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1847 Dream Token

“This is dream token Immortal Gu.” Fang Yuan inspected Dragon Palace.

Dream Token was shaped like a dragonfly, it had a round head and long body, with a pair of pink ruby eyes and four pairs of transparent wings. Looking closely at its thin wings, one would also see a faint layer of rainbow halo.

Fang Yuan felt a sense of joy in his heart.

All along, he had been holding deep expectations towards dream path Immortal Gu. He had many dream path killer moves, but he still had zero dream path Immortal Gu until now.

For example, unravel dream used the wisdom path Immortal Gu Unravel Mystery, Fang Yuan used a large number of dream path mortal Gu to replace the effect of the supposed dream path Immortal Gu. This caused unravel dream to expend a large number of dream path mortal Gu each time.

In the initial period of getting unravel dream, Fang Yuan had laboriously refined those dream path mortal Gu one by one.

If he had a dream path Immortal Gu to replace them, he would not have had such trouble.

Fang Yuan had always lacked a dream path Immortal Gu, but now, he finally had his first one, and it was actually the rank eight Dream Token!

“Thinking back to the dream realm exploration, it was truly dangerous, I almost lost myself in it.” The dragonman clone who was to the side sighed heavily, he still felt deep lingering fear: “If I had not sensed something amiss in advance and secret set up unravel dream beforehand, and made it activate when I came out, I would have betrayed the main body already.”

Fang Yuan had always used unravel dream on the dream realm, but this time, he targeted himself.

Dragon Palace was able to enslave rank eights and create a new owner because of the power of the dream realm. Thus, when Fang Yuan’s clone used unravel dream on himself, it was also targeting this problem, effectively solving it.

Killer moves were fixed, but people could think.

The exact use of Gu worms depended on the user’s intentions.

Of course, unravel dream itself could not deal with rank eight level Dream Token. In this aspect, he had to thank the four Eastern Sea Gu Immortals including Granny Rong and Zhang Yin.

Fang Yuan’s main body nodded: “This was truly the most difficult dream realm I have ever explored. But earlier when I used luck inspection, those azure-purple qi were not a lie, they signified that you had a chance of becoming Dragon Palace Lord without losing yourself.”

Because Fang Yuan saw a chance of success, he let his clone enter the dream to try the test.

If not for those azure-purple qi, he would only fail regardless, Fang Yuan’s main body would have taken action already.

At this moment, Fang Yuan and his clone had already finished communicating, they learned of each other’s encounters during this period.

Fang Yuan’s main body critiqued: “Dragon Palace’s dream realm was very complex and deep, because both body and soul went inside, it was normal that emotions were pulled and manipulated. The dreams within the dream also made one sink deeper and unable to awaken themselves.”

“Externally, there was Heavenly Court’s action, had I not been careful, a huge battle would occur, the situation would go out of control rapidly.”

Even though these two Eastern Sea immortals looked harmless, they were not benign people. In the previous life, they had fought against Duke Long in order to obtain Dragon Palace. After Duke Long won, during the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention, they even joined with the other rank eight Gu Immortals to invade Hidden Dragon Cave, they had never given up on Dragon Palace.

The truth was, Duke Long chose to negotiate because Qi Sea Ancestor had incredible power, but he had also made considerations for this.

Looking at the entire situation, Fang Yuan’s trip was full of danger this time, it was like he was walking on a tightrope, any carelessness and he would lose complete control.

But in the end, no actual danger happened, he kept control over the situation, this showed Fang Yuan’s expertise in strategic planning.

Firstly, he had a lot of experience in exploring dream realms, he was the number one person in the world. Even though it was his clone who took action this time, Fang Yuan had given him methods like pure dream reality seeker transformation and unravel dream.

Secondly, Fang Yuan constructed Cooking Luck Pot, he could inspect luck. Fang Yuan had seen the azure-purple qi personally and knew there was hope of success, that was why he gave it a go.

Thirdly, Fang Yuan sent Bai Ning Bing and others to the River of Time and used Myriad Year Flying Wars.h.i.+p to fight against five time path Immortal Gu Houses, he drew Heavenly Court’s attention away. Next, by using schemes, he deceived Duke Long and meticulously balanced the forces of Eastern Sea and Heavenly Court, using both sides to his advantage.

And finally, even if he failed, Fang Yuan would only lose a clone, his main body was safe and his foundation would be intact. Even if the dragonman clone betrayed him, Fang Yuan could use the connection between him and his clone to pursue and kill him. Forget about the rest, just the luck path tracking methods could not be concealed by Dragon Palace.

