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Chapter 1600: Chapter 1599-original sin (2)

Translator: 549690339 

“I found the turret in the video when I watched the video replay later …” After Yun Duo’ er confessed how she killed Wei Qiqi, she continued,”actually, when I was scouting the area, I also saw the turret.

“But, at that time, I didn’t want to record any murder videos!

“Besides, I thought that since the sky was so dark and the turret was so far away, we wouldn’t be able to record it in the video!”

“So, because of this turret, I knew that you weren’t lying and that you really found Wei Qiqi’s body …

“I originally …” Yun Duo’ er swallowed her saliva and said slowly,”I was thinking, after such a long time, even if you found the body, what could you do?


“But … My hope was still destroyed!”

Hearing this, Wu Xiumin explained to her how Yun Duo’ er’s DNA had been able to be preserved in Wei Qiqi’s teeth.

“Oh …”

After Yun Duo’ er understood, her body drooped down weakly. Although she looked dispirited and her eyes were blank, she was obviously much more relieved than before.

After a while, she continued,””Actually, after I lost the videotape, I had the thought of moving Wei Qiqi’s corpse, but …

“I’m afraid …” Yun Duo’ er said numbly.”I dare to kill people in the dark, but I don’t dare to dig up corpses in the dark! I don’t know what the person I killed will become!

“Also, I’m afraid I’ll fall into someone’s trap … Or that moving the corpse will reveal more flaws …

“All in all, I was on the verge of collapse every day at that time! I only thought that my fate would end at that time. I even made all the preparations, but I don’t know why, fate just had to play a joke on me!”

“Hmm …” Wu Xiumin nodded slightly, then asked,”so … Wei Qiqi was your first victim?” Before her, is there anyone else?”

Yun Duo’ er shook her head numbly.

Wu Xiumin continued to ask,”what about after Wei Qiqi?” Who’s next?”

“It was the girl who sold milk …” Yun Duo’ er said without stopping.”It was 2000. At that time, I followed li Feifan’s crew to Yunshan in Yuezhou to shoot an advertis.e.m.e.nt!

“That girl who sold milk partic.i.p.ated in the audition for the commercial. Although she did not get selected in the end …” Yun Duo’ er’s eyes suddenly turned cold.”During the show, that girl interacted with my husband, and my husband actually praised her in front of everyone as a ‘cheerful and lively’ girl …

“This is too much! Li Feifan knew that this compliment was very sensitive to him, but he still said it!

“Furthermore, right in front of me, his eyes were filled with excitement. That kind of … Excitement that should only be shown to me!

“So …” Yun Duo’ er said fiercely,”I have to stop this kind of gaze from spreading. I can’t let that girl who sells milk break into my life and take away everything I have …

“I want her to be like Wei Qiqi!!!” As she said that, Yun Duo’ er clenched her fists and fell into a violent and resentful memory.”You were right. After killing Wei Qiqi, not only did I not feel a trace of pity or regret, but I also felt an indescribable pleasure!

“I feel like I’ve been released from the slaughter. It’s like … Like I’ve been Reborn!

“It’s as if … I’m not killing a person, but the resentment in my heart! “I keep feeling that if I kill them, I’ll be able to find that long-lost optimistic mood and become a lively and cheerful woman again …

“So, later on, I found it harder and harder to control myself! Yun Duo’ er’s body trembled as she said,”the female tour guide in Jinhai city, the high school female employee in yunwu city’s advertising company, the yoga teacher in Guangzhou, and the actress who knew how to sing and always threw flirtatious glances at li Feifan …

“As long as li Feifan thinks they’re cheerful and lively, I’ll kill them all …

“I was so obsessed with this that I even forgot my original intention in the end!

“I’ve also become more experienced, and my skills have become more skilled …

“I’ve learned how to use a new anesthetic. I’ll give them an anesthetic shot to ensure that they won’t wake up in advance.

“I’ve also learned a new way of binding. It’s foolproof and no one can break free.

“I heard that if the body was buried too shallow, it would be dug up by animals, or it could be smelled by the corpse-hunting dogs. They even added a chemical that animals hate the most when they buried the body …”

“Then …” Wu Xiumin thought for a while, then asked,”among the many videotapes, why are there no videos from 2003 to 2004?”

“What?” Yun Duo’ er was slightly taken aback. Then, she asked agilely,”shouldn’t you have known long ago? I was giving birth in 2003?

“Our xinghong is born …”

“So …” Wu Xiumin asked curiously,”the birth of your son only made you stop temporarily, but in the end, it still couldn’t control your desire?”

“At the end of 2004, you made a move again?”

“Right!” Yun Duo’ er simply said,”what can I do? Li Feifan has returned from United States. I saw the excitement in his eyes again, but it wasn’t for me!”

“But … Your child is not even two years old!” Wu Xiumin was in disbelief.”You don’t take care of the child?”

“The child is not mine alone!” Yun Duo’ er said nonchalantly,”there’s a nanny, a nanny, and his grandparents and aunts …

“Li Feifan has returned from the United States. He’s more famous than before, so of course I have to be more proactive.

“So what if you have a child? You can’t stop someone from destroying my family and taking my place, right?

“So, I followed li Feifan to Nanjiang to partic.i.p.ate in a filming. I saw him looking so excited again for a girl who was acting in a play, so…I went back to my old career and took care of her …”

“After that, the road show artist from Guizhou Province, the dancer from Hailan city, the female photographer from Anxiang city, and the female reporter, Cao lejiao!

“Cao lejiao was the most shameless of them all. She came to li Feifan’s door and took off her clothes to show him her figure. She asked li Feifan if he could turn her from a reporter to an actress.

“The most infuriating thing is that li Feifan still thinks she’s a lively and cheerful woman even though she’s been so flattering. How could I let her live …”


“Oh my G.o.d …” Cui Lizhu, who was on the high-speed train, couldn’t help but exclaim.”It really makes my hair stand on end!”

“Who would have thought that such a brutal video murder case could have been caused by a look from a famous director?” Cui Lizhu sighed.”This is almost like the legendary death stare!

“I really want to dig li Feifan’s eyes out … But … This woman …” She pointed at Yun Duo’ er in the video.”She’s too perverted, isn’t she? What kind of logic was this? It doesn’t make any sense!”

“If all of them fit the logic, then there wouldn’t be a video murder case!” Zhao Yu sighed.

“This at least explains …” Miao Ying said with a complicated expression.”Why did Yun Duo’ er not touch any of the actresses li Feifan had an affair with?

“It turns out that she only thinks that the girls who li Feifan thinks are lively and cheerful are her biggest threat!

“That’s the real motive for her murder, and the original culprit of this case …”

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