dragon Prince.

Since Zhang Ruochen had decided to disguise himself as the Blood Dragon Prince and infiltrate the Blood G.o.d Sect, he naturally had to memorize everything on the pamphlet.

"Blood Dragon Prince, 68 years old, birth name Gu Linfeng, calculative and toxic, cruel personality, l.u.s.tful and greedy…" Zhang Ruochen couldn't stop shaking his head while reading. He chuckled and said, "This Blood Dragon Prince is honestly a disgusting man. His only positive trait is that his physique is very powerful. He's a rare and natural cultivation genius."

The Blood Dragon Prince was only in the Ninth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm, but he could unleash a first level Half-Saint's power. This proved that he was a bit stronger than even a Saint Body.

If he hadn't been so lazy and overly-h.o.r.n.y, he would've been at a much higher level.

Zhang Ruochen released a ball of Holy Qi from his palm and crushed the pamphlet into dust. He scattered it in the air.

When they reached the proximity of the Blood G.o.d Sect's territory, Zhang Ruochen had Blackie land. They entered a forest.

Blackie's eyes lolled. "Zhang Ruochen, I thought of something. With the Blood Dragon Prince's cultivation, it would be impossible to escape from the Yuan Mansion to the Blood G.o.d Sect in only eight days. The Blood G.o.d Sect would definitely send someone to check. They'll notice something's wrong."

"They won't." Zhang Ruochen took a saint decree out and held it up. "The Blood Dragon Prince has a saint decree given personally by Discipline King Haiming. With this, he can escape to the Blood G.o.d Sect in eight days."

That was the saint decree in Zhang Ruochen's hand. However, its power had been sapped dry long ago.

Taking the saint decree, Zhang Ruochen hurried straight toward the Blood G.o.d Sect's territory.

The Blood G.o.d Sect was different from the Yin and Yang Sect. No matter how dangerous it was, Zhang Ruochen had had Patriarch Taiyi helping him secretly in the Yin and Yang Sect. Plus, the Yin and Yang Sect was an orthodox sect. It wasn't that dangerous.

The Blood G.o.d Sect, though, was a collection of demons. No one could help him here. The slightest mishap could kill him.

Thus, Zhang Ruochen was extraordinarily careful this time.

Before stepping foot onto the Blood G.o.d Sect's territory, he injured himself greatly. He pretended that his injuries had worsened from his rushed travel.

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