Because Dragon Palace was created during Red Lotus’ era, while luck path was created in the future by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable.

Because of all these reasons, Fang Yuan was able to face Heavenly Court, Eastern Sea’s Gu Immortals, and the Four Dragon Generals while showing great strength and control, he created a situation where he could advance or retreat at all, he had a great advantage throughout.

Of course, the risks were high.

If he lost the dragonman clone, Fang Yuan would lose all of his dream path methods.

After all, unravel dream and pure dream reality seeker transformation were with his clone.

But he had to take the risk.

How could any grand plan have no risk? And this was involving a rank eight Immortal Gu House like Dragon Palace!

As for Wu Shuai’s will, it did not exist.

No will could live in the dream realms for over a million years.

The dragonman clone had thought he was Wu Shuai for some time, it was the effect of Dream Token’s modification, twisting his own will, causing the dragonman clone to think that he was Wu Shuai, having been revived.

But how could Fang Yuan’s will be so easily distorted?

Even if he were deceived, he would sense it in the future and gradually wake up. Unless the dragonman clone stayed inside Dragon Palace all the time and imprisoned himself, subjecting himself to the effects of Dream Token.

Wu Shuai’s arrangements and considerations back then were truly meticulous, his effort was praiseworthy.

After Fang Yuan’s main body learned of the clone’s encounter, he was moved and praised loudly: “He was truly a formidable person!”

It was a pity that Wu Shuai failed.

It was not that he lacked capability. Otherwise, how could he resist the pressure of the ten great sects of Central Continent and develop South Flower Island properly?

His talent and apt.i.tude was very high. That was why his father nurtured him since he was a child, afterwards he even got picked by Green Ant Ascetic, finally becoming rank eight, even though he received external help, his own strength was the foundation to everything.

Regrettably, his enemy was too strong. Forget about Heavenly Court, just Duke Long alone could wipe out the dragonman race. And behind Duke Long, there was still Star Constellation.

The heavenly revelation that dragonmen would reign supreme was the decree of the Heavenly Dao. But Star Constellation Immortal Venerable was too fearsome, after a.s.similating her own will into heaven’s will, she actually managed to twist the Heavenly Dao.

Precisely because of that, the three Demon Venerables who appeared after Star Constellation did not manage to destroy Heavenly Court, it was only Red Lotus Demon Venerable who managed to damage fate Gu. Just this small accomplishment was already beyond the expectations of everyone, after all, Red Lotus Demon Venerable was not an otherworldly demon!

Thus, Wu Shuai’s defeat was predestined from the start.

Even Demon Venerables failed, more so Wu Shuai?

Wu Shuai could make sacrifices, but Heavenly Court had countless members who were willing to sacrifice too. Duke Long exterminated the entire dragonman race, wasn’t it a sacrifice? Star Constellation Immortal Venerable became one with the Dao, she sacrificed herself.

From Wu Shuai’s life, Fang Yuan’s main body learned about the strength of Heavenly Court!

This organization’s foundation was just too deep.

The immortal graveyard had countless slumbering rank eights…

After a million years, Duke Long was still alive…

Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable, Duke Long, Fairy Zi Wei, Chen Yi, and Thunder Ghost True Monarch, all of these people were very influential and powerful…

Today, the great power of Heavenly Court was already established, it suppressed everything in history. Even Demon Venerables could not defy it.

Just this alone could make one feel suffocated! No wonder Shen Cong Sheng and Song Qi Yuan felt so wary, looking at the Earth Trenches emerging and the five regions fusing, they got more anxious by the day.

Fang Yuan wanted to overturn this current trend!

“Only by destroying fate Gu can I have any hope of eternal life.”

“If I fail, will anyone feel moved when they hear of my story in the future?”

“Hehe, they would merely be moved.”

After inspecting Dragon Palace, Fang Yuan kept his clone and Dragon Palace in his immortal aperture, he summoned Xue Er, s.h.i.+ s.h.i.+ Cheng, and Mo Tan Sang.

Fang Yuan used Omni-directional Travel with them, rapidly leaving Eastern Sea.

Ever since Fang Yuan annexed Qi Sea grotto-heaven, the killer move jade flow pearl stopped being effective. He had to use Omni-directional Travel instead to move around.

The ancient battle formation had its unique advantage too, Fang Yuan could naturally use Myriad Year Flying Wars.h.i.+p to travel, this rank eight Immortal Gu House was not slow at all. But it was currently fighting inside the River of Time.

Even if Fang Yuan had it with him, he would not use it to travel, it was too eye-catching.

